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How Airbnb and Travelers are Redefining Travel in 2021

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on travel in 2020. As we look to 2021, these impacts will continue to be felt in a number of ways. Firstly, continued remote working, and in some cases remote schooling, will upend traditional vacation seasons and blur the lines between working and traveling. Secondly, safety and cleanliness will continue to be top of mind for travelers, driving a preference for private, entire homes over crowded hotels. Thirdly, international travel, especially long haul, will continue to be impacted and finally, having been isolated for much of 2020, people will want to use travel to reconnect with friends and family in safe and controlled ways.

In 2021, travel will continue to be less about tourism and more about living, working and connecting safely away from home. Airbnb is ideally suited to meet these changing needs, whether providing an entire home to take a break from the city, to reconnect with loved ones or to try out a new neighborhood to move to. And its platform allows anyone with space to share to tap into these trends and earn some extra needed income.

 Based on commissioned survey data of US travelers and an analysis of search and booking data for next year, Airbnb is revealing the top three trends redefining travel in 2021:

 Live Anywhere – Taking Life on the Road

In 2021, work from home could become work from any home as remote working continues to be a reality for many people. In the survey commissioned by Airbnb*:

 ●        83 percent of respondents are in favor of relocating as part of remote working.

●        A quarter believe they will be able to ‘live where they want to and work remotely’.

●        One in five of those surveyed have relocated their living situation during the pandemic either temporarily or permanently.

●        60 percent of parents are very or somewhat likely to consider working remotely and traveling with their children if schools continue to be disrupted.

●        Unsurprisingly, Gen Z’ers and young millennials are most likely to believe they can move to a new location to work or study remotely.

One of the ways travelers are taking advantage of this trend is trying before they buy–turning to Airbnb to test new neighborhoods and cities before making a long-term commitment. From July to September this year, there has been a 128 percent increase in guest reviews mentioning “relocation”, “relocate”, “remote work” and “trying a new neighborhood” in comparison to the same time frame last year.

 Of folks who have relocated since the pandemic was declared, 24 percent of them say they moved to a suburb and 21 percent to a rural area, both greater percentages than those who say they moved to cities.* And on Airbnb,  people who have the opportunity to work from anywhere are actively booking longer stays (2+ week trips) in small-to-mid-size cities with access to immersive natural surroundings and wide open spaces, including these trending destinations below. 

●        Park City, Utah

●        Truckee, California

●        Steamboat Springs, Colorado

●        Durham, North Carolina

●        Santa Fe, New Mexico

●        Boise, Idaho

●        Richmond, Virginia

●        Greenville, South Carolina

●        Indianapolis, Indiana

●        Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Redefining the Staycation

As uncertainty persists, domestic travel will continue to be a key trend in 2021, with 62 percent of people interested in taking a vacation within driving distance of home.* Looking back at September 2019 for trip planning in 2020, for US guests, cities like Paris, London and Rome were all top destinations. Next year, a range of domestic locations in national parks, winter ski and beach towns are becoming the most popular, perhaps showing a departure from regular seasonal travel, and a preference for traditional vacation getaway destinations year-round. Some of the top spots include:

●        Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

●        Breckenridge, Colorado

●        Davenport, Florida

●        Palm Springs, California

●        Tulum, Mexico

 Although most travel will remain closer to home in 2021, that doesn’t mean travelers aren’t having new, exciting adventures where they’re staying. Guests are expanding their horizons and seeking unique travel experiences by staying in one-of-a-kind stays on Airbnb. The top trending space types among US travelers next year include a variety of spaces known for using less energy and producing less waste, including:

Nashville, TN
Rent Prices by

Last updated on October 14, 2020The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment apartment in Nashville, TN is currently $1,271. This is a 9% decrease compared to the previous year.

●        Treehouses

●        Yurts

●        Barns

●        Cycladic houses

●        Domes

The shift to more remote and socially-distanced stays is also reflected in some of the top booked space types. Entire homes have officially replaced apartments as the top space type among guests in 2021, providing controlled, private space for everyone. More off the beaten path stays like cabins and cottages crack the top five space types for 2021 trips, replacing villas and townhouses from 2020.

The Rise of Pod Travel

2020 has made the craving for fundamental human connection very real, and this resonates in how people are thinking about travel in 2021. In fact, relocating permanently or temporarily to live close to family is favored by 85 percent of survey respondents.* And, families are increasingly turning to Airbnb as a way to safely reconnect: over the summer, there were three times more wish lists including family in the title than last summer, and that trend has continued to increase with more than 2.5 times the inclusions this September compared to last year. 

 Whether it means traveling to be close to family members, or reuniting to quarantine with a group of friends, “pod” travel is here to stay for those who want to safely be together while reducing risks associated with socializing with others. For those who have voluntarily relocated this year, 37 percent say it was to be close to family or friends – the most common reason given.* This has become increasingly popular with younger generations, with 61 percent of under-50-year-olds interested in permanently moving and 47 percent interested in temporarily moving to be closer to loved ones.* And on Airbnb, over half of trips searched for next year include three or more people, showing how people are traveling together.

For those who are not hitting the open road, they can still connect with loved ones while apart through Online Experiences. And groups are already finding unique ways to share special moments together, from preparing home-cooked authentic meals, to putting their minds together in virtual scavenger hunts, to sparking their curiosity and creativity through drawing. Some of the most popular Online Experiences groups are taking together from October to the end of 2020 include: 

●        Living Room Legends Scavenger Hunt Game (Austin, Texas)

●        True vs False’ Funny Historical Game (Athens, Greece)

●        Cook Mexican Street Tacos with a Pro Chef (Mexico City, Mexico)

●        Drawn from Within with a New York Artist (New York City, New York)

●        Family Magic Show and Magic Lesson (Chiyoda City, Japan)

Planning for the Future

While travel might look a little different in 2021, future adventures are keeping travelers inspired, with 36 percent of respondents saying they daydream about travel daily or more, increasing to 47 percent amongst people who work from home.* Our research also shows that despite the uncertainty that continues to pervade people’s lives, the more they stay at home, the more the thought of getting out gives them confidence in the future. When asked how planning for a future trip makes them feel, the most selected answer by respondents was simply: hopeful.*

Though travel restrictions are still in place, US travelers are still dreaming of their next far flung adventure, as reflected in the top trending destinations by search for trips in 2021. When the pandemic is over and travel restrictions begin to lift, travelers may be heading to vibrant cultural hubs, idyllic island clusters, and ethereal natural wonders first.

 With Copa América postponed to 2021, soccer fans are eyeing Bogotá, a sophisticated urban metropolis also playing host to one of the final games of the tournament. On the heels of having the top awarded film of the year and the meteoric rise of K-pop, Seoul, South Korea is inspiring US guests to one day experience this dynamic cultural capital themselves. Having to push its 200th birthday celebrations back a year, the state of Maine’s bicentennial events and cozy, quaint vibes are inspiring potential trips in 2021. And after months of spending a lot of time indoors, it’s clear island vacations and escapes to wide open spaces are keeping travelers daydreaming. From the white sand beaches of Maafushi in the Maldives, to the enchanting red peaked landscape of Taos, to the striking Italian island town of Ischia (known for its thermal spas), US guests’ worldly travel aspirations are alive and well:

●        Bogotá, Colombia

●        Seoul, South Korea

●        Hampton, London

●        Tisbury, Massachusetts

●        Maafushi, Maldives

●        Maine, US

●        Salon-de-Provence, France

●        Taos County, New Mexico

●        La Misión, Mexico

●        Ischia, Italy

*Based on a survey commissioned by Airbnb and conducted by ClearPath Strategies from September 15-19, 2020 of 1,010 US adults.

Tips to break-ins proof your home

34% of break-ins occur at the front door. Install a smart doorbell that routes to your phone, and use tools like two-way speakers to give visitors the impression someone is home. Also install video cameras and view visitors on your phone, no matter where you are.

23% of break-ins occur through first-floor windows. Use classic sash locks to keep windows locked, and install wireless motion sensors to be alerted if a window is raised.

A popular summertime burglary entry point: pushing in a window A/C unit. Install motion sensors near window A/C units, and consider uninstalling window A/C units if you’re leaving town.

Knowing someone is breaking into your house doesn’t help if you’re on a beach several hours away—unless you have a way to call 911 to your home’s local emergency dispatchers with a feature such as Ooma’s Remote 911.

Sliding doors are another popular entry point, as the locks are generally easy to pick. Install physical barrier bars in the tracks, and set up motion detectors in the vicinity.

Integrate light timers or smart lights that you can control with your phone to make your home look lived-in and deter break-ins.

Consulado Mexicano en Tennessee

Consulado Sobre Ruedas en Chattanooga, Tennessee para trámite de pasaporte, matrícula consular y acta de nacimiento.

Fecha: Desde el 1 al 4 de diciembre de 2015

Lugar: Academia de Todos los Santos de la Basílica de San pedro y San Pablo

310 East 8th St, Chattanooga, Tn. 37401

Citas: 1-877-639-4835 o a través de internet en

Requisitos y más información: Brbr


I am looking for a select individual, to assist me with my son, some cooking, cleaning, laundry, personal/work errands and organizing. Must have flexible schedule, a car. Must be open minded, patient, organized, caring and ready to help in all matters.

This is a part-time/full-time position. If this is something you may be interested in, please send picture and resume for consideration to $400 weekly and I will get back to you if interested.

29 muertes en el estado relacionadas con el mal clima

Knoxville, Tenn. —  Hasta el tiempo de publicación de este artículo se cuentan 29 personas víctimas de accidentes y otras causas relacionadas al extremo mal clima que experiementa nuestro estado desde el 16 de febrero cuando el gobierno de Bill Haslam declaró el estado de emergencia buscando la ayuda federal y días depués la asistemcia de las tropas de guardia nacional.

Seis de las veintinueve muertes se produjeron por causas de accidentes de tránsito en las heladas carreteras del estado.  Diez personas con edades mayores de 60 años murieron por Hipotermia (muertos de frío) y 8 más por razones ligadas a las bajas temperaturas registradas durante las dos últimas semanas.  Otras tres personas que vivían en el condado Knox murieron por causa de incendio en sus residencias.

Las dos últimas personas en el informe de TEMA (Agencia de manejo de emergencias de Tennessee, por sus siglas en Inglés) encontraron la muerte por no poder llegar al hospital para realizar una diálisis y por envenenamiento involuntario con monóxido de carbono.


 El monóxido de carbono

El monóxido de carbono, o CO, es un gas inodoro e incoloro que puede enfermar y matar repentinamente. El monóxido de carbono se encuentra en emanaciones de combustión, tales como las que producen los automóviles y camiones, los motores pequeños de gasolina, cocinas, faroles, fuegos de madera y carbón, cocinas de gas y sistemas de calefacción.

El monóxido de carbono de estas fuentes puede acumularse en espacios cerrados o semicerrados. Las personas y los animales que se encuentran en estos espacios pueden intoxicarse al respirarlo. Los síntomas más comunes de la intoxicación por monóxido de carbono son dolor de cabeza, mareo, debilidad, náusea, vómitos, dolor de pecho y confusión.

La ingestión de altos niveles de monóxido de carbono puede producir desmayos y hasta la muerte. Salvo que se sospeche la causa, la intoxicación por monóxido de carbono puede ser difícil de diagnosticar debido a que los síntomas son similares a los de otras enfermedades. Las personas que duermen o están ebrias pueden morir de intoxicación por monóxido de carbono antes de llegar a sentir los síntomas.

¿Quién corre este riesgo?

Todas las personas y los animales corren el riesgo de intoxicarse con monóxido de carbono. Ciertos grupos (neonatos, bebés y personas con enfermedad cardíaca crónica, anemia, o problemas respiratorios) son más susceptibles a los efectos de este gas. Cada año, más de 500 estadounidenses mueren de intoxicación por monóxido de carbono involuntaria, y más de 2,000 se suicidan intoxicándose intencionalmente.

Travelers encouraged to take precautions against chikungunya infection

Knoxville, Tenn. — With many residents making plans for spring and summer vacations and mission trips to the Caribbean, the Knox County Health Department (KCHD) is encouraging travelers to be aware of chikungunya. Widespread in many Caribbean countries, chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes. The insects contract the virus when they feed on an infected person and then spread the disease to others through bites. Though typically not fatal, the most common symptoms can be severe and include fever and joint pain.

“As with any international travel, people should be aware of the infectious diseases in the country or region through which they are traveling and should take appropriate precautions,” said KCHD Director Dr. Martha Buchanan. “Unfortunately, we do not have a vaccine for chikungunya, which is why awareness and preparation prior to travel are so important.”

What to know before you go:

  • There is no vaccine to prevent chikungunya virus. Avoiding mosquito bites is the best protection.
  • The mosquitoes that spread chikungunya bite mostly during the daytime.
  • Mosquito repellants containing DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535 are recommended. Pregnant women and those who are concerned about using repellent products on children should consult their health care provider for advice.

What to do while you’re there:

  • Use mosquito repellants.
  • Wear permethrin-treated clothing. Some permethrin products may also be used on shoes, bed nets and camping gear. Permethrin is not to be used directly on skin.
  • Do not use perfume, cologne or other scented products when outside.
  • Wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts and long pants if possible.
  • Empty standing water from outdoor containers.
  • Use air conditioning and keep windows and doors closed or covered with screens.


What to be aware of when you get back:

  • Symptoms usually begin three to seven days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.
  • The most common symptoms include fever and joint pain. Other symptoms may include headache, muscle pain, joint swelling or rash.
  • Anyone with symptoms of chikungunya virus should seek medical care and minimize his or her exposure to mosquitoes to reduce the risk of local transmission.

Most patients feel better within a week. In some, however, joint pain may persist for months. Once a person has been infected, he or she is likely to be protected from future infections. People at increased risk for severe disease include newborns exposed during delivery, those 65 years of age and older, and people with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. Deaths are rare.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 2,344

As of January 13, 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 2,344 confirmed cases of chikungunya in the U.S. Forty of these cases were in Tennessee, four of whom were Knox County residents. To date in the U.S., local transmission has only occurred in Florida. Chikungunya cases have also been reported in Africa, Southern Europe, Southeast Asia, and the islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


About the Knox County Health Department

The Knox County Health Department (KCHD) is a governmental agency dedicated to making every person a healthy person. KCHD conducts disease surveillance, prevention and control; emergency preparedness; nutrition and physical activity promotion; tobacco use prevention and control; health equity promotion; adult and child immunizations; and much more. KCHD’s mission is to encourage, promote and assure the development of an active, healthy community through innovative public health practices. For more information,


I’m in need of an elderly caregiver to start work immediately. I can offer $19 per hour, he/she would be working for up to 5 hours daily Mon-Fri for my diabetic mother. My email is


Necesito experta modista para trabajar medio tiempo o tiempo completo en Greeneville, Tenn. Comunicarse al teléfono 423-255-9672.

Estados a Punto de Cumplir o Exceder Objetivos para Adoptar Fuentes de Energía Limpia Renovable

Mapa Interactivo: Buen Número de Estados a Punto de Cumplir o Exceder Objetivos para Adoptar Fuentes de Energía Limpia Renovable

Mapa demuestra necesidad de cada estado de fortalecer sus Metas de Energía Limpia

Washington, D.C. –  Earthjustice ha dado a conocer un mapa interactivo con las posiciones de cada estado en materia de energía renovable planteadas dentro del Plan de Energía Limpia de la Administración Obama. El mapa, Coming Clean: The State of U.S. Renewable Energy, (La Verdad Limpia: Estatus de la Energía Renovable en Estados Unidos) muestra cuáles son los estados que pueden cumplir sin problema con las condiciones del Plan de Energía Limpia y que incluso podrían lograr reducciones antes de lo previsto si desarrollan su potencial de energía renovable. El mapa también demuestra que va a ser imperativo que los estados concluyan el Plan de Energía para avanzar en sus objetivos de inversión en energía limpia.

“El Plan de Energía Limpia propone poner por primera vez límites a la contaminación por carbón causada por los peores contribuyentes al cambio climático: las inmundas plantas de carbón,” dijo Abigail Dillen, vicepresidenta a cargo de la litigación por cambios en el clima y las fuentes de energía de Earthjustice. “El período de comentarios al plan termina en la primera semana de diciembre, así que necesitamos apoyar estos límites mientras pedimos una ley final mucho más ambiciosa que refleje el papel que la energía renovable puede y debe tener en la batalla contra el cambio climático.”

El plan propuesto enumera diferentes metas para que cada estado reduzca sus emisiones de carbón antes del 2030. Para lograr una de las columnas principales de esas metas, la EPA calculó lo que cada estado debe hacer para aumentar su porción de energía renovable en su fórmula total de energéticos.

El mapa de Earthjustice muestra a cada estado y su desempeño en energía limpia y lo hace dándole seguimiento a las fuentes de electricidad de cada estado, su uso de energía renovable, políticas para reducir emisiones de carbón actualmente vigentes, y metas actuales de energía renovable que la EPA (Agencia de Protección al Ambiente, por sus siglas en inglés) desarrolló para poner límites a la contaminación por carbón en cada estado.

Algunos estados se han destacado por incluir energía renovable, por adoptar programas innovadores, y por ponerse objetivos de energía renovable que exceden las expectativas contenidas en el Plan de Energía Limpia de la EPA:

  • California (estado: 33% antes del 2020; EPA: 21% antes del 2030)
  • Colorado (estado: 30% antes del 2020; EPA: 21% antes del 2030)
  • Connecticut (estado: 27% antes del 2020; EPA: 9% antes del 2030)
  • Hawaii (estado: 40% antes del 2030; EPA: 10% antes del 2030)
  • Massachusetts (estado: 22% antes del 2020; EPA: 24% antes del 2030)
  • Minnesota (estado: 31% antes del 2020; EPA: 15% antes del 2030)
  • New York (estado: 29% antes del 2015; EPA: 18% antes del 2030)
  • Oregon (estado: 25% antes del 2025; EPA: 21% antes del 2030)


Al hacer el análisis de cada estado, el mapa toma en consideración una serie de medidas (para bajar los datos), incluyendo:

  • Si el estado ya ha establecido estándares o metas de uso de energía.
  • Si esas metas son voluntarias u obligatorias.
  • Si el estado ha reducido emisiones de carbón en años recientes.
  • Qué tanto depende el estado en combustibles fósiles para cubrir sus necesidades energéticas.
  • El nivel de desarrollo de energía eólica existente en el estado, y
  • Si ha adaptado programas para lograr justicia climática.


El mapa interactivo es parte de una serie en la web de cuatro partes creada por Earthjustice sobre el Plan de Energía Limpia que se centra en el cambio climático como un problema de derechos humanos, cómo funciona el plan y cómo puede avanzar para salvaguardar las diferentes comunidades, en qué etapa se encuentra cada estado para lograr la meta de un país de energía limpia, y el por qué los líderes de justicia social y de salud pública tienen esperanzas sobre el futuro.

Earthjustice, es una organización jurídica sin fines de lucro dedicada a proteger los majestuosos espacios y los recursos naturales, la vida silvestre de esta tierra y el derecho de todas las personas a un medio ambiente sano.


“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.” — Albert Einstein

The best ten airports in the world revealed by Skytrax

The World Airport Awards are the most prestigious accolades for the airport industry, voted by customers in the largest, annual global airport customer satisfaction survey. The survey and awards process is totally independent and guaranteed free of any airport influence or interference in final results.

The World Airport Awards are based on 12.85 million customer nominations across 110 nationalities of air travellers, and included 410 airports worldwide. The survey evaluates customer satisfaction across 39 key performance indicators for airport service and product – from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate.

Here are the results for 2014:

1 Singapore Changi Airport
2 Incheon International Airport
3 Munich Airport
4 Hong Kong International Airport
5 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
6 Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
7 Beijing Capital International Airport
8 Zurich Airport
9 Vancouver International Airport
10 London Heathrow Airport

“Winning this prestigious award for the second year in a row, Changi Airport Singapore is showing itself to be much more than an airport,” said Edward Plaisted, Chief Executive Officer of Skytrax. “Changi Airport offers a travel experience in itself and continues to develop its quality standards to be named the world’s favourite airport again. Changi Airport is a well-known leader and innovator for the airport industry and genuinely delights and surprises travellers who are lucky enough to enjoy the airport facilities. Changi Airport demonstrates how to make the airport experience an enjoyable part of the journey that is so important in today’s fast-moving world.”


By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman has been busted by Mexican Marines in the desert/Pacific Ocean resort of Mazatlan, Mexico. El Chapo (Short for Chapparito, Shorty) is ranked as one of the richest men in the world by Forbes magazine resulting from myriad illegal narcotics manufacture, growing, distributing and selling throughout the United States of America, Europe and the United States of Mexico.

Using as his base one of the world’s finest agricultural areas in the Pacific Mexican state of Sinaloa and its principal city of Culiacan (Kool-ee-ah-kahn) an ancient city founded by the Aztecs on their odyssey south from the Bering Sea, El Chapo grew his gang of “narcotrafficantes” (drug dealers) from a handful of farmers to a sophisticated army of murderers, brilliant logistical thinkers and a gaggle of financial experts that have contributed to his personal fortune.

Every American junkie puts money into El Chapo’s pocket with almost — every marijuana cigarette they smoke, every snort of cocaine up their noses, every dose of crystal meth amphetamine and even some of the heroin they shoot into their veins.

American, Mexican, Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts of Chapo’s are awash with his money as well as U.S Treasury notes and bonds his drug money regularly buys. His revenues are unprecedented in criminal history. The Sicilian Mafia has never equaled the revenues or murders of El Chapo; the Mafiosos are amateurs in distribution of contraband, in its quantity and quality and availability to every drug user in the U.S.

El Chapo has built a multi-national drug enterprise that sprawls throughout the 450-million people of North America and the millions of Europe without the benefit of a Harvard business degree; in fact, El Chapo has nothing more than a third grade formal education.

Drug trafficking expert Patrick Radden O’Keefe of the Century Foundation and New Yorker Magazine estimates that El Chapo’s cartel supplies up to 40% of all illicit narcotics in the United States with no other cartel or “Muslim Afghanistan/Bekka Valley/Pakistan” drug traffickers of the poppy and its resultant heroin coming close to that 40% estimate.

Chapo pioneered the construction of drug tunnels under the American border, the use of “submarines” to bring merchandise north and single file processions of Mexican men carrying his merchandise across the desert and mountains in duffel bags and backpacks; he did this two decades ago

The traditional method of cross-border drug trafficking of passenger cars, one kilo per car of some of the 50,000 cars-a-day and 650,000 commercial trucks through the busiest port of entry in the world between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California ended mostly when the US deployed hundreds of trained drug sniffing dogs.

The Mexican economy has benefited thanks to the drug habits of millions of Americans who plow billions into illicit drugs. From the grower of cannabis plants in the mountains of Sinaloa, Sonora and Chihuahua to the people (mules) who back pack drugs across the border under the noses of the Border Patrol to the drivers who pick up the “merchandise” on this side of the border and drive it all over the country, thousands of people are involved.

One recalls a San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles warehouse bust that occurred some years back that contained tons, repeat, tons of cocaine awaiting processing into tons more of retail merchandise for the Los Angeles/Orange County/San Diego/Las Vegas market, the largest and richest cocaine market in the world. That bust occurred because honest Mexican and American drug cops joined forces.

The same occurred in the bust of El Chapo. American Drug Enforcement agents and U.S. Marshalls joined Mexican federales to track Chapo and watched as Mexican Marines made the bust without firing a shot.

The Mexican Marines (Infanteria del Mar—sea-going Infantry; or Cuerpo de Marinos – Marine Corps) are used because they are most effective in arresting drug kingpins. Why? In contrast to Mexican Army  officers that are garrisoned in static “camps” and are well known at the local level they are easy to bribe, the Marines are stationed in Vera Cruz and are loaded up in planes and flown to target areas without anyone knowing the destination or target except for maybe the President of Mexico and a handful of people around him including the Mexican Navy Admiral who commands the Marines.

As Chapo has been indicted by several American state and federal grand juries, extradition is possible due to the fact that Chapo was in a Mexican prison a decade ago and escaped by bribing a gaggle of prison officers so he could be rolled out in a laundry cart and truck.

If the US State Department is smart, they will arrange a special cell at the Florence, Colorado “Super Max” prison from which no one will ever escape. All participating in the bust of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman deserve “atta boys,” including the President of Mexico whom everyone thought would ease up on the war on cartels started by former President Felipe Calderon eight years ago.

Of course, Mexican bodies will pile up even higher now that Chapo is out of the picture. His competitors and his own people will fight it out for control of the billion dollar business.

Supply and Demand is the irrefutable law involved – that is, all American junkies know or care about, they have the demand, someone has to have the supply.          ###   

Contreras’ books about the Mexican drug cartels, “Is Mexico Burning?” and a novel, “Juniors”, are available at

Aereolínea FRONTIER viene a Tennessee

La Aerolinea de bajo costo Frontier Airlines empezará abriendo Memphis como un nuevo punto de embarque en marzo de 2014. La primera fecha disponible en la página web de la aerolínea es el 7 de marzo. Se venderán pasajes ida y vuelta Memphis, TN – Denver, CO
La aerolínea ofrecerá cuatro vuelos semanales sin escalas a Denver que es sede mundial de la empresa. Frontier sirve a 57 ciudades sin parar.



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Nueva Compañía de Venta de Boletos de Avión y Bus

Los latinos de Tennessee proximamente contarán con los servicios altamente calificados de la compañía LATIN TOURS que viene con muchas ganas de servir las necesidades de los viajeros de Tennessee.

“Estamos expandiendo nuestros servicos hacia Tennessee y Georgia”, dice Oscar Mauricio Gamero, propietario de Latin Tours. ” Esperamos brindar el servivio que los latinos se merecen al comprar sus boletos de avión, bus o cuando hacen planes de vacaciones”, concluye Gamero.


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CHICAGO – Hoy, Obama for America anunció que el Presidente Obama hará un recorrido de dos días por Colorado. El miércoles, 8 de agosto, el presidente viajará a Denver y Grand Junction para asistir a eventos de campaña y el jueves, 9 de agosto, viajará a Pueblo y Colorado Springs para asistir a eventos de campaña.

CarMD® promueve su popular Vehicle Health System™ en la Comunidad Hispana de los EE.UU.

Lanza sitio web, infomercial, y servicio de ventas y soporte técnico en español en abril, Mes de Concientización sobre el Cuidado del Automóvil

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Corporation anunció hoy que su popular producto de consumo para automóviles CarMD® Vehicle Health System™ está ahora disponible para la comunidad hispana de Estados Unidos. Con el objetivo de brindar un mejor servicio a los hispanos, la compañía ahora ofrece información detallada sobre su producto en español a través de infomerciales en televisión, un sitio web dedicado, y servicio de ventas y soporte técnico.

“Gracias a la buena aceptación por parte del mercado hispano de EE.UU., estamos muy complacidos de que finalmente el producto CarMD y la información de soporte estén completamente disponibles para los clientes de habla hispana”, dijo Richard Amador, director de Marketing de CarMD. “En CarMD tenemos el compromiso de ofrecer a todos nuestros clientes la información más precisa para diagnosticar y reparar problemas de autos. Brindamos mucho más que un dispositivo. El verdadero valor de CarMD se encuentra en la amplia base de datos, ahora disponible en español, la cual proporciona a nuestros clientes la información estadística más ajustada sobre componentes y mano de obra de acuerdo a su código postal”.

Amador añadió que con el fin de llevar este producto a la comunidad de habla hispana, el equipo de técnicos automotrices de CarMD, muchos de los cuales hablan español como primera lengua, debieron comprobar que la información traducida al español sobre el producto y la base de datos fuera precisa y completamente actualizada, en lugar de sólo unas pocas páginas en un sitio web.

El CarMD Vehicle Health System está listo para ser utilizado de inmediato e incluye todo lo necesario para controlar la salud de un vehículo- un dispositivo portátil fácil de usar, el software de instalación en PC con sistemas Windows o en Apple Mac, cable USB, dos pilas AAA, estuche y actualizaciones de software y firmware de por vida. Funciona en todos los vehículos producidos desde 1996 en adelante, incluyendo autos, camiones ligeros, camionetas, vehículos utilitarios deportivos e híbridos fabricados para su uso en América del Norte – nacionales y extranjeros. Siendo la inversión ideal para cualquier persona que quiera ahorrar dinero en su coche o camión, CarMD se puede comprar en línea en, por US$119.85.

CarMD aprovecha la misma tecnología utilizada por los técnicos automotrices profesionales; sin embargo, no se requiere experiencia en mecánica automotriz para usarlo. Sólo se debe conectar el dispositivo en el puerto de diagnóstico a bordo del vehículo ( le mostrará dónde se encuentra en su coche), y CarMD hace el resto. El dispositivo es ideal para descubrir problemas ocultos de automóviles, inspeccionar autos usados, detectar problemas ante la alerta de luz “check engine” y diagnosticar inconvenientes que afecten la economía del combustible, sin necesidad de levantar el capó o ensuciarse. Se incluyen actualizaciones del software y firmware de por vida, así como el acceso gratuito a la galardonada base de datos CarMD para generar informes personalizados sobre la salud del vehículo, que pueden reducir los costos de reparación del automóvil. Estos informes también revelan si su vehículo tiene problemas de seguridad. Cuando se requieren reparaciones, CarMD le informa lo que está mal y lo que se necesita hacer para solucionarlo, incluyendo disponibilidad de piezas y mano de obra en su región, con lo que se evita pagar de más por las reparaciones o perder tiempo intentando solucionar problemas erróneos.

“CarMD es diferente a cualquier otro producto en el mercado, es tanto un producto de electrónica como uno automotriz, y es muy atractivo para prácticamente cualquier persona que tenga un vehículo, desde el “hazlo tú mismo” que está muy consciente de los costos, hasta el conductor primerizo”, dice Amador. “La inversión más cara de un consumidor (después de su vivienda) es su auto, y CarMD es el único producto que ofrece las herramientas y la información para proteger esa inversión. Debido a que actualmente los conductores se quedan con sus vehículos por más tiempo y los precios del combustible están a la alza, no podía haber un mejor momento para que los consumidores tomen en cuenta a CarMD”.

La misión de Corporation es ayudar a los consumidores y al mercado automotriz proporcionando las herramientas y la información necesarias para tomar mejores decisiones acerca del estado y el mantenimiento de los vehículos. Una empresa certificada bajo norma ISO 9001:2008, su producto principal es el CarMD® Vehicle Health System™. La compañía también ha creado la mayor y más actualizada base de datos con los códigos de diagnóstico de problemas, soluciones de expertos y costos de reparación. CarMD está actualmente disponible para su compra y uso en los EE.UU. y Canadá. Todavía no está disponible en México o América Latina.

February-June Cooking Classes Reminder at Avanti Savoia’s La Cucina

Knoxville, Tennessee – – Knoxville’s very own gourmet food importing business is offering another set of cooking classes at their kitchen, La Cucina.  Featuring a wide range of cuisines and traditions, the classes always focus on efficient professional cooking techniques that will make any cook’s life easier – and more fun!

 During the traditional two-hour long technique-oriented class, you will receive samples of all food prepared over the course of the evening.  You’ll also receive the printed recipes and surprise tastings of other Avanti Savoia products!  Also, due to popular demand, Avanti Savoia is now offering a new series of classes on popular French Techniques.  Learn culinary skills that will give you the confidence to whip up truly outstanding meals at home.

 The classes are taught by Chef Joseph Lowery with other guest chefs and instructors announced along the way.  Chef Joseph is an author, chef, and cooking teacher and has taught cooking classes since 1972 in Canada, Mexico, and the USA.  He is currently the Chef Consultant with Avanti Savoia Imports.


Tuesday, February 28, 6pm – 8pm

Southern Fare with a Mediterranean Flair

Whether you call it fusion cooking or New American Cuisine, we guarantee that you will call it delicious.


  • MUSHROOMS, CARROTS and OLIVES a la GRECQUE:  “A la Grecque” is French for “in the Greek style”.  The concept can include any variety of vegetables, though in this recipe we use mushrooms, carrots and olives.  The ingredients are lightly simmered and then marinated in a zesty mixture of white wine, Tarragon vinegar, olive oil, Tarragon and other seasonings.
  • AMERICAN STYLE BOUILLABAISSE with TOASTED POLENTA ROUNDS spread with ROUILLE:  Our version of a famous seafood stew made with a variety of American seafood and laced with tomatoes, wine, herbs, and saffron.  We will serve ours with Polenta rounds seasoned with “Rouille”, a spicy paste traditionally served with Bouillabaisse.
  • QUEEN of the CUMBERLANDS WHITE CHOCLATE CAKE with SOUR MASH CHOCOLATE ICING:  A Tennessee adaptation of Julia Child’s famous Reine de Saba (Queen of Sheba cake).  

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 6, 6pm – 8pm

The Fondant Intensive

Knoxville’s premier cake sculptress and designer, Regina Long, is bringing her gift of sugar artistry and wit to La Cucina at Avanti Savoia.  Regina has held the position of Chief Decorator at Rosa’s Catering for the last eight years. Her awards include People Magazine’s Best Wedding Cake in the state of Tennessee and numerous awards from the Imagination Library’s Great Cake Bake. Her class will be an entirely “hands on” experience.  Learn to do it all with a fun class experience that features limited seating with personal instruction and attention from Regina.  You will learn to carve cake by practicing with Styrofoam, followed by detailed guidance in working with the most popular cake decorating technique on the market today, fondant!

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 13, 6pm – 8pm

La Technique: Knife Skills 101

Due to numerous requests from our students, La Cucina is presenting a full participation class featuring some the most fundamental skills required in the kitchen; knife work.  This is THE BASICS:  From how to properly hold your knife to methods of sharpening, honing and the numerous techniques and terms used in professional kitchens.  Mincing, chopping into Brunoise – large, medium and small dice; different size “sticks” known as Julienne, Allumette and Batonnet and many other tips that Chefs Karen and Joseph can pull from their lives in food service.  If you want to be a professional chef we highly recommend a serious culinary program at an accredited school or university, but if you are a beginner who needs to be more confident and effective in your home kitchen, this is the class for you! You will also have the opportunity to thoroughly practice one of the most useful cooking methods we know; sautéing.

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you: A good paring knife and chef’s knife and BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 27, 6:30 -8:30pm


The most luxurious Easter eggs in the world were those created by famed jeweler Peter Carl Faberge for the Imperial family of Russia.  Join us in the celebration of this springtime tradition Avanti Savoia style.  Chef Karen Crumley and award winning cake artist Regina Long combine forces in this seasonal offering.  Chef Karen will share her family’s tradition of Handmade Sugar Eggs.  Each student will have the opportunity to decorate their own take home colored sugar eggs with tiny fondant figures on the inside and royal icing artistry on outside.  Regina Long will share her techniques for delicious Easter egg cake pops.

Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation

  Friday, March 30th, 6:30-8:30pm


A guided tasting of the “Heart and Soul” of Avanti Savoia; our “best of the best”!

Cost: $5.00


Tuesday, April 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm


Enjoy Easter “Italian style” with this joyous springtime menu.


  • Crema di Uova e Pepperoni (Tri-color pepper and egg terrine)
  • Agnello al Latte (Lamb stewed in butter, brandy, herbs and milk)
  • “Quick” risotto with grilled artichokes
  • Crema al Limoncello (Limoncello Liqueur cream dessert)

Cost: $50 (Demonstration class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, April 10th, 6:30-8:30pm


La Cucina’s most popular sushi class revisited, taught by our resident sushi expert, Chef Karen Crumley, a 2008 graduate of the Culinary Institute of University of Tennessee. Chef Karen has worked her way up the through the ranks in area restaurants and was trained at Nama Sushi Bar in the specialized skills required to prepare California/Japanese style sushi as well as the use of Japanese knives.  In this class with limited enrollment, students will receive detailed instruction and will have the opportunity to create their own maki, temaki, spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and other personal creations.

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, April 24th, 6:00-9:00pm


Chef Karen Crumley has delighted our students for two years with her superb knife skills and straight forward introduction to the art of making sushi.  In this class she will take you to the next level with a 3 hour, completely hands –on class devoted to even more intense knife work and other various techniques, including Tamago, “fish on top” rolls and creative nigiri.

 Cost: $75 (Hands on class with very limiting seating)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)

 Tuesday, May 1st, 6:30-8:30pm


Cinco de Mayo or the 5th of May is often misunderstood in America as Mexican Independence Day.  It is not. The 5th of May commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in 1862 at the battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate Mexican culture in all its vibrant aspects and has become particularly popular in the US.  Our menu celebrates Mexico with a nod to the influence of French cuisine.


  • Maximilian’s Quiche
  • Open Face Turkey Tamales with Mole Poblano
  • Gelatina de Café con Kahlua (Coffee liqueur laced dessert jell)

Cost: $50 (Demonstration class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, May 8th, 6:30-8:30pm


Perfect pizza at home; learn the secrets to delicious hand thrown crusts, sauces and other professional pizza making techniques.  You will not want to wait to amaze your friends at your own pizza making party!


  • America’s Favorite (Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce and Cheese)
  • Pissaladiere (Specialty Pizza-Tart from Southern France).

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)

Tuesday, May 15th, 6:30-8:30pm


Chef Arnold Bondi is one of our favorite guest instructors and currently the Corporate Regional Chef for Hopco Foodservice Marketing. He was formerly Executive Chef at the UT Faculty Club and Food and Beverage Director at Holston Hills and Gettysvue Country Clubs.  In this unique class Chef Arnold will draw on his family’s Italian heritage to prepare three different handmade pastas.


  • Potato Gnocchi with Cacciatore Sauce
  • Ciacatelli Pasta with Rose Sauce
  • Orecchiette Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Cost: $60 (Hands-On Participation with limited seating)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, May 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm


Master Cake designer Regina Long and Chef Joseph Lowery celebrate their birthdays this week and you are invited to the party!  Help Chef Joseph to prepare his delicious golden layer cake from scratch and be amazed by Regina’s consummate skill with butter cream, fondant and other decorating techniques.  Raspberry/Mango punch and Peach Ice Cream will complete the menu.  Make your cake and eat it too! 

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30-8:30pm


The Baxters of Norris, Tennessee have been growing blueberries since 1980. They are now into the 4th generation of various blueberry related occupations. Paul Baxter and wife Glenda Ross operate Greenbriar Farm & Nursery for Edibles featuring blueberry plants (40+ varieties) and other edible plants for home landscaping; workshops for customers and consulting for farms.  You might say the Baxters are true blue bloods – enthusiastic about and committed to blueberries, that is. La Cucina at Avanti Savoia is proud to announce a special class featuring a Blueberry menu, loads of Blueberry information including cultivation tips as well as blueberry plants available for purchase.  Expect other blueberry surprises to be announced.


  • East Tennessee country biscuits with blueberry gravy
  • Main course spinach salad with goat cheese, pan seared tuna and warm blueberry dressing 
  • Jolly blue giant blueberry pie

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)

Presidente Chávez será sometido a nueva operación en los próximos días

Caracas, 21 Feb. AVN.- Este martes el presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez, informó que en los próximos días tendrá que ser sometido a una nueva operación, tras detectarse una lesión de dos centímetros de diámetro en el mismo lugar en el que se le extrajo el tumor cancerígeno en junio del año pasado.

“¡Saldremos adelante! Me operarán de nuevo, me sacarán esa lesión, se verificará si tiene relación con el tumor anterior o no, y en base a eso informaremos después de la operación”, dijo el presidente Chávez durante una visita que hizo al Complejo Industrial Santa Inés, en el estado Barinas, y confirmó que no se consiguió metástasis en órganos de su cuerpo, como ha circulado por las redes sociales.

“Es una lesión pequeña de dos centímetros de diámetro, muy claramente visible, lo que obliga a extraer esa lesión y eso obliga a una nueva intervención quirúrgica, que se supone menos complicada que la anterior”, explicó el Presidente. 

La lesión fue detecta en un chequeo médico que se realizó el sábado pasado en La Habana, Cuba, y aún no se ha determinado el lugar en el que se practicará la nueva cirugía. Acotó que la misma debe ser en los próximos días.

El Mandatario Nacional informó sobre esta nueva situación médica. “Yo les pido perdón, para nada quiero hacer sufrir a mi pueblo, pero es la verdad”, manifestó.

“Hay gente que quiere que yo me muera, porque me odian. Allá ellos y sus malos deseos. Se han encargado todos estos meses, con mucha frecuencia, a sacar rumores. Comienzan a generar todos estos rumores para tratar de crear angustia, zozobra y tratar de desestabilizar al país”, expresó.

Llamó al pueblo venezolano a la unidad, a la batalla y a la lucha por la vida y la victoria. “Es una vida que pido a Dios alargue hasta que él quiera, sólo para servirle, cada día más y mejor, al pueblo venezolano”, puntualizó.

Explicó que cada cuatro meses debe ser sometido a rigurosos exámenes, al tiempo que recordó que el pasado mes de octubre se realizó un chequeo, el cual arrojó resultados positivos. Este sábado viajó a Cuba, donde se efectuó una nueva revisión médica.

AVN 21/02/2012 15:06

The Great Outdoors, a place to connect with God

 Dandridge, Tenn.— Sherman Oaks Ampitheater is the chosen venue for the two-day outdoor Christian Music Festival scheduled for September 2011.

On September 17–18, the Sherman Oaks Campgroundslocated at 1601 E. Hwy 25/70 in Dandridge will present performances of Award Winning Christian Music Artists Soul Sister Sally, Lara Landon, Logan Gillen, UR1, First Flight Out, Among the Thirsty, 3 Times Rescued, Pierced Holy, and Day SevEn.

Information on the festival, camping and more is available at  Gates open at 9 am. Tickets can be purchased through or at your local Lifeway Christian Bookstores in Knoxville or Morristown, Tennessee. Reaches 10 Million Customers

Now serves more than 50 cities in North America

 NEW YORK (June 24, 2011) –, the first intercity, express bus services with fares from $1, has served 10 million passengers across North America and continues to see solid growth and popularity. “ revolutionized the bus industry and we’ve continued to grow as travelers continue to look for affordable transportation options,” said Dale Moser, CEO of

“We are very excited to reach 10 million passengers and thank all our customers for helping us reach this milestone. A December 2010 national study conducted by the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University shows intercity bus service was the fastest growing mode of intercity transportation for the third year in a row, outpacing air and rail transportation. is leading this growth and now serves more than 50 cities across the Northeast and Midwest and seven cities in Canada. Service is available to/from six hubs: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Washington D.C.’s also offers environmental benefits. Each double-decker bus has the potential to remove 81 automobiles from the highway and is among the most energy and fuel efficient way to travel. double-decker buses are 10 times more efficient than a 737 airplane and 25 times more efficient than a single-passenger car per passenger per mile. Visit for additional information about the service, schedules and fares.

Gran exposición artistica en el aeropuerto McGhee Tyson

KNOXVILLE.–La Alianza para el Arte y la Cultura del Gran Knoxville y la Autoridad del Aeropuerto Metropolitano de Knoxville (McGhee Tyson Airport) anuncian una convocatoria para participar en la próxima exposición con jurado “Arte en el Aeropuerto”.
La exposición permitirá a los artistas de la región competir y mostrar sus trabajos en el aeropuerto, uno de los lugares más visitados en la región desde el 21 de abril hasta el 20 de octubre, 2011.
El arte contemporáneo seleccionado contará con obras de arte en 2-D y 3-D y se exhibirán en la espaciosa área detrás del puesto de control de la puerta de seguridad del aeropuerto McGhee Tyson.
La fecha límite para enviar las obras participantes será el viernes, 25 de marzo 2011. No hay cuota de inscripción. Cada artista podrá presentar un máximo de cinco obras que deben ser obras originales en las siguientes categorías: Pintura, Artes Gráficas, Fotografía, y 3-D.
Esta exposición está abierta a todos los artistas mayores de 18 años que residen en los 33 condados del este de Tennessee.


NASHVILLE.- La tormenta de nieve y las muy bajas temperaturas en Tennessee Central están ocacionando muchos choques y la ayuda viene pero con bastante retraso, según reportes de la Policía Metropolitana de Nashville.

The Metropolitan Police Department is urging all Nashvillians to stay off the city’s roadways, including the major thoroughfares, for the next several hours so that the very slow moving rush hour traffic can dissipate, and to allow for nearly 30 Public Works Department salt trucks to work on clearing roadways.  Salt trucks are presently having great difficulty moving about due to traffic congestion. 

          Public Works crews plan to spend the overnight hours salting more than 1,800 miles of Priority A and B routes, hoping to have these main roadways clear for Thursday morning’s commute.

          Those who must travel tonight are strongly urged to have full fuel tanks, be prepared for extended weather delays, and bring extra coats and blankets on the trip.


El Departamento de Policía Metropolitana invita a todos los ‘Nashvilianos’ a permanecer fuera de las carreteras de la ciudad, incluyendo las vías principales, durante las próximas horas para que se disipe el muy lento  tráfico y permitir que los 30 camiones con sal del Departamento de Obras Públicas que actualmente tiene grandes dificultades para moverse debido a la congestión de tráfico, puedan trabajar con prontitud.
Los camiones de Obras Públicas planean pasar las horas de la noche ‘desbordando’ la sal en más de 1,800 millas de vías de prioridad A y B, con la esperanza de tener estos caminos principales despejados y que puedan ser usados por la mañana del jueves.
A quienes tienen que viajar esta noche, se les recomienda encarecidamente de tener tanques de combustible llenos, estar preparados para retrasos largos y llevar abrigos y mantas en el viaje.


Beginning in June, tourists will be reimbursed at airports in Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta for the amount of sales tax they paid during their visit;

This will apply to travelers who return to their countries of origin by sea or air and who can prove they spent at least 1,200 pesos ($116.03 at the current exchange rate), including sales tax;

The second phase of the refund will be implemented in the airports in Monterrey, Cozumel, El Bajio, Mazatlan and Morelia, and then subsequently at the remainder of the country’s air and sea ports.

Mexico City, June 5, 2008- Sales tax rebates will be paid to foreign visitors beginning in June to enhance the experience of traveling to Mexico and make the country a destination of choice for international tourists. The measure will go into effect once the Tax Administration Service (TAS), grants concessions to three companies to operate the program.

As part of their main objective, which is to increase the flow of international tourists to the country, the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB), is spreading the word to their targeted markets where they concentrate heavily on tourism promotion with the hopes of encouraging foreign travelers to visit Mexico this summer

“With this action, Mexico is joining the world’s tourism powerhouses in striving to give a value-added incentive to tourists who are seeking to discover our diverse attractions beyond their borders,” said Oscar Fitch Gomez, CEO of the MTB.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) will be returned to foreign tourists who can prove they have spent a minimum of 1,200 pesos (approximately $160 dollars) – on Mexican territory and who are returning home by sea or air.

Following the model established in other parts of the world, sales tax paid for the purchase of services, such as lodging and food, will not be refunded.

The refunds are applicable for purchases made with debit or credit cards, but only for cash transactions in which the cost of the item was less than 3,000 pesos. The purchases can be made in stores and establishments that are affiliated with a TAS -authorized service operator.

Tourists will have the right to receive up to 50 percent of the net rebate – an amount not to exceed 10,000 pesos – in the form of cash; the remaining 50 percent will be refunded via electronic funds transfer within a period of 40 days.

Travelers that visit our country should present proof that they received the merchandise from the store of purchase and submit a reimbursement request form, along with bank statement.

Foreigners visiting our country should present receipts for their purchases, a form soliciting the rebate and if necessary, a bank receipt. In each case, the rebate operator will install clearly identified service centers where the relevant documentation can be verified and the sales tax refunded.

The procedure will be implemented gradually across the country. The first phase will be launched this summer at air terminals in Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, all of which are cities with a sizable flow of international visitors.

The following phase, scheduled to go into effect six months after the initial launch, will include the airports in Monterrey, Cozumel, El Bajio, Mazatlan and Morelia; the system will later be set up at the country’s remaining airports, as well as at sea ports such as Acapulco, La Paz, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Huatulco.

The operators of the service – Premier Tax Free, Global Refund Mexico and YVESAM Retornos Mundiales S.A. de C.V. – have successfully applied this model in other parts of the world. Global Refund and Premier Tax Free are companies with presence in over 50 countries.

Since each state possesses different programs of collection, for the structuring and definition of this model in Mexico, the Secretary of Estate and Public Credit (SHCP) performed diverse consultations and carried out comparatives of the systems that operate on a worldwide basis.

The European model, which contemplates various authorized users in free competition, and the systems of the countries of the European Union were also revised such as: Switzerland, Norway, Austria Spain, Italy; as well as the United States of America and Canada; as well as those of Taiwan, Chinese and Thailand, among others.

The Mexico Tourism Board is confident that it will be feasible for SAT to implement the program and resolve the demands of our visitors in a timely manner.