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How Airbnb and Travelers are Redefining Travel in 2021

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on travel in 2020. As we look to 2021, these impacts will continue to be felt in a number of ways. Firstly, continued remote working, and in some cases remote schooling, will upend traditional vacation seasons and blur the lines between working and traveling. Secondly, safety and cleanliness will continue to be top of mind for travelers, driving a preference for private, entire homes over crowded hotels. Thirdly, international travel, especially long haul, will continue to be impacted and finally, having been isolated for much of 2020, people will want to use travel to reconnect with friends and family in safe and controlled ways.

In 2021, travel will continue to be less about tourism and more about living, working and connecting safely away from home. Airbnb is ideally suited to meet these changing needs, whether providing an entire home to take a break from the city, to reconnect with loved ones or to try out a new neighborhood to move to. And its platform allows anyone with space to share to tap into these trends and earn some extra needed income.

 Based on commissioned survey data of US travelers and an analysis of search and booking data for next year, Airbnb is revealing the top three trends redefining travel in 2021:

 Live Anywhere – Taking Life on the Road

In 2021, work from home could become work from any home as remote working continues to be a reality for many people. In the survey commissioned by Airbnb*:

 ●        83 percent of respondents are in favor of relocating as part of remote working.

●        A quarter believe they will be able to ‘live where they want to and work remotely’.

●        One in five of those surveyed have relocated their living situation during the pandemic either temporarily or permanently.

●        60 percent of parents are very or somewhat likely to consider working remotely and traveling with their children if schools continue to be disrupted.

●        Unsurprisingly, Gen Z’ers and young millennials are most likely to believe they can move to a new location to work or study remotely.

One of the ways travelers are taking advantage of this trend is trying before they buy–turning to Airbnb to test new neighborhoods and cities before making a long-term commitment. From July to September this year, there has been a 128 percent increase in guest reviews mentioning “relocation”, “relocate”, “remote work” and “trying a new neighborhood” in comparison to the same time frame last year.

 Of folks who have relocated since the pandemic was declared, 24 percent of them say they moved to a suburb and 21 percent to a rural area, both greater percentages than those who say they moved to cities.* And on Airbnb,  people who have the opportunity to work from anywhere are actively booking longer stays (2+ week trips) in small-to-mid-size cities with access to immersive natural surroundings and wide open spaces, including these trending destinations below. 

●        Park City, Utah

●        Truckee, California

●        Steamboat Springs, Colorado

●        Durham, North Carolina

●        Santa Fe, New Mexico

●        Boise, Idaho

●        Richmond, Virginia

●        Greenville, South Carolina

●        Indianapolis, Indiana

●        Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Redefining the Staycation

As uncertainty persists, domestic travel will continue to be a key trend in 2021, with 62 percent of people interested in taking a vacation within driving distance of home.* Looking back at September 2019 for trip planning in 2020, for US guests, cities like Paris, London and Rome were all top destinations. Next year, a range of domestic locations in national parks, winter ski and beach towns are becoming the most popular, perhaps showing a departure from regular seasonal travel, and a preference for traditional vacation getaway destinations year-round. Some of the top spots include:

●        Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

●        Breckenridge, Colorado

●        Davenport, Florida

●        Palm Springs, California

●        Tulum, Mexico

 Although most travel will remain closer to home in 2021, that doesn’t mean travelers aren’t having new, exciting adventures where they’re staying. Guests are expanding their horizons and seeking unique travel experiences by staying in one-of-a-kind stays on Airbnb. The top trending space types among US travelers next year include a variety of spaces known for using less energy and producing less waste, including:

Nashville, TN
Rent Prices by

Last updated on October 14, 2020The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment apartment in Nashville, TN is currently $1,271. This is a 9% decrease compared to the previous year.

●        Treehouses

●        Yurts

●        Barns

●        Cycladic houses

●        Domes

The shift to more remote and socially-distanced stays is also reflected in some of the top booked space types. Entire homes have officially replaced apartments as the top space type among guests in 2021, providing controlled, private space for everyone. More off the beaten path stays like cabins and cottages crack the top five space types for 2021 trips, replacing villas and townhouses from 2020.

The Rise of Pod Travel

2020 has made the craving for fundamental human connection very real, and this resonates in how people are thinking about travel in 2021. In fact, relocating permanently or temporarily to live close to family is favored by 85 percent of survey respondents.* And, families are increasingly turning to Airbnb as a way to safely reconnect: over the summer, there were three times more wish lists including family in the title than last summer, and that trend has continued to increase with more than 2.5 times the inclusions this September compared to last year. 

 Whether it means traveling to be close to family members, or reuniting to quarantine with a group of friends, “pod” travel is here to stay for those who want to safely be together while reducing risks associated with socializing with others. For those who have voluntarily relocated this year, 37 percent say it was to be close to family or friends – the most common reason given.* This has become increasingly popular with younger generations, with 61 percent of under-50-year-olds interested in permanently moving and 47 percent interested in temporarily moving to be closer to loved ones.* And on Airbnb, over half of trips searched for next year include three or more people, showing how people are traveling together.

For those who are not hitting the open road, they can still connect with loved ones while apart through Online Experiences. And groups are already finding unique ways to share special moments together, from preparing home-cooked authentic meals, to putting their minds together in virtual scavenger hunts, to sparking their curiosity and creativity through drawing. Some of the most popular Online Experiences groups are taking together from October to the end of 2020 include: 

●        Living Room Legends Scavenger Hunt Game (Austin, Texas)

●        True vs False’ Funny Historical Game (Athens, Greece)

●        Cook Mexican Street Tacos with a Pro Chef (Mexico City, Mexico)

●        Drawn from Within with a New York Artist (New York City, New York)

●        Family Magic Show and Magic Lesson (Chiyoda City, Japan)

Planning for the Future

While travel might look a little different in 2021, future adventures are keeping travelers inspired, with 36 percent of respondents saying they daydream about travel daily or more, increasing to 47 percent amongst people who work from home.* Our research also shows that despite the uncertainty that continues to pervade people’s lives, the more they stay at home, the more the thought of getting out gives them confidence in the future. When asked how planning for a future trip makes them feel, the most selected answer by respondents was simply: hopeful.*

Though travel restrictions are still in place, US travelers are still dreaming of their next far flung adventure, as reflected in the top trending destinations by search for trips in 2021. When the pandemic is over and travel restrictions begin to lift, travelers may be heading to vibrant cultural hubs, idyllic island clusters, and ethereal natural wonders first.

 With Copa América postponed to 2021, soccer fans are eyeing Bogotá, a sophisticated urban metropolis also playing host to one of the final games of the tournament. On the heels of having the top awarded film of the year and the meteoric rise of K-pop, Seoul, South Korea is inspiring US guests to one day experience this dynamic cultural capital themselves. Having to push its 200th birthday celebrations back a year, the state of Maine’s bicentennial events and cozy, quaint vibes are inspiring potential trips in 2021. And after months of spending a lot of time indoors, it’s clear island vacations and escapes to wide open spaces are keeping travelers daydreaming. From the white sand beaches of Maafushi in the Maldives, to the enchanting red peaked landscape of Taos, to the striking Italian island town of Ischia (known for its thermal spas), US guests’ worldly travel aspirations are alive and well:

●        Bogotá, Colombia

●        Seoul, South Korea

●        Hampton, London

●        Tisbury, Massachusetts

●        Maafushi, Maldives

●        Maine, US

●        Salon-de-Provence, France

●        Taos County, New Mexico

●        La Misión, Mexico

●        Ischia, Italy

*Based on a survey commissioned by Airbnb and conducted by ClearPath Strategies from September 15-19, 2020 of 1,010 US adults.

Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra Performs Free Family Concert

Free Family Concert

Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra Performs Free Family Concert

Oak Ridge, Tenn. – Contribution of Rachel Perkins
Haverkamp– The Oak Ridge Civic Music Association presents the
Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra’s Annual Free Family Concert on
Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM at the Oak Ridge High
School Performing Arts Center.OakridgeConcert.jpg The concert is appropriate for all ages.


 Mitchell Cloutier, 17-year-old violinist and
winner of the Ralph Einstein Youth Aliyah Concert competition
will perform as soloist with the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra.
Music Director Dan Allcott will conduct and narrate “Playing
With Style” by American composer Russell Peck. In addition, the
orchestra will perform music from Beethoven’s famous Symphony
No. 5.

After the concert, all are invited to participate in ‘an instrument petting zoo’ and touch and play instruments of various sizes with the musicians of the orchestra.

All are invited to attend a reception following the concert, with more live music in the lobby, performed by Oak Ridge High School music students. The concert and all activities are free for the entire family.

Support for the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association is provided by the Tennessee Arts Commission and WUOT 91.9 FM.


Cocinando con Mundo Hispano y UnitedHealthcare

Pescado Asado

Pescado Asado


– 1 cucharada de aceite de oliva
– 2 cucharadas de jugo de limón verde
– 1 libra de pescado, de carne firme (Halibut, bacalao, flounder)
– 1 taza de salsa, preferiblemente fresca
– 1 limón verde
– Aceite antiadherente en aerosol


Prepare la parrilla al carbón, o precaliente la parrilla y prepare la asadera con aceite antiadherente en aerosol.

Mezcle el aceite y el jugo de limón verde, luego pinte el pescado con esta mezcla. Ase o cocine hasta que el pescado se vuelva opaco, alrededor de 6 minutos (dependiendo del grosor del pescado). Cubra con la salsa y las rodajas de limón verde y sirva inmediatamente.

Latinos van más al cine

La población hispana, que en el 2013 fue de 54 millones, ha convertido a películas como “La película de Lego” en grandes éxitos.
Según expertos, los hispanos son el público que va al cine con más frecuencia y en grupos más grandes, que gastan más en puestos de concesión y que hablan de las películas más en los medios sociales.
Mientras Hollywood dedica mucho tiempo en averiguar lo que fanáticos del cine quieren ver, los hispanos han hecho realidad a muchos de los mayores éxitos del año, tales como “The Lego Movie”.
“¿Quién hubiera pensado que una película para la familia podría hacer $ 250 Millones en pleno invierno?”, Dijo John Fithian, presidente de la Asociación Nacional de Propietarios de Teatros.
“Los hispanos tuvieron mucho que ver con ese éxito. Los hispanos son,por mucho, el consumidor más importante en nuestras salas de cine”, dijo Fithian.
El único tema en el que no ha habido un acuerdo universal es si el apoyo de Hollywood a los cineastas hispanos ha sido suficiente.
Fithian citó directores como Alfonso Cuarón y Guillermo Del Toro como prueba de que “Hollywood tiene en cuenta la diversidad e incluye a los hispanos.” Sin embargo dicen los expertos, el número de hispanos detrás y delante de la cámara de los grandes estudios sigue siendo pequeño.

Visite y escriba sus comentarios de la película más reciente que haya visto.

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Department of Labor and Workforce Development to Assist Applicants via Career Coach

Sevierville, TN — –The team at NASCAR SpeedPark Smoky Mountains is pleased to announce their upcoming job fair on February 25th and 26th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at NASCAR SpeedPark (1545 Parkway Sevierville, TN). The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development will be on site with their Career Coach assisting candidates with job applications.
In preparation for the 2014 tourist season, NASCAR SpeedPark will be filling approximately 100 seasonal positions. The park will offer opportunities in all departments including admissions, retail, food and beverage, maintenance, landscaping, attendants for tracks, rides and arcades, plus various operational lead opportunities.
“We are a values-driven company seeking caring and dependable people to join our dynamic team,” says Ben Hess, General Manager at NASCAR SpeedPark Smoky Mountains. “We offer exciting opportunities in a fast-paced work environment and strive to live out our core company value, ‘Remember It’s Fun’, each and every day. We offer flexible schedules and truly have a heart for each of our team members, who get great perks including a Season Pass, employee discounts on food and merchandise and family extras.”
PARC, the owner and operator of NASCAR SpeedPark Smoky Mountains, has been operating in the Smoky Mountain area for the last six years and is committed to supporting the workforce in Sevierville. Candidates may apply online; applications will be available during the job fair and interviews will be conducted onsite.
About NASCAR SpeedPark® Smoky Mountains
The “Official Family Fun Park of NASCAR®”, NASCAR SpeedPark’s two exciting locations in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Sevierville, Tenn. are among North America’s top tourist attractions. Owned and operated by PARC, NASCAR SpeedPark Smoky Mountains offers 25 acres of race-themed go-kart tracks, miniature golf, kids’ rides, family thrill rides, indoor rock climbing and play areas, arcade and more.

El Presidente de Ecuador, abanderado de los derechos humanos

¡Vaya mi admiración para el Presidente de Ecuador, el socialista Rafael
Correa!, un referente en lo que a la defensa de la vida de los niños no
nacidos se trata. Pasará a la historia entre los políticos honrados y valientes
que han apostado con sinceridad por los derechos humanos. Hoy hacen
falta políticos de esa guisa, ante tanta agresividad de otros de izquierda que
han hecho del aborto su bandera, y tanta frivolidad de políticos
acomplejados de la derecha, a los que les tiembla el pulso cuando se trata
de defender al más débil, el niño no nacido. ¿Será porque éste todavía no
vota y el aborto es un negocio? Ante la escalada del abominable crimen del
aborto, que querían colarlo también en Ecuador, el Presidente Correa ha
respondido con rotundidad: ¡”Yo jamás aprobaré la despenalización del
aborto”. Como el Rey Balduino, estuvo dispuesto a renunciar a su cargo
antes que manchar de sangre inocente su alma y sus manos.
Afortunadamente, Correa ganó el debate. Ojalá escucharan todos los
políticos al Papa Francisco, que dijo: ” mantengamos vivo el respeto por la
vida humana…; cada niño que no ha nacido, pero que ha sido injustamente
condenado al aborto, tiene el rostro del Señor que, incluso antes de nacer y
luego apenas nacido, experimentó el rechazo del mundo…”
Josefa Morales de Santiago


Inyectando una porción de fé
Inyectando una porción de fé


Alcaldesa de Knoxville habla a los Hispanos

Mayor Rogero will address attendees at the Latino Awards from Centro Hispano in Knoxville
Mayor Rogero will address attendees at the Latino Awards from Centro Hispano in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Este sábado 13 de Julio la organización Centro Hispano de esta ciudad presenta el premio LATINO  por primera vez y la alcaldesa Madelaine Rogero será la oradora principal.

El evento especial tendrá lugar en las instalaciones de Emporium , centro de Arte en el corazón de Knoxville. 100 S Gay St #201  Knoxville, TN 37902 

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Tennessee Voters Support Senate Immigration Bill 3-to-1!

By Eben Cathey []

Nashville – According to the results of Harper Polling, an independent polling firm, over three-fourths of Tennessee voters support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers and families already here. Over three-fourths also think the bill currently in Congress is tough but fair, and want Senators Alexander and Corker to support it.

The poll offered several questions relating to immigration reform, including “How important is it that the U.S. fix its immigration system this year?” to which 91% of respondents answered “important” (71%) to “somewhat important” (20%). Tennesseans overwhelmingly showed support for an earned pathway to citizenship if undocumented immigrants meet certain requirements, with 77% of respondents showing “strong” (46%) to “somewhat” (31%) support for a legalization process that includes citizenship. The bill is being considered and debated today on the floor of the US Senate.

The following is a statement from Stephen Fotopulos, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition:

“The will of Tennessee voters is clear. We want Congress to do its job, make sense of our immigration laws this year, and finally bring order to the system. Undocumented immigrants are already in our state working hard and raising families, just waiting for the chance to get in line and on the books, and start the long, tough path to citizenship.”

‘Cookout’ gratis, comida vegetariana (Vegan) en Knoxville el 30 de junio

Knoxville, TN –  – Una comida gratuita, a base de plantas tendrá lugar al aire libre el Domingo, 30 de junio 2013, de 4 a 7 PM en 1717 Little Creek Lane, Knoxville, TN. Comida gratuita y la la proyección del documental “Forks Over Knives” estarán disponibles para todos los participantes pre-registrados.

Los participantes deben traer sus propias sillas de jardín y / o mantas para sentarse. No hay que pagar entrada pero se aceptarán donaciones en el lugar del evento. La inscripción para la comida al aire libre está limitada a 50 personas y la fecha límite de inscripción es el 24 de junio de 2013.

El evento ha sido organizado para animar a los residentes de la comunidad a vivir una vida más saludable a través del ejercicio, mucho sol, el énfasis en lo espiritual y una dieta total con alimentos de origen vegetal.

Para más información y para registrarse, visite o contacto Kimberly Crider al 865-264-3894.

El evento es patrocinado por los Ministerios de Salud de InStep, el club de cena vegetariana de Knoxville, y la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día de Knoxville .



Free, Plant-Based (Vegan) Cookout in Knoxville on June 30

Knoxville, TN –  A free, plant-based cookout will take place on Sunday, June 30, 2013, from 4 pm – 7 pm at 1717 Little Creek Lane, Knoxville, TN. Free food and a screening of the documentary “Forks Over Knives” will be available to all pre-registered participants. Participants should bring their own lawn chairs and/or blankets for seating. There is no entrance fee but donations will be accepted on site. Registration for the cookout is limited to 50 people and the registration deadline is June 24, 2013. For more information and to register, visit or contact Kimberly Crider at 865-264-3894. The event is sponsored by InStep for Life Health Ministries, the Knoxville Vegan Supper Club, and the Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist Church and is being hosted to encourage community residents to live healthier lives through exercise, plenty of sunshine, spiritual emphasis and a vegetarian/plant-based whole foods diet.

El primer festival cultural en el condado Sevier

El primer festival cultural en el condado Sevier esta planificado para:

EL LUNES 13 DE AGOSTO, 2012 DE 4:00 A 9:00 PM

KING FAMILY LIBRARY (408 High Street, Sevierville)

Habrá mucha comida, música, bailes, rifas, y muchas otras sorpresas.

También habrá mesas de información ofreciendo recursos de la comunidad,

Los Hispanos tienen alta riesgo a la diabetes

La diabetes es un problema urgente de salud en la comunidad latina. Con tasas dos veces más altas que las de los no latinos, es importante ofrecer información a la comunidad latina sobre la gravedad de la enfermedad, sus factores de riesgo y las formas para controlar la diabetes, retrasarla o prevenirla, en el caso de aquellos que están en alto riesgo.Aprenda más sobre la Diabetes
La diabetes es un problema de salud urgente en la comunidad hispana/latina. Los números indican que la diabetes afecta desproporcionadamente a los latinos (casi el doble) comparado con los blancos no latinos

“EAT4-HEALTH” tackle Obesity among Youth in 10 States

Tennessee is among 10 states receiving a portion of a $300,000 grant from UnitedHealthcare as part of a new partnership between National 4-H Council and UnitedHealthcare.

The UnitedHealthcare 4-H Eat4-Health campaign will officially launch during the Tennessee 4-H All-Star Conference at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville Hollingsworth Auditorium, 2431 Joe Johnson Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996, where more than 400 4-H youth leaders will join together in a discussion about the importance of healthy living and how they can help lead the fight against obesity.

 UnitedHealthcare’s mascot Dr. Health E. Hound will be on hand to make a check presentation to national 4-H leaders and approximately 400 youth.  Dr. Health E. Hound will also lead the 400 youth in a fun, energetic group exercise to symbolize the beginning of the Eat4-Health campaign. Community leaders will also be on hand to lend their support for the program.

 The UnitedHealthcare 4-H Eat4-Health campaign will promote healthy living by empowering youth to help tackle the nation’s obesity epidemic. The partnership begins this summer and will activate thousands of 4-H youth ambassadors to make healthy choices for themselves and encourage friends, families and people in their communities to make positive changes through training, creative programs and educational events.

Nashville government today filed a civil lawsuit against a criminal street gang,

For the first time ever in the State of Tennessee, Nashville government today filed a civil lawsuit against a criminal street gang, Kurdish Pride (KPG), and 24 of its alleged local members asking that they collectively be declared a public nuisance and prohibited from meeting with each other anywhere inside a 1.43 square mile “safety zone” in South Nashville.

          That safety zone includes Paragon Mills Park, Providence Park, neighborhoods around the parks and certain parking lots in which KPG members have been known to congregate and/or commit criminal acts.  The safety zone is bounded on the east by I-24; on the south by Harding Place; on the west by Nolensville Pike; and on the north by railroad tracks.

          “For the past several years, our police department has done a very good job investigating members of various gangs and convicting them in the state and federal courts,” Mayor Karl Dean said.  “Many have been locked away for long periods of time.” 

          “At our urging, the Tennessee legislature in 2009 added criminal gang behavior to the state’s public nuisance law.  Chief Anderson and I agree that we should take advantage of this relatively new tool whenever possible to further enhance the safety of neighborhoods,” Dean said.

          Based on a lengthy investigation by the police department’s Gang Unit, the Metropolitan Legal Department this morning filed the lawsuit in Davidson County Criminal Court.  It alleges KPG members are known to engage in vandalism, assaults, the illegal possession and discharge of guns, burglaries, witness intimidation, street robberies, conspiracy to commit murder, threatening police officers, gambling, arson and fraud.  The investigation found that many of those acts take place on a regular basis in order to maintain power over the community, recruit new members, and threaten and intimidate citizens to keep silent about KPG activities.

          “This court action will assist the Gang Unit and South Precinct Officers as they work with families in the Paragon Mills area to take back the neighborhood and two city parks,” Chief Steve Anderson said.  “Our police department and this city will not sit idly by when gang activity threatens the peace of any community.”

          Metro alleges that the KPG is entrenched in the Harding Place/Nolensville Pike corridor in South Nashville.  Gang members known to meet in various locations, including the two parks, Paragon Mills Church of Christ parking lot, and the McDonald’s located at 5107 Nolensville Pike (areas that are included in the 1.43 square mile safety zone).  KPG members have repeatedly vandalized areas of Paragon Mills Park and even cut down a pole camera installed by the police department in response to citizen complaints about criminal activity.  

          Providence Park has also been used by the KPG to plan and conduct criminal gang activities.  Providence Park has also been vandalized with gang graffiti.

          Metro is asking Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier, after a 9 a.m. hearing on June 29th, to declare that the KPG and the 24 individuals constitute a public nuisance; that the 24 persons be banned from entering Paragon Mills Park and Providence Park; and that the 24 not associate with each other with the exception of school events, organized religious events and father/son/daughter relationships.  The prohibitions would not apply to a gathering in a private place that is not open to the public.  The city is also asking Judge Dozier to enjoin the 24 individuals named in the lawsuit from engaging in violations of the law and criminal gang behavior.

          A violation of an order issued by Judge Dozier could result in an individual covered by an injunction being held in contempt of court and sanctioned with jail time and or a fine.

          While this is the first gang injunction sought by Nashville government, ongoing investigations could lead to similar type civil lawsuits in the future.

          KPG criminal activities have been the subject of investigations by Gang Unit detectives and other MNPD components for a number of years.


2007 activities:


a.       On January 2nd (2007-003745), 3rd (005913), 21st (043509 & 044939), February 6th (078612), 11th (091556), December 21st (791131), 25th (797554), and 26th (800543) multiple home invasion robberies, with very similar facts, occurred in South Nashville.  In the February 11, 2007 home invasion, a female is raped.  MNPD later served 4 simultaneous search warrants at the homes of Chia Silevani and 3 other juvenile KPG members.  Several months later, one of those juveniles is identified as a suspect in the rape after his DNA is matched.  He is charged with Especially Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Rape, and 5 counts of Robbery.  On the night before his detention hearing, he hangs himself.  No other arrests were made, but several other KPG members remain MNPD suspects.


b.      On January 7th (2007-013697) two subjects are severely beaten in a hotel hallway on Harding Place in South Nashville.  One of the victims dies as a result of his injuries.  Witnesses to the event stated that as many as 10 Kurdish men yelling “KP” were involved in the beating.  All of the suspects in this open homicide case are KPG members. 


c.       On January 11th (2007-024594) A member of the Sur 13 gang reports that he is assaulted in the bathroom at Antioch High School by five subjects. That person identified three juvenile KPG members, a Brown Pride gang member, and Feriya Yazdanparast (KPG) as the individuals that assaulted him. After school (2007-22832) the previous victim and two others report to MNPD that they are threatened by a juvenile KPG member and three Brown Pride members. 


d.      On January 21st (2007-043456) two persons report an assault by at least two subjects wearing black hoods. The reported suspects fired shots into a birthday party the victims were attending on Donna Kay Dr.  Det. Anderson has learned from a confidential informant that a juvenile KPG member is one of the suspects responsible for these actions.

e.       On January 23rd (2007-049096) a person reported that she was threatened with a gun by at least two Kurdish males at 270 Tampa Dr.  The person reported that he recognized on of the persons threatening her was a known juvenile KPG member.


f.       On January 27th (2007-058959) 3 juveniles and Chia Silevani, all KPG members, are observed by security on the property of the apartment complex located at 100 Tanglewood Court.  The security guard had observed two of these men acting as a lookout while the other two were wandering between tenants cars in the parking lot.  The security guard detained these men, finding screwdrivers, a handgun, and drugs in their possession. The men were arrested for weapons and drug possession.  The weapon that was recovered was determined by Det. Anderson to be a weapon stolen in a home invasion robbery six days before on Paragon Road (2007-044939*).


g.      On February 16th (2007-098945, 2007-098946, 2007-098947 & 2007-098948) MNPD personnel served simultaneous search warrants at the homes of 3 juvenile KPG members and Chia Silevani(KPG).  The search warrants were executed as part of the ongoing investigation to the serial robberies and aggravated assaults that the KPG is suspected to be involved in.


h.      On March 14th (2007-159397) 3 juveniles and Ayaz Mohamad (all KPG members) as well as an associate attempted an armed home invasion by kicking in a window at an apartment on Swiss Ridge Dr.  On information provided by the victims, Police apprehended these individuals several minutes after the attempted robbery (near the safety zone).  Officers found two handguns in the vehicle.


i.        On March 20th (2007-172361) Metro Police conducted a controlled transaction of marijuana from a subject later identified as Delsosh Ahmed – aka White Boy Delo. The transaction was conducted with the assistance of a confidential informant.  This individual would later be referenced in KPG graffiti in Paragon Mills Park.


j.        On April 5th (2007-208289) KPG member Seyfan Ibrahim and three associates are arrested for simple possession of marijuana and cocaine.  Defendant, Seyfan Ibrahim was later charged with criminal impersonation after he identified himself as his brother Mervan Ibrahim (KPG).


k.      In April of 2007 (2007-210524) Aso Nejad (KPG) is arrested for simple assault after a disagreement at a bar at 2600 Franklin Road.


l.        On April 11th (2007-220607) Metro Police, with the assistance of a confidential informant, conducted a controlled marijuana transaction from a subject later identified as Delsosh Ahmed – aka White Boy Delo.


m.    On April 24th (2007-248093 & 2007-680201)a juvenile KPG member, Chia Silevani, and three others, Murat Shaban, Zarko Novakovic, Nijyar Nejmeddin, assaulted a student in a Glencliff High School hallway.  The school-time assault arose out of comments the victim had allegedly made surrounding the recent suicide of a separate juvenile KPG member. When interviewed, the individuals involved all bragged about the incident.  


n.      On April 26th (2007-253087) Metro Police, with the assistance of a confidential informant, conducted a controlled marijuana and ecstasy pill transaction from a subject later identified as Delsosh Ahmed – aka White Boy Delo.


o.      On May 2nd (2007-267305) Metro Police, with the assistance of a confidential informant, conducted a controlled marijuana and Lortab transaction from a subject later identified as Delsosh Ahmed – aka White Boy Delo.


p.      On May 21st (32007-12388) Aso Nejad (KPG), and at least four other KPG members wearing black and yellow, attacked an individual as he was leaving a local graduation ceremony. The attack caused a severe head injury. Aso Nejad and a juvenile KPG member are picked out of a photo lineup and are later found guilty of the assault after a trial.


q.      On May 30th (2007-333006) a juvenile KPG member is named as a suspect in a home burglary on Colemont Drive where numerous firearms were stolen.


r.        On June 21st (32007-83058) a juvenile KPG member and an associate assault an individual during Summer School at a local high school. 


s.       In early July, (2007-413537) KPG member Mohammad Al Mosawi is arrested at 3912 Nolensville Pk. for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.


t.        On July 5th (413699) Nashwan Ahmed and a juvenile, both KPG members, were pulled over at Blue Hole Road and Bell Road in the early morning hours.  A shotgun with the stock cut off in the back floor board of the car was in plain view.  Further search of the vehicle produced a BB rifle also with the stock cut off along with bandanas, gloves, and hats.  Mr. Ahmed was dressed in all black, and the juvenile was wearing black and gold clothing. Both were arrested on unlawful weapons possession..


u.      In July of 2007, (2007-459397), a juvenile KPG member is arrested for a residential burglary at 1701 Hickory View Ct.


v.      On September 24th (2007-592655) a juvenile KPG member and Brown Pride gang member are observed by Police in the parking lot of the gas station located Eulala Drive and Old Hickory Boulevard.  Officers observed marijuana in plain view of the vehicle and further search of the vehicle produced a loaded .38 revolver.


w.    On October 12th (2007-631526) Kurdish Pride members Mohammad Al Mosawi and another named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred), along with an associate, are pulled over after leaving Paragon Mills Park for a traffic violation.  The occupants of the vehicle are all arrested for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of a controlled substance.


2008 Activities:


a.       On January 10th (2008-21816) Metro Police conducted a controlled purchase of a firearm from a juvenile KPG member with the assistance of a confidential informant.


b.      On January 16th (2008-033737): Metro Police conducted a controlled purchase of marijuana from another juvenile KPG member with the assistance of a confidential informant.


c.       On January 16th (2008-034738) the building and infrastructure at Paragon Mills Park is vandalized with Kurdish Pride Gang graffiti.


d.      On January 22nd (2008-048400) an individual reported that four subjects were attempting to break into her home at 5113 Hilson Drive while she was home.  She observed a vehicle in her driveway and reported the license plate as 298JBR.  The vehicle was registered to Omar Hamawandi of 4807 Hall Court.  Ultimately one subject was identified as KPG member Meeran Hamawandi.  Hamawandi and an associate are arrested for the residential burglary, No other arrests are made in the case.


e.       On February 4th (2008-079411) Metro Police conducted a second controlled purchase of marijuana from a same juvenile KPG member as on January 16, 2008, with the assistance of a confidential informant.


f.       On February 21st (2008-116716) KPG member Chia Silevani and a Gangster Disciple member get into a fight at a Nashville school.  The KPG and the Gangster Disciples are known to have a long running feud.  Neither subject was arrested but both were kicked out of school in what the school’s principal described as a “gang related situation.”


g.      On March 17th (2008-178172) Paragon Mills Park is heavily “tagged” in yellow and black paint by the KPG.  Among the typical gang graffiti, KPG members also painted “F*** the Police” and “RIP Mark Anderson.”  In gang parlance, this is a threat to Det. Anderson.


h.      On April 8th (2008-234096) two people report that they were followed by a vehicle as they left Paragon Mills Park.  The two individuals reported that they had been followed from Paragon Mills Park until the vehicles reached the intersection of Charlotte Avenue and 5th Avenue North.  While at this red light, four persons exited the following vehicle and approached the victims with a baseball bat.  The victims reportedly ran the red light and called 911. While talking to the emergency communications center, the victims made their way to the Criminal Justice Center and made contact with a patrol officer.  The suspect vehicle was observed and stopped.  When patrol stopped the suspect vehicle, it was only occupied by the driver, KPG member, Mervan Ibrahim.  The victims positively identified Ibrahim as one of the suspects but refused to prosecute.


i.        On July 3rd (2008-446143) KPG member Shakawan Saberi was stopped for a traffic violation.  After a consensual search Metro Police found a white tissue containing a green plant substance believed to be marijuana. 


j.        On July 16th (2008-478789) a trial for KPG members Ako Nejad, Aso “Diako” Nejad, Delsosh Ahmed, Nechirvan Yahya, and other co-conspirators is held for a 2006 Park Police shooting.  The Nejad brothers are convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Ako is also convicted of Attempted Murder of a Parks Police Officer.  The convictions came on the testimony of Delsosh Ahmed, who begins receiving death threats within minutes of the verdict.  In 2010, as a result of these threatening calls, KPG members Mohammad Nejad and Abbas Nejat are found guilty for Retaliation for Past Acts.


k.      On July 18th (2008-484918) KPG member Mohammad Al Mosawi’s vehicle was searched while parked at the Kroger located on Nolensville Pike near Elysian Fields.  Al Mosawi was cited for simple possession after the search produced a small amount of marijuana.


l.        On or around July 29th (2008-516321) KPG members vandalized and defaced Providence Park – near Paragon Mills School and Paragon Mills Park.  Specifically, KPG members used graffiti to mark up the property with “KP”, “KP 11 16”, “Kurdish Pride”, “KPG”, “KPG 4 life”, “Kurd Life”, “OG Delo He Free”, and “police killa.” 


m.    On or around July 29th KPG members vandalized and defaced public property at Paragon Mills Park (located at 465 Benita Dr., Nashville, TN 37211). Specifically, KPG members used spray paint to mark “KP”, “Kurdish Pride we back”, “KPG”, “Kurd-Life” and “KP OG Delo free” on the park building.


n.      On or around August 4th (2008-543518), KPG members vandalized and defaced private property near the intersection of Paragon Mills Dr. and Nolensville Rd.  Specifically, KPG members used black and yellow spray paint to deface a building and portable storage container with “KP”, “Kurdish Pride”, “Kurd-Life” and “Kurdish Pride Gangsta.”


o.      In September (2008-631289) KPG member Mohammad Al Mosawi is arrested with an associate at I-440 Parkway and Nolensville Pk. for Felony Possession of Marijuana.


p.      On September 15th (2008-631867) a juvenile KPG member was shot and robbed in the area of 1508 Hickory Hollow Terrace.  The KPG member stated that he had been gambling and won a couple of thousand dollars playing dice.  The suspect became upset and pulled a gun on the juvenile and demanded the money back.  The juvenile initially refused, and the suspect shot him in the hip.  Later, the juvenile identified the suspect as a member of the Bloods, a criminal gang. The juvenile did not prosecute.


q.      In late September or early October, (2008-666706) KPG members Shivon Abdullatif, two named respondents (the named respondents were juveniles at the time this event occurred), and a suspected KPG member assaulted a high school student for playing his drums too loud outside of a local high school band room.  All four were charged with Aggravated Assault.


r.        On October 13th (2008-00309) KPG members Ismail Ismail and a named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred) were arrested for breaking into a house at 4824 Milner Drive and stealing a television and cash.


s.       On November 9th (2008-770943) Metro Police receive a report that four people driving vehicles matching the description of known KPG members assaulted two people by pointing a handgun at them and stating “someone is going to die tonight.”  The two victims fled, but the four men caught back up with them at another location and began kicking and beating the victim’s vehicle. 



2009 Activities


a.       On January 18th (2009-046610) Officers attempted to stop KPG member Mervan Ibrahim for reckless driving by initiated emergency lights and sirens.  But Ibrahim actively attempted to flee, violating numerous motor vehicle laws and risking the safety of numerous motorists as well as himself and the Police Officer.


b.      On January 26th (2009-067184) Metro’s Gang Unit arrest KPG members Zyad Dosky, Armanj Esmail, Nashwan Muhammed, Jalal Nasir, Chia Silevani, and Durgham Al Mosawi for Criminal Trespass.  Before the arrests, the Gang Unit observed the arrestees engaging in a gang meeting at 3792 Nolensville Pike. 


c.       On February 12th 2009- (112222) a juvenile KPG member threatens his teacher with a revolver while at school. He is later convicted of attempted 2nd degree murder in Criminal Court.  During that trial, the KPG member made threats against the victim, and was later convicted of two counts of retaliation for past acts.


d.      On February 13th (2009-115387) a woman reports that she was followed by KPG members Ashoor Silomon, Durgham Al Mosawi, Shakawan Saberi, and Mizgin Tayip while walking to her home on Aster Drive.  While following the victim, the subjects made sexually suggestive hand signs and made the victim feel afraid. The victims did not want to prosecute.


e.       On February 19th (2009-131513) two juvenile KPG members and an associate are arrested for a residential burglary on Park Court.  Police arrested these KPG members while responding to the burglary in progress call.


f.       On March 10th (2009-186156) an individual observed KPG member Talon Noman acting suspicious at the Caldwell Court Condominiums. In response to the individual’s confrontation of his suspicious behavior, Noman began making threats and racially derogatory remarks to the victim.  Noman then got into a car with KPG members Aran Ibrahim and Durgham Al Mosawi and drove through the complex several more times while displaying a gun and threatening the victim.  In response Metro police officers arrive and charge Noman with Aggravated Assault and all the three subjects with Criminal trespass. While searching the property, officers found approximately five grams of marijuana near where Noman was originally seen standing.


g.      On March 10th (2009-187435) KPG members Durgham Al Mosawi and Ashoor Silomon are assaulted in Gold’s Gym parking lot at 5704 Nolensville Pike.  Neither subject reported the assault to the police. Police initially responded to the scene from other complainants that saw the fight and then responded to Southern Hills Hospital.  Both subjects refused to cooperate with police.


h.      On March 11th (2009-190638) two people report that they were assaulted in the Lowes parking lot at 5520 Nolensville Pike (this parking lot connects to the lot at Gold’s Gym).  The victims claim that KPG member Ashoor Silomon, Durgham Al Mosawi, and two other unknown subjects assaulted them after a verbal confrontation.  Both victims refused to prosecute.


i.        On April 15th (2009-209082) KPG member Armanj Esmail is questioned by Metro in an investigation of a rape of a juvenile.  At the completion of the investigation, Esmail was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for transporting juveniles that he knew where runaways to a room he rented at a hotel for the purpose of engaging in drug and sexual activity.


j.        On April 14th (22009-87505) a 2nd grade student reports to her teacher that she was taken to a KPG related gang fight at Cane Ridge Park and told to videotape the event by her cousin.  This student also reported that she witnessed one person suffer an injury. 


k.      On April 26th (2009-324781) KPG member Jalal Nasir, reports to police that he and KPG members Chia Sielvani and Durgham Al Mosawi were in his car at the intersection of Haywood Lane and Nolensville Pike when two male Hispanics pulled up next to them.  Mr. Nasir reported that one of the subjects pulled out a gun and began firing shots at his car.  Sielvani sustains a gunshot wound in the left shoulder.


l.        On May 14th (2009-380790) a KPG associate arrives at Southern Hills Hospital with a gunshot wound, who reports the admission to the police.  The KPG associate tells the reporting officer that he and his brother were shot at by four male Hispanics in vehicle as they drove by on Richards Road.  The suspects were wearing brown bandanas over their faces. 


m.    On May 20th (2009-397759) KPG members Meeran Hamawandi and Mizgin Tayip are reported as witnesses to an Armed Robbery of another KPG member.


n.      On or around July 26th (2009-590270) KPG members vandalized public property at Paragon Mills Park. On this occasion, KPG members used a saw to cut down a light pole that contained a mounted security camera. Photos of severed pole are attached as Exhibit 3-4.


o.      On July 27th (2009-591902) KPG member Mizgin Tayip sold 5 grams of marijuana and a handgun to a Confidential Informant.  Mr. Tayip later plead to Simple Possession.  During this investigation, Tayip sold two other firearms to the Confidential Informant, but was never charged with the firearm sells.  During each transaction, Tayip was with unidentified Kurdish subjects, whom the CI claimed were KPG members.


p.      On August 29th (2009-690774) an individual reports that his family’s home on Yelton Drive was broken into during a four hour period.  Victim and his father, a retired Tennessee State Trooper, had a large collection of guns that were taken in the burglary.  Victim reports that he went to high school with several KPG members, whom he felt was aware of the number of guns in the home.  Earlier in the day, KPG member Omeed Esmail came by the victim’s home just to say “Hi”.  Victim said that that was unusual, as he had not heard from Mr. Esmail in over a year.  Later, while out fishing, the victim received a phone call from Omeed Esmail asking him where he was and what he was doing.  Shortly after learning that the victim was out fishing, Omeed Esmail ended the call.  When the victim returned home, he found that someone had broken into the house and stole 19 guns along with other items.


q.      On September 10th (2009-727880) Metro received information from a confidential informant that a gang fight may occur at Paragon Mills Park.  The informant also related that several Kurdish Pride members had hidden several guns in the park.  Multiple KPG members are observed in park hanging out on the specified date of the fight.  KPG members Zaydon Dosky and Ashoor Silomon are seen walking near the remote area containing the guns.  Ultimately the guns are recovered, three of which were stolen in the August 29th burglary (690774), along with a new box of ammunition.  From the box of ammunition, Metro is able to identify KPG members Omeed Esmail and Aran Ibrahim as two of the people who purchased the ammunition.


r.        On September 12th (2009-734236) KPG members again vandalized and defaced public property at Paragon Mills Park.  Specifically, KPG members used black spray paint to deface a building and other items in the park with “KP”, “Kurdish Pride”, “R.I.P. Mark,” “F*** Mark,” “KP run this park,” and “KP OG F*** Police.” Photos of this graffiti are attached as Exhibit 3-5.


2010 Activities:


a.       On February 3rd (2010-146422) KPG member Shakhawan Saberi appeared on the property of Glencliff High School.  A school Officer stopped Mr. Saberi when he was attempting to open a classroom door.  Mr. Saberi appeared intoxicated and possessed a small bag of marijuana, Lortab pills, Oxycodone pills, and  one Methadone Pill.  Mr. Saberi had previously been a Glencliff student, but was expelled for a gang related incident.


b.      On February 6th (2010-156963) a residential burglary at 234 Delvin Drive occurs.  Collectible coins are among the property that is stolen.  Two days later (160782) KPG member Durgham Al Mosawi and an associate are observed by Metro Police attempting to sell several collectible coins that were stolen from 234 Delvin Drive on February 6, 2010.  After further searches, Metro police found items that were taken in three other residential burglaries.  Mr.Al Mosawi and his associate are arrested in connection to this and several other burglaries. 


c.       On March 1st (2010-220947) KPG members again vandalized and defaced public property at Paragon Mills Park.  The building at the park, several basketball goals, signs, and other public improvements were marked with graffiti stating “KPG”, “ride or die”, “police kill” and “Kurdish pride”


d.      On or around March 9th (2010-242442 & 2010-242773) KPG members vandalized and defaced public property at Glencliff High School (located at 160 Antioch Poke, Nashville, TN 37211) and the Nashville Offices of the Fraternal Order of Police (located on Welshwood Drive). Specifically, KPG members vandalized the Glencliff building, a school bus, the Fraternal order of Police Building, and nearby signs with the following graffiti: “KP,” “Kurdish Pride,” “KPG,” “F*** the police,” “Kurd-Life,” “Kurd Pride Gang,” and “Kurdish Pride Gangsta Kurd Life.”


e.       On March 9th (2010-241689) an apartment at 2131 Elm Hill Pike was burglarized.  Among the items stolen from this apartment was a six-shot Smith and Wesson revolver.  Nine days later (2010-263074) Metro Police stopped KPG member Zaydon Dosky for a traffic violation at Nolensville Pk. and Wallace Rd.  Mr. Dosky had two passengers in the car with him. In the back seat, near where one of the passengers was seated, a stolen .357 revolver, 6 bullets, and a pair of black gloves are recovered. Mr. Dosky was cited for not possessing a driver’s license. His passenger claimed ownership of the gun, and is charged for Unlawful Possession of a Handgun and Misdemeanor Theft of Property.


f.       On April 15th (2010-341008):  KPG members Mizgin Tayip and Aran Ibrahim sold 3.6 grams of powder cocaine to a Confidential Informant.  On August 8, 2011, Tayip plead guilty to facilitation of the sale of cocaine in addition to the gang enhancement. As a condition of his plea agreement, he admitted membership in KPG to the court.


g.      On April 26th (2010-369874) KPG member Aran Ibrahim and an associate are arrested for Criminal Trespass at 4828 Aster Drive.  KPG meetings are known to occur in this church parking lot.


h.      On April 27th (2010-373425) KPG members Aran Ibrahim and Armanj Esmail sold 127 grams (4.5 ounces) of counterfeit cocaine to a Confidential Informant.  Subsequently, Esmail pleads to facilitation-felony counterfeit controlled substance and Ibrahim pleads to charges connected with another indictment in a related case (341008).


i.        On May 10th (2010-413721) Metro Police responded to a reported fight at 910 Players Court, an apartment complex off of Edmondson Pk.  Upon arrival, the officers discover that several KPG members had jumped the locked gate to the pool and were causing a disturbance.  KPG members Omeed Esmail, Armanj Esmail, Ali Yasin, and a named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred) were arrested for their participation in the incident. 


j.        On June 17th (2010-525515) KPG member Mervan Ibrahim reported to Metro Police that KPG members Seyfan Ibrahim, Mohammad Al Mosawi and an associate accused him of robbery and threatened to kill him.  A witness at the scene reported that all parties involved were threatening each other.  Mervan Ibrahim refused to prosecute the case. 


k.      On July 24th (2010-622196) Metro Police observed KPG member Durgham Al Mosawi attempt to assault the owner of a night club.  The officer witnessed these actions while conducting a business check at the night club, located at 3810 Nolensville Pike.



l.        On July 31st (2010-641731) KPG members Meeran Hamawandi and Mohammad Al Mosawi are involved in an altercation at Paragon Mills Park with other KPG members.  During the altercation three individuals pull guns and begin firing shots at an automobile.  As a result, Mr. Hamawandi sustains a gunshot wound to his right leg.  KPG members Ahmed Kestay, Chia Silveani, and Rena Kestay are ultimately identified and arrested for the shooting between the different KPG cliques. 


m.    On August 3rd (2010-647742) KPG member Mohammad Al Mosawi reports to the police that he is being followed and threatened by other KPG members belonging to the 38th Street clique.  Mr. Al Mosawi reported that the 38th Street KPG members threatened to kill him if he went to court to testify in relation to the July 31st shooting at Paragon Mills Park.  Mr. Al Mosawi also reported that he had not previously reported other instances where this KPG clique had threatened him.


n.      On August 14th (2010-676973) Metro Police observed a late night KPG meeting at the church located at 4828 Aster Dr.  At the time the officer’s observed the meeting, the church was closed.  Police arrest KPG members Armanj Esmail, Becas Mahmut, Nijyar Yasin, and four other suspected KPG members for Criminal Trespass.


o.      On October 12th (2010-835428) KPG member Zaydon Dosky is stopped for a traffic violation by Officer M. Ryan.  Dosky is found is charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana.


p.      On November 8th (2010-908502) Metro Police witnessed several individuals standing in the Paragon Mills Park.  As the officer shined a light on the persons, they took off running behind a group of houses.  Upon further investigation, the side of the building in Paragon Mills Park had been spray painted with “KP”, “Thug” and “Kurd 11-16.”  Some of this graffiti specifically threatens individual Metro Police personnel.


q.      On November 24th (2010-948281) KPG member Shakhawan Saberi was stopped by the Tennessee Highway Patrol for HOV and lane use violations.  During the stop, the trooper discovered that Mr. Saberi was driving on a suspended license, and noticed a smell of alcohol on his breath.  Mr. Saberi was arrested and was placed in the back of the police car.  While in the back of the police car, Mr. Saberi broke out the driver side rear window.  Mr. Saberi was charged with Vandalism, Simple Possession, Driving Under the Influence, and Driving on a Suspended License. 


r.        On December 11th (2010-989552) KPG members Ashoor Silomon, Shakhawan Saberi, and an associate are attacked in front of 3968 Keeley Dr.  When Metro Police arrive, Mr. Silomon tells the reporting officer that he is dating a female Kurdish Muslim and he is a Christian Kurd.  Mr. Silomon reported that he was attacked by the three suspects because they feel that the Muslims should not date Christians.  The three suspects named by Mr. Silomon are also KPG members. 


s.       On December 11th (2010-990046) Paragon Mills Park is vandalized with graffiti.  The graffiti was from a KPG rival, “Brown Mexican 13 and SUR 13”.


t.        On December 20th (2010-1016145) Paragon Mills Park is vandalized with KPG graffiti by crossing out the Brown 13 and SUR 13 graffiti.  Crossing out another gang’s graffiti is seen as a disrespectful act.




a.       On January 7th (2011-0018199) an individual reports that he was assaulted in the Kroger’s parking lot on Nolensville Pike near Elysian Fields Road by KPG member Durgham Al Mosawi.  The injury caused the victim to receive treatment at Southern Hills Hospital.  Mr. Al Mosawi is arrested for Aggravated Assault..


b.      On January 18th (2011-0047351) Mervan Ibrahim was discovered to possess marijuana weighing approximately 6.9 grams during a traffic stop.


c.       On February 13th (2011-0115469) KPG member Shinvar Abdullatif and another individual are reportedly assaulted by an unknown male Asian at a sports bar near Edmondson Pike and Old Hickory Blvd. The fight escalated from an argument of unknown reasons.


d.      On February 18th (2011-0130960) Three people are identified as suspects in an Aggravated Assault. The victim and the suspects had a confrontation at a night club located at 15115 Old Hickory Blvd.  During the verbal confrontation the suspects made references to the KPG.  A short time later the victim was attempting to leave with his friend when he was attacked in the parking lot by the three men and two other unknown Kurdish males.  The victim sustained a bloody nose and numerous welts.


e.       On February 20th (2011-0134670) an individual reports that he was assaulted by four to five KPG members at Paragon Mills Park.  The persons conducting the assault also took a cell phone from the victim.  No identification or arrests have been made in this incident to date.


f.       On February 24th (2011-0142982) a residential burglary is reported at 4104 Partner Way.  On the side of the residence, near the window that was smashed in the burglary, “KP” was spray painted.  The window screen had been pulled off of the window before it was broken. 


g.      On March 4th (2011-0167274 & 2011-0167431): 6 KPG members jump an individual and stab him after a verbal altercation that occurred earlier in the afternoon on the bus home from a local high school. Shortly after exiting the bus, the KPG members appear in a vehicle and confront the victim about his “disrespect.”  Subsequently, the victim was attacked and stabbed with a screwdriver in the arm and back.  The known suspects are identified as KPG members Jegar Ramazan and two other named respondents (the named respondents were juveniles at the time this event occurred).  Three days later, March 7th (0173230), a named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred) KPG member is assaulted at school by the victim of the March 4th attack. The perpetrator of this assault was arrested and charged accordingly.


h.      On March 8th (2011-0178391) a residential burglary is reported on 4108 Partner Way.  The outside of the residence is also vandalized with “KP” painted on near where entry into the house was made. No suspects or arrest at this time. This matter appears related to the February 24th burglary a few houses down (2011-0142982).


i.        On April 8th (2011-0270369) two persons report that four middle-eastern subjects attempted to steal electronics out of the back of their van while they were conversing in the parking lot of Wal-Mart on Nolensville Pike and Harding Place.  An altercation began and the victims attempted to leave in their van.  The suspects chased the victims and used a blunt instrument to break out the back window of the van.  At least one of the suspects was described as wearing a large baggy yellow shirt and had a long thin beard that extended from the ears to the chin.  A victim described the beard as looking like football straps coming down the sides of the face.


j.        On April 20th (2011-0306193) KPG member Alar Khalifa is arrested for simple possession of a controlled substance, marijuana at Antioch Pike.


k.      On May 7th (2011-0358624) a named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred) is arrested for Aggravated Assault at Paragon Mills Park.  The victim reported to Metro Park Police that she was driving through the park and was stopped by the respondent, who was in the roadway and would not move.  The victim reported that the respondent and several other Kurdish males then moved toward her and began yelling and displaying bats and sticks.  Ultimately the respondent assaulted the victim with an umbrella. 


l.        On May 13th (2011-0377573) Metro Police stopped KPG member Omeed Esmail for Reckless Driving at the hotel at 95 Wallace Rd.  After a consensual search of Mr. Esmail’s vehicle, a .22 cal revolver was located.  Mr. Esmail was cited for Unlawful weapons Possession and trespassing.  During the stop, Mr. Esmail admitted to the arresting officer that he was a KPG member.


m.    On May 17th (2011-0386951) Paragon Mills Park is vandalized with KPG graffiti.  The park slides, welcome sign, handicap sign, bleachers, restrooms, light posts and trees were all vandalized in this incident.  The graffiti referenced the KPG, 8 Block, P-Mills, and 38th Street.  Additionally, the graffiti included “F*** Mark,” “Thug Life,” “f*** da police,” and “stay out of our hood bit**a*s Mark.” 


n.      On May 18th (02011-390596) KPG member Zyad Dosky is stopped for a traffic violation after he left Paragon Mills Park.  He is arrested for simple possession of marijuana.


o.      On June 6th (2011-0448895) KPG member Mervan Ibrahim was stopped for a traffic violation at 4041 Nolensville Pike.  Mr. Ibrahim’s admitted to possessing marijuana during the stop and was charged with simple possession of marijuana. 


p.      On June 16th (2011-0481957) Mervan Ibrahim was stopped for a traffic violation at I-65 and Wedgewood Ave.  During the traffic stop the Officer detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  During a probable cause search of the vehicle the Officer located five individually wrapped bags marijuana inside the steering wheel of the vehicle.  Mr. Ibrahim admitted that the marijuana was his.


q.      On June 30th (2011-0520791) several people report that five Kurdish males in a black Honda get into a verbal altercation with another person over a parking space at the McDonalds located on Nolensville Pike near Harding Place.  At least two of the Kurdish males begin chasing the suspect armed with a handgun.  Several shots are fired at the victim as the victim runs across Nolensville Pike into the Wal Mart parking lot. The suspects catch the victim near the Wal Mart and physically assault the victim before they fleeing on foot.  No arrests have been made in connection with this incident.


r.        On July 27th (2011-0592239) KPG member Meeran Hamawandi delivered one pound of marijuana to Metro Police in a controlled narcotics transaction. 


s.       On July 30th (2011-0600511) KPG member Mervan Ibrahim assaulted two Metro detectives by shining a laser pointer at them.  Mr. Ibrahim has since pled guilty to the charges.


t.        On August 31st (2011-0695321) three KPG members, two named respondents (the named respondents were juveniles at the time this event occurred) and an additional juvenile are named as suspects when a local high school football player reports he has been threatened by KPG members.  The victim alleges that he was first threatened at the Tennessee State Fair and then about a week later he received a threat on his Facebook account.


u.      On September 15th (2011-0732383) an individual reports that he received a call from an unknown person that agreed to purchase two I Pads that he had posted on craigslist.  When he showed up to conduct the transaction at the K-Mart on Nolensville Pike near Harding Place, the victim was robbed by two Kurdish males dressed in black and yellow. 


v.      On September 19th 2011: Police respond to Club Cirok in response to an anonymous caller claiming that KPG members were going to the club and “shoot up the place” because the Bloods were having a meeting inside.  No activity was observed while Metro Police maintained a presence at the club..


w.    On September 26th (2011-0759997) Providence Park is vandalized with KPG graffiti. 


x.      On October 2nd (2011-0775061) KPG member Chia Silevani, and two suspected KPG members are arrested for possession of two handguns and possession of marijuana, Oxycodone and Tramadol.  The handgun found under the floor mat on the driver’s side where Silevani was seated had been reported stolen.  One of the two suspected KPG members was wearing a black hat with a yellow “P” on the front.


y.      On October 5th (2011-0784124) a named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred) along with numerous other identified and unidentified Kurdish males are involved in a large fight at a local high school.  The respondent is arrested for assaulting a teacher while the teacher is trying to break up the fight.  One of the victims of the initial fight is J.S. Later that day (0784978) J.S. and his mother called 911 to report that several car loads of Kurdish males in yellow and red masks approached their apartment and began breaking out windows with bricks and rocks.  Before the suspects left, someone fired approximately eight rounds into the residence.  Mr. S. also reported to Metro Police that he was assaulted the previous week by KPG members. Moreover, Mr. S. reported that he had been challenged to a fight by several KPG members earlier in the day.


z.       On October 6th (2011-0787837) Police are dispatched to Paragon Mills Park in relation to a subject with a gun in the park. The complainant stated that there were approximately ten Kurdish males in the park and they were dressed in yellow and blue.  The complainant also stated that he thought that they were gang members.


aa.   On October 9th (2011-0795290) KPG member Mizgin Tayip reports to Metro Police that he is the victim of an Aggravated Assault.  Mr. Tayip claims that four male Hispanics believed to be either MS 13 or Sur 13 (gang related) shot at him while he was driving in the area of Nolensville Pk. and Tusculum Rd.


bb.  On October 12th (2011-0804708) KPG members Mizgin Tayip, Durgham Al Mosawi, and Hayder Al Mosawi are stopped after an aggravated assault on Welshwood Drive.  The three men matched the description of suspects that reportedly assaulted a Hispanic individual for no apparent reason.


cc.   On October 28th (2011-0847542) Metro Police respond to a residential burglary in progress at 2708 Glenmont Drive.  Based on the eyewitness descriptions and physical evidence found at the scene, four subjects are identified and charged in the burglary.  A named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred) and three gang-affiliated associates are arrested for the incident.


dd. On October 31st (2011-0852894) Security at Club Bucanas located at 3810 Nolensville Pike, called the police to report shots fired. The complainant also reported that he observed a juvenile KPG member, and three unidentified subjects in the area.  The Juvenile, who has admitted that he is a KPG member, was found in possession of the handgun that had discharged the reported shots, and charged with unlawful possession of a handgun, curfew violation, and disorderly conduct.


ee.   On November 18th (2011-0901201) Metro Police receive a report that an individual  was attacked by as many as ten Kurdish males wearing yellow masks over their faces at the bus stop located at Largo Drive and Leo Lane.  The victim related that he was targeted because of the October 5th gang fight (2011-0784124) at Overton High School, where he identified some of the initial suspects that were later expelled from the school.


ff.    On December 10th (2011-0958731) KPG member Redeer Ramazan is a passenger in a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation at Largo Drive and Wallace Road (near the safety zone).  A consensual search of Ramazan produced 48 Hydrocodone pills. Mr. Ramazan is arrested for possession without a prescription.


gg.  On December 11th (2011-0962639) an individual reported to that he was playing a pickup game of soccer at Montgomery Bell Academy when an argument started with a group of men.  These men then assaulted the victim, with at least one suspect kicking him in the face reportedly with soccer shoes.  The victim sustained numerous fractures to his face.  The Metro Police investigation produced KPG member Feriya Yazdanparast and a relative as suspects in the case. Both suspects were charged with aggravated assault.


hh.  On December 26th (2011-1002334) a named respondent (the named respondent was a juvenile at the time this event occurred) and a KPG associate are arrested for a residential burglary on Cherrywood Drive.  A witness of the burglary called Metro Police to report the burglary in progress, and the suspects were apprehended at the house.


2012 Activities:


a.       From October of 2011, until his arrest in January of 2012 (2011-0800356, 2011-0800382, 2011-0809976, 2011-0811328, 2011-0812670, 2011-0820191 & 2012-0083415), KPG member Radeer Ramazan manufactured approximately $590.00 in counterfeit $20.00 bills.  Approximately $320.00 of these counterfeit bills were distributed around Nashville locations.  Mr. Ramazan later pleas to Criminal Simulation.  


b.      On February 21st (2012-0159002) Metro Police responded to a call at the apartments located at 221 Plus park Boulevard..  KPG member Amet Ramazan is later identified and charged with aggravated assault for threatening an individual at the complex with a handgun. 


c.       On March 13th (2012-0223589) Metro Police respond to reports that four men at the Wal-Mart on the corner of Harding Place and Nolensville Pike have threatened shoppers with a gun.  The victims reported they were confronted by a group of men who told the victims “you on the wrong side of town.”  The suspects follow the victims to their car and threaten them with a handgun.  Metro Police, using surveillance video, later identified KPG members Bejar Mustafa and Bangeen Bazirki as two of the suspects.


d.      On March 28th (2012-0267992) KPG members Durgham and Hayder Al Mosawi report to Metro Police that they were in their car at 3905 Nolensville Pike when another KPG member, Bejar Mustafa, approached their car and pointed a handgun at them.  KPG member Bejar Mustafa was charged in Juvenile Court with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of unlawful possession of a weapon.


e.       On April 1st (2012-0279793) KPG members Radeer Ramazan and Jalal Nasir are observed by Metro Police in a parked car at Safari Hookah, located 3734 Nolensville Pike (near the Safety Zone), with marijuana and loose pills in their laps.  Both subjects were arrested for simple possession.  While processing Mr. Ramazan and Mr. Nasir, Police were confronted with a large number of other KPG members and associates (2012-0279859), as well as an individual driving recklessly through the parking lot toward them.  When a Metro Detective moves to detain Amet Ramazon after Mr. Ramazon attempted to avoid an inquiry for his driver’s license, Mr. Ramazan tells the detective to “get the f*** off me” and pushed the detective away.  Amet Ramazan was arrested for resisting a stop.


f.       On May 23rd (2012-0434521) KPG member Renas Kestay was stopped by a Wal-Mart employee as part of a group that was suspected of shoplifting. After a stolen item was recovered from a juvenile in the group, everyone in the group was told by the Wal-Mart manager that they were banned from entering the Wal-Mart in the future.

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Knox County Teens Still Engaging in Risky Driving Practices


It is prom season in Knox County. This is the time of year when parents, teachers and other concerned community members most often talk to teens about the importance of safe driving. According to a new report by Knox County Health Department, Knox County teens (aged 15 -19 years) are still texting and driving and engaging in other risky driving behaviors resulting in between 600 and 700 emergency room admissions for motor vehicle crashes each year. Motor vehicle crashes also are the leading cause of deaths among teens in Knox County as they are in Tennessee and the United States.


“No parent should ever get that phone call in the middle of the night that their child has been in a car crash,” said Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. “This report gives parents very real evidence of teen behavior while driving. It’s also a great teaching tool to share with your teens to ensure they are aware of the dangers and educated in safe driving practices.”


Teen motor vehicle crashes are thought to be caused by inexperience, speeding or reckless driving, experimenting with alcohol and other drugs, and driver distraction behaviors such as texting while driving or having too many passengers in the vehicle. KCHD’s report Teen Driving in Knox County: Down a Dangerous Road uses county mortality and emergency room visit data to paint a picture on how extensive motor vehicle injuries and mortalities are among Knox County teens aged 15 to 19 years of age.


According to theTeen Driving in Knox County: Down a Dangerous Road:

·        Motor vehicle crashes have claimed the lives of 88 Knox County teens (15-19 years) between the years of 1999 to 2009 making it most common cause of death among this age group.

·        Teens are more likely to present in Knox County hospitals for motor vehicle injuries compared to all other age groups.

·        Four out of ten Knox County schools teens reported they text-messaged someone while they were driving in the past month.

·        Twenty percent of five Knox County schools teens rode in a car in the past month driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol during the past month and almost eight percent reported they drove the car themselves after drinking alcohol.


“Death and injuries from motor vehicle crashes are preventable,” said Dr. Martha Buchanan, Knox County Health Department director. “We urge parents to use this information to have direct conversations with their teens about their driving habits and the possible consequences.”

According to Don Lindsey, Public Affairs director at AAA of East Tennessee, parental responsibility does not end the moment children are granted the privilege of driving on their own. According to Lindsey, “Parents can do a lot to keep their teenagers safe by continuing to teach their children about safe driving practices even after they can legally drive on their own.” Lindsey suggests parents go to to find tools, a parent-teen agreement and other materials that can help to keep their children safe on the roads and to continue to support the 2001 Tennessee Graduated Drivers License Law. 


To access Teen Driving in Knox County: Down a Dangerous Road on the Knox County Health Department website, please go to:

Verizon permite dar un vistazo dentro de la película Prometheus de Ridley Scott y brinda una oportunidad para ganar un viaje a Londres

Desde ahora y hasta el evento del estreno en junio de la película Prometheus del director Ridley Scott, Verizon ofrece una oportunidad que les permitirá a los cinéfilos meterse de lleno en su experiencia para navegar el interior de la nave espacial usando el servicio residencial Smart Home y el servicio de Monitoreo y Control Residencial provistos por la empresa.

El sorteo “Prometheus: Mission Connect Sweepstakes” de Verizon les permite a los aficionados al cine explorar y controlar la configuración en cada parte de la nave, de la cual la película y el sorteo toman su nombre, al mismo tiempo que revela contenido exclusivo y oportunidades adicionales de participar en sorteos a cada paso del recorrido. Como parte del sorteo, Verizon enviará a un afortunado ganador y a un invitado en un viaje a Londres para recorrer el estudio donde se filmó Prometheus. El sorteo del gran premio se llevará a cabo el 22 de junio. Visite para obtener más detalles y comenzar a explorar.

Ridley Scott, director de “Alien” y “Blade Runner”, regresa al género que él ayudo a definir. Con Prometheus, logra crear una mitología innovadora, en la cual un equipo de exploradores descubre una pista sobre los orígenes de la humanidad en la Tierra, que los lleva en una jornada llena de aventuras a los rincones más oscuros del universo. Allí deben luchar en una batalla espeluznante para salvar el futuro de la raza humana.

Verizon también está ofreciendo vistas previas exclusivas de la película en la página Verizon FiOS Facebook, así como a través de la biblioteca de videos a pedido de FiOS TV. Los aficionados de FiOS pueden revisar con regularidad en un reloj de conteo regresivo para enterarse cuándo estará listo el nuevo contenido para verse.

Viaje a los estudios Fox en LA Studio y premios semanales

Además del contenido exclusivo y del gran premio de un viaje a Londres, Verizon otorgará premios semanales que incluyen varios viajes para dos personas a Los Ángeles para hacer un recorrido de los estudios de Fox y paquetes de cena y cine (cuatro boletos para ver la película Prometheus en cines cuando se estrene el 8 de junio, y una tarjeta de regalo de $200 para cubrir el costo de la cena y de golosinas para consumir en el cine). El sorteo Prometheus: Mission Connect Sweepstakes de Verizon hace que sea muy fácil participar para tener la oportunidad de ganar. Simplemente inscríbase para participar en

(NOTA: Para darle una ojeada a “Prometheus”, visite

Fist Lady visits Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —Traffic in the immediate downtown area south of Broadway will be congested late tomorrow morning through early afternoon due to the visit of First Lady Michelle Obama.

The First Lady is to speak in a lunch to raise money for President Obama’s re-election bid.

          Motorists should expect brief road closures downtown south of Broadway during this time period.  No traffic interruptions in relation to the First Lady’s visit are expected during morning or afternoon rush hour periods.

Recuerda que tu salud es importante

  ACOG President. James Martin, MD

 Come más sano. Trata de comer una dieta balanceada rica en variedad de frutas y verduras, granos enteros, productos lácteos bajos en grasa y proteínas magras.

Según el Departamento de Agricultura, una mujer de 35 años de edad, quien ejercita 30-60 minutos diarios debe comer una dieta de 2,000 calorías al día que conste de 6 onzas de granos (al menos la mitad de los granos enteros), 2 ½ tazas de verduras, 2 tazas de fruta, 3 tazas de leche o productos lácteos bajos/sin grasa y 5 ½ onzas de carne magra, pescado y frijoles.

Además, reduce el consumo de sodio (sal), grasas, azúcar procesada y granos refinados.

Manténte activa. La actividad física regular ayuda a aumentar el bienestar general y reduce el riesgo de diabetes, osteoporosis, algunos tipos de cáncer y otras enfermedades causadas por la inactividad.

Ejercita por lo menos 30 minutos casi todos los días de la semana para disminuir el riesgo de enfermedades crónicas; 60 minutos casi todos los días para mantener el peso, y por lo menos 60 a 90 minutos casi todos los días para perder peso.

Un régimen de ejercicio bien estructurado debe ser divertido, sostenible y que incluya el entrenamiento cardiovascular, la fuerza y ​​la flexibilidad.

Deja de fumar. A pesar de los numerosos riesgos de enfermedades del corazón, infertilidad, menopausia precoz y más de 10 diferentes tipos de cáncer, una de cada cinco mujeres todavía fuma.

Es posible reducir su riesgo de ataque cardíaco en un 50% despues de un año de dejar de fumar.

Bebe con Moderación. El alcohol se ha relacionado con efectos tanto positivos como negativos, incluyendo un mayor riesgo de cáncer de mama y otros cánceres.

Si UD. bebe, trate de reducir a una bebida alcohólica al día.

Descansa un poco. Su cuerpo se repara y regenera sus tejidos, construye huesos y músculos y fortalece su inmunidad mientras usted duerme.

No dormir lo suficiente puede causar problemas a corto plazo como la irritabilidad y a largo plazo la pérdida de la memoria y condiciones como la diabetes y enfermedades del corazón.

Un adulto promedio debería dormir entre siete y nueve horas cada noche.

Visita a tu gineco-obstetra. Las mujeres deben consultar a su médico con regularidad para la atención preventiva.

Las visitas de rutina al ginecólogo ayudan a su doctor a identificar y tratar problemas comunes.

Rally – Wednesday, April 4th from 5:00 -7:00 PM

Knoxvillians gather for a peaceful demonstration on Gay Street in Krutch Park in response to
the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. We invite the community to come out and stand
united against the killings of young Black men around the country and in East Knoxville.
Churches, youth groups, students, community organizations, families and friends will gather
to hear choirs, artists and speakers to help us send the message to our community that
we stand united against racism, the demonizing and criminalizing of Black and Brown men
nationally and locally. We are coming together, across divisions, to stand united for racial,
economic, and gender justice in Knoxville, in Tennessee, and across the country.

On Feb. 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old Florida high school student, is found shot
and killed, in Sanford, Fla., a community north of Orlando. According to the Sanford police
report, George Zimmerman, 28, a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, is found armed
with a handgun, standing over Martin. He has a bloody nose and a wound in the back of his
head. Martin is unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. He has no weapons on him,
only a pack of Skittles and a bottle of iced tea. Zimmerman tells police he killed Martin in self
defense. Taking him at his word, police do not arrest him, nor administer a drug or alcohol
test. They also did not run a background check. Currently, Zimmerman remains free, even
after public pressure has forced the resignation of the Sanford, Florida police Chief.

Remesas más económicas a México

Pedrita, la zebra chismosa!

Muchos de UDs. me conocen. Ya me irán conociendo!! Otros que conocen este periódico han llamado para alentar y para que siga trayendo información que hace falta a la raza!! Soy una cebra chismosa!. Muchos de mis primos burros andan por ahí soñando con pajaritos….AGUZADOS!!

Me rí-ago de los que pretenden saber más español que Cervantes ‘corregiendo’ al gabacho en las tiendas. Agredecidos deberian estar!! Un relincho fuerte para todos los del roofing.

A los de las ciudades con servicio de reciclaje ahi les encargo que reciclen todo lo que puedan y que tambien aprovechen los cupones de regalo que dan por reciclar. Nada mas vayan y registrense en

Remesas más económicas a México

February-June Cooking Classes Reminder at Avanti Savoia’s La Cucina

Knoxville, Tennessee – – Knoxville’s very own gourmet food importing business is offering another set of cooking classes at their kitchen, La Cucina.  Featuring a wide range of cuisines and traditions, the classes always focus on efficient professional cooking techniques that will make any cook’s life easier – and more fun!

 During the traditional two-hour long technique-oriented class, you will receive samples of all food prepared over the course of the evening.  You’ll also receive the printed recipes and surprise tastings of other Avanti Savoia products!  Also, due to popular demand, Avanti Savoia is now offering a new series of classes on popular French Techniques.  Learn culinary skills that will give you the confidence to whip up truly outstanding meals at home.

 The classes are taught by Chef Joseph Lowery with other guest chefs and instructors announced along the way.  Chef Joseph is an author, chef, and cooking teacher and has taught cooking classes since 1972 in Canada, Mexico, and the USA.  He is currently the Chef Consultant with Avanti Savoia Imports.


Tuesday, February 28, 6pm – 8pm

Southern Fare with a Mediterranean Flair

Whether you call it fusion cooking or New American Cuisine, we guarantee that you will call it delicious.


  • MUSHROOMS, CARROTS and OLIVES a la GRECQUE:  “A la Grecque” is French for “in the Greek style”.  The concept can include any variety of vegetables, though in this recipe we use mushrooms, carrots and olives.  The ingredients are lightly simmered and then marinated in a zesty mixture of white wine, Tarragon vinegar, olive oil, Tarragon and other seasonings.
  • AMERICAN STYLE BOUILLABAISSE with TOASTED POLENTA ROUNDS spread with ROUILLE:  Our version of a famous seafood stew made with a variety of American seafood and laced with tomatoes, wine, herbs, and saffron.  We will serve ours with Polenta rounds seasoned with “Rouille”, a spicy paste traditionally served with Bouillabaisse.
  • QUEEN of the CUMBERLANDS WHITE CHOCLATE CAKE with SOUR MASH CHOCOLATE ICING:  A Tennessee adaptation of Julia Child’s famous Reine de Saba (Queen of Sheba cake).  

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 6, 6pm – 8pm

The Fondant Intensive

Knoxville’s premier cake sculptress and designer, Regina Long, is bringing her gift of sugar artistry and wit to La Cucina at Avanti Savoia.  Regina has held the position of Chief Decorator at Rosa’s Catering for the last eight years. Her awards include People Magazine’s Best Wedding Cake in the state of Tennessee and numerous awards from the Imagination Library’s Great Cake Bake. Her class will be an entirely “hands on” experience.  Learn to do it all with a fun class experience that features limited seating with personal instruction and attention from Regina.  You will learn to carve cake by practicing with Styrofoam, followed by detailed guidance in working with the most popular cake decorating technique on the market today, fondant!

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 13, 6pm – 8pm

La Technique: Knife Skills 101

Due to numerous requests from our students, La Cucina is presenting a full participation class featuring some the most fundamental skills required in the kitchen; knife work.  This is THE BASICS:  From how to properly hold your knife to methods of sharpening, honing and the numerous techniques and terms used in professional kitchens.  Mincing, chopping into Brunoise – large, medium and small dice; different size “sticks” known as Julienne, Allumette and Batonnet and many other tips that Chefs Karen and Joseph can pull from their lives in food service.  If you want to be a professional chef we highly recommend a serious culinary program at an accredited school or university, but if you are a beginner who needs to be more confident and effective in your home kitchen, this is the class for you! You will also have the opportunity to thoroughly practice one of the most useful cooking methods we know; sautéing.

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you: A good paring knife and chef’s knife and BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 27, 6:30 -8:30pm


The most luxurious Easter eggs in the world were those created by famed jeweler Peter Carl Faberge for the Imperial family of Russia.  Join us in the celebration of this springtime tradition Avanti Savoia style.  Chef Karen Crumley and award winning cake artist Regina Long combine forces in this seasonal offering.  Chef Karen will share her family’s tradition of Handmade Sugar Eggs.  Each student will have the opportunity to decorate their own take home colored sugar eggs with tiny fondant figures on the inside and royal icing artistry on outside.  Regina Long will share her techniques for delicious Easter egg cake pops.

Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation

  Friday, March 30th, 6:30-8:30pm


A guided tasting of the “Heart and Soul” of Avanti Savoia; our “best of the best”!

Cost: $5.00


Tuesday, April 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm


Enjoy Easter “Italian style” with this joyous springtime menu.


  • Crema di Uova e Pepperoni (Tri-color pepper and egg terrine)
  • Agnello al Latte (Lamb stewed in butter, brandy, herbs and milk)
  • “Quick” risotto with grilled artichokes
  • Crema al Limoncello (Limoncello Liqueur cream dessert)

Cost: $50 (Demonstration class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, April 10th, 6:30-8:30pm


La Cucina’s most popular sushi class revisited, taught by our resident sushi expert, Chef Karen Crumley, a 2008 graduate of the Culinary Institute of University of Tennessee. Chef Karen has worked her way up the through the ranks in area restaurants and was trained at Nama Sushi Bar in the specialized skills required to prepare California/Japanese style sushi as well as the use of Japanese knives.  In this class with limited enrollment, students will receive detailed instruction and will have the opportunity to create their own maki, temaki, spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and other personal creations.

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, April 24th, 6:00-9:00pm


Chef Karen Crumley has delighted our students for two years with her superb knife skills and straight forward introduction to the art of making sushi.  In this class she will take you to the next level with a 3 hour, completely hands –on class devoted to even more intense knife work and other various techniques, including Tamago, “fish on top” rolls and creative nigiri.

 Cost: $75 (Hands on class with very limiting seating)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)

 Tuesday, May 1st, 6:30-8:30pm


Cinco de Mayo or the 5th of May is often misunderstood in America as Mexican Independence Day.  It is not. The 5th of May commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in 1862 at the battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate Mexican culture in all its vibrant aspects and has become particularly popular in the US.  Our menu celebrates Mexico with a nod to the influence of French cuisine.


  • Maximilian’s Quiche
  • Open Face Turkey Tamales with Mole Poblano
  • Gelatina de Café con Kahlua (Coffee liqueur laced dessert jell)

Cost: $50 (Demonstration class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, May 8th, 6:30-8:30pm


Perfect pizza at home; learn the secrets to delicious hand thrown crusts, sauces and other professional pizza making techniques.  You will not want to wait to amaze your friends at your own pizza making party!


  • America’s Favorite (Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce and Cheese)
  • Pissaladiere (Specialty Pizza-Tart from Southern France).

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)

Tuesday, May 15th, 6:30-8:30pm


Chef Arnold Bondi is one of our favorite guest instructors and currently the Corporate Regional Chef for Hopco Foodservice Marketing. He was formerly Executive Chef at the UT Faculty Club and Food and Beverage Director at Holston Hills and Gettysvue Country Clubs.  In this unique class Chef Arnold will draw on his family’s Italian heritage to prepare three different handmade pastas.


  • Potato Gnocchi with Cacciatore Sauce
  • Ciacatelli Pasta with Rose Sauce
  • Orecchiette Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Cost: $60 (Hands-On Participation with limited seating)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, May 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm


Master Cake designer Regina Long and Chef Joseph Lowery celebrate their birthdays this week and you are invited to the party!  Help Chef Joseph to prepare his delicious golden layer cake from scratch and be amazed by Regina’s consummate skill with butter cream, fondant and other decorating techniques.  Raspberry/Mango punch and Peach Ice Cream will complete the menu.  Make your cake and eat it too! 

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30-8:30pm


The Baxters of Norris, Tennessee have been growing blueberries since 1980. They are now into the 4th generation of various blueberry related occupations. Paul Baxter and wife Glenda Ross operate Greenbriar Farm & Nursery for Edibles featuring blueberry plants (40+ varieties) and other edible plants for home landscaping; workshops for customers and consulting for farms.  You might say the Baxters are true blue bloods – enthusiastic about and committed to blueberries, that is. La Cucina at Avanti Savoia is proud to announce a special class featuring a Blueberry menu, loads of Blueberry information including cultivation tips as well as blueberry plants available for purchase.  Expect other blueberry surprises to be announced.


  • East Tennessee country biscuits with blueberry gravy
  • Main course spinach salad with goat cheese, pan seared tuna and warm blueberry dressing 
  • Jolly blue giant blueberry pie

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)

Los Tigres del Norte Wins The GRAMMY®


Los Tigres del Norte were recognized as winners of the Best Norteño Album at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards.  Winning their SIXTH career GRAMMY Award for their landmark “MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte and Friends” album, the legendary group widely known as ‘the voice of the people’ continue to set the benchmark for artistic excellence in their genre.


The first-ever MTV Unplugged project dedicated to Regional-Mexican Music, “Los Tigres del Norte and Friends” finds the pioneering Norteño superstars revisiting many of their greatest career recordings in an acoustic format while joined by special guests such as Juanes, Residente of Calle 13, Paulina Rubio, Diego Torres, Andres Calamaro and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine in his first-ever Spanish language performance. 


Eduardo Hernandez, a member of Los Tigres del Norte, performs at the National Western Complex, on February 10, 2012. Manuel Martinez/Viva Colorado

MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte and Friends” debuted at #1 On Billboard’s “Top Latin Albums” chart and was one of the genre’s best-selling albums throughout the year- receiving a rare Diamond Sales certification in Mexico and going Gold In The United States.  Having already won the most recent LATIN GRAMMY for the genre, today’s GRAMMY recognition gives the album a clean sweep of the year’s two most significant awards for Norteño music.

 Currently in the midst of a U.S. tour, Los Tigres del Norte were greeted by thousands of fans at packed concerts this weekend in New York, Boston and Denver.  As they continue to tour in February and March, Los Tigres will soon add to their legacy of bringing Regional Mexican Music to new audiences as the band gives the genre’s first-ever performance in the newly built Valley Performing Arts Center in Northridge, California.  The performance will take place on March 8, 2012 and tickets are available now at:

Abierto primer Café Cibernético de Maryville

MARYVILLE, Tenn —- ¿No computadora? ¿No internet? ¡No hay problema! Este es el mensaje que Sharon Barnett, dueña del CaféNet, que esta ofreciendo para la Comunidad Hispana.

CaféNet, localizada en la esquina de Midland Shops cerca de Kumon Learning Center (en frente de Wendy´s y Midland Plaza 265 S. Calderwood St., Alcoa) es Blount County´s primer internet café que tiene computadoras disponibles para los clientes. ¡No necesita su laptop! El CaféNet, que fue abierto en el mes de Diciembre, dispone de seis computadoras en las que los clientes pueden navegar en Internet, jugar juegos, video chat, transferir dinero por vía Xoom, fax, fotocopias, crear, e imprimir documentos. También, los clientes pueden jugar con el Play Station 3 que aquí tenemos.

Barnett vio la necesidad de los servicios de computación en la Comunidad Hispana. “Internet cafés son muy populares en Latino América con bajos costos para que la población se mantenga en contacto con sus amigos y familiares en otros países.” Usando los programas de video chat tales como Skype les permite a los clientes no solo hablar con sus seres queridos de forma gratuita si no que también los pueden ver. Las computadoras también ofrecen servicios de llamadas telefónicas a bajo costo de forma ilimitada a muchos países de Latino América.

CaféNet intenta eliminar la barrera del lenguaje para la gente Hispana cuando se trata del uso de las computadoras. “Cuando un cliente se sienta enfrente de una computadora, solo con el uso de una tecla, usted puede disponer su computadora y su teclado en español. También tenemos un personal para responder sus preguntas en ingles y español. Incluyendo que estamos ofreciendo clases de computación en español los jueves y sábados empezando a las 7 p.m. por $5 dólares la sección.” Agregó Barnett.

CaféNet ofrece refrescos, bocadillos y jugos de Mexico.

La tarea más difícil ha sido llevar la información de CaféNet a la población. “Cuando estas tratando de interactuar con los clientes que no hablan mucho inglés o no tienen acceso a las comunicaciones electrónicas, tu aprendes a ser creativo.” Comentó Enrique García, empleado de CaféNet. “Hemos repartido información en La Pulga, tiendas locales, restaurantes, e iglesias. Y recientemente comenzaron anunciar a cerca de CaféNet en La Lider, 93.5 f.m.

Varios empleados de CaféNet saben lo que es estar separados de sus familias y amigos. Garcia de Cuba y acróbata de Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus cree que CaféNet llenará una gran necesidad en la comunidad local. Permitiendo abrir una ventana al mundo.

CaféNet empleado, Max de la Fuente, estudiante de Maryville High School y nativo de Mexico dijo “Muchas personas quedaran impresionadas al saber que por $5 dolares la hora pueden comunicarse con sus ser queridos.” También de la Fuente esta organizando un torneo de videojuegos, para que los clientes disfruten en la tarde. Registración para los torneos es requerida y ganadores tendrán sus premios.

Por supuesto el CaféNet esta abierto para todos que necesiten internet. Le damos la bienvenida a todos. (Le atenderemos en ingles y español.)

(CaféNet esta abierto todos los dias de 11a.m. a 10p.m.) 265 S. Calderwood St., Alcoa, TN 37701. Para mas información llame al 865.233.7282 y con gusto le atenderemos.

Protegiendo la salud en las fiestas navideñas

Nada mejor que disfrutar el Día de Acción de Gracias y las cenas de Navidad  y Año Nuevo libres de malestares.

Lávese bien las manos antes y después de manipular alimentos.

Use agua tibia y jabón por al menos 20 segundos.

Lave las superficies en contacto con alimentos tales como tablas de cortar, platos, utensilios y las superficies después de preparar cada alimento. Utilice una tabla de cortar.

Lave las frutas y las verduras con un cepillo.

No enjuague la carne y aves crudas antes de cocinar, esto esparce las bacterias.

Mantenga las carnes crudas, aves y mariscos lejos de los alimentos que no serán cocinados.

No ponga la carne cocinada en el mismo plato que la carne cruda.


Nashville, Tennessee — Metro Parks is asking for your help in finding the perfect tree to serve as the centerpiece for the city’s holiday season.


Metro Parks’ Horticulturalist Randall Lantz said the city is looking for a “30 to 40-foot Norway Spruce that looks good from all angles.  We would very much like to have a tree that has grown too big for its current location. It’s out there.  We just haven’t found it yet.”


Lantz went on to say the Parks’ Department would gladly cut down the tree, remove the stump, and plant a replacement tree if desired.  If you have a tree that meets the criteria, call Randall Lantz at 862-8400 or email him at

Gerardo Ortiz arrazando en camino a los Premios Billboard de la Música Mexicana


Los Ángeles, CA – Todo indica que el joven cantautor Gerardo Ortiz -conocido dentro del ambiente musical como El Fenómeno Máximo del Género Regional Mexicano- volverá a armarla en grande gracias a su incuestionable talento.  


Resulta que el día de hoy, en el programa ‘Levántate’ de la cadena Telemundo, se dieron a conocer los artistas nominados a recibir próximamente los prestigiados Premios Billboard de la Música Mexicana, y Gerardo Ortiz arrasó en prácticamente todas las categorías: Artista del Año, Artista del Año, Debut, Artista Masculino del Año, Artista del Año, Descarga Digital, Artista del Año, Discos , Artista del Año, Norteño, Compositor del Año, Disco del Año, Disco del Año, Norteño, Disco del Año, Norteño, Tema del Año y Colaboración Vocal.


Es el artista mas nominado!!


Y es que Gerardo Ortiz está incontenible.. Su más reciente sencillo, “Aquiles Afirmo”, fue dado a conocer hace apenas unos días y ya ha alcanzado una penetración y un éxito impresionantes entre el gran público latino de los Estados Unidos.


“Aquiles Afirmo” es el primer corte de ‘Entre Dios y el Diablo’, su más reciente producción, y es… ¡dinamita pura! Es un corrido progresivo muy poderoso, con una letra clara y directa, al más puro estilo innovador y vanguardista de Gerardo Ortiz. Sin duda será uno de los temas más impactantes del año.


El álbum ‘Entre Dios y el Diablo’ será lanzado el próximo 6 de septiembre.


Por su parte, la ceremonia de entrega de los Premios Billboard de la Música Mexicana será transmitida el jueves 27 de octubre por la cadena Telemundo, desde el Teatro Orpheum de Los Ángeles.

Summer fun for children in Knoxville

 The City of Knoxville’s Parks and Recreation Department is holding its annual “Splash Jam” for children who have participated in the City’s Summer Playground Program this year.

Kids will represent their recreation center and will be split into age groups to compete in rounds of friendly competition. These include the dive and retrieve, cannonball, brick swim, underwater frogman, diving, traditional swim, and a four-person swim relay. The recreation center with children who win the most events will be declared the overall winner. Approximately 150 children will participate in the event.

Children who participated in the Summer Playground Program took field trips to the city’s Ed Cothren and Inskip Pools to learn water safety and swimming techniques. This “Splash Jam” celebrates what they learned this summer.

For information on public swim lessons offered by the City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation Department please call 865-687-9919.

The beautiful patriotic hymns we sing at church

“We sang beautiful patriotic hymns that only the adults knew because the songs are no longer taught at school.”


This was part of an email describing the wonderful patriotic services held in a rural church in central Kentucky. The songs they were speaking of were basics to American patriotism: “My Country Tis Of Thee,” “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “America the Beautiful,” and “God Bless America.” I spoke with young people in my home area of northwest Louisiana and they confirmed also that patriotic songs are not taught in their schools.

        We, the American taxpayers, are paying for public education where patriotism is considered politically incorrect! This is doubly true when patriotism involves mentioning God as in the songs listed above.

        Several years ago, I saw a chart of the history of the national averages on the ACT and SAT scores. These scores peaked and began their downward spiral very close to the occurrence of one major American educational event. That event was the establishment of the national Department of Education.

        As the control of education has been taken away from local and state governments and given to the federal government our educational systems have declined. History books have totally eliminated unedited copies of original documents like the Declaration of Independence since it speaks of “unalienable rights” endowed by a Creator God. The text of the Mayflower Compact is excluded because it is way too religious. Local PTAs are usually involved with fundraising and other school benefit projects, but have little or no input into what is taught in the classroom.

        There are many movements today to “Take America Back” from those who are destroying her. But until we take back the educational system, we will not be able to take back the nation.

Steve Casey
Author of In God We Trust — The Faith of the Men on Our Money
P. O. Box 487
Stonewall, LA 71078
318-925-5283 home
318-949-5536 office
318-347-9916 cell

Mayor candidate Madeline Rogero releases quarterly financial disclosure

KNOXVILLE, TN — Knoxville mayoral candidate Madeline Rogero will file financial disclosure reports today for the State of Tennessee and the City of Knoxville.

The state-required second quarter financial disclosure report, covering funds received from April 1 through June 30, shows a total of $63,911 in donations from 448 individual supporters, with expenses of $37,649 and cash on hand of $86,812.   Overall, 833 individuals have contributed $160,411 to the campaign.

“I am thrilled with our momentum and for the broad-based grassroots support from across Knoxville and all walks of life,” Rogero said.  “We have now raised twice as much money as we did at this same time in 2003, and as much as we did in that entire campaign where we were outspent four to one.”

“I’m used to delivering great value on a tight budget,” Rogero said.  “That’s how we will run a winning campaign, and how I will govern our city.” 

Rogero’s cash on hand reflects $77,912 available for the primary election, and $8,900 that must be held for the general election. (*See explanation below.)

Sixty-six percent of individual contributions are $100 or less, and 84% of individual contributions are $250 or less. The average contribution per person is $193. 

*Prior to May 31, individual contributions were limited by state law to a maximum of $1,000 to a candidate for the primary election (Sept 27) and $1,000 that could only be spent on the general election (November 8). For donations received after May 31, state law allows a maximum of $1,400 from individuals per election. Any funds received in excess of $1400 for the primary, must be held until after the primary and only spent if the candidate goes on to the general election.


Early voting starts September 7.

Election Day: Tuesday, September 27

Mujeres de Nashville se preocupan por el cancer a la mama

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— La comunidad femenina de la capital del estado que se preocupa por su salud y la amenaza del cancer al pecho recibe la ayuda de Saint Thomas Health para realizar una mamografia en las siguientes
direcciones y fechas en el condado Davidson:

FECHA: Sábado, 27 de agosto 2011
LUGAR: Lead Academy
1704 Hemian St.
Nashville, TN 37208

FECHA: Sábado, 29 de octubre 2011
LUGAR: Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
Maryland Farms
Brentwood, TN 37027



Dads, kids, and the whole family will have the chance to catch a bonding experience during the City of Knoxville’s Father’s Day Fishing Event. The Mast General Store joins the city government to offer on Sunday, June 19, 2011, in Victor Ashe Park this unique family moment. 

The event will run from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the park located at 4901 Bradshaw Rd.

More than 200 children and their parents participated in last year’s event.

“There is always a great turnout for this event because it is good, free, family fun,” said Joe Walsh, Director of Knoxville Parks and Recreation. “Events like this—that bring families and communities together—is what parks and recreation is all about.”

The two-acre lake at Victor Ashe Park contains channel catfish ranging from 2-8 pounds that were donated by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, in addition to the existing large mouth bass and bluegill.

The Mast General Store is partnering with the City of Knoxville by donating prizes to be given away, including a grand prize for the largest fish caught by a father/child team. There’s also a prize for the first person to catch the albino catfish that will be put in the lake.

Participants should bring their own bait, tackle, fishing poles, and blankets. Refreshments will be available for purchase at the event.

Fishing licenses are required on site for everyone over the age of 13 that will be fishing. There is a take-home limit of two fish for this event.

No pre-registration is necessary. However, participants can register for door prizes on the day of the event.

For more information, please visit or call 3-1-1.

Tennessee on the Verge of Having One of the Toughest Strangulation Laws in the Country

In a unanimous vote the Tennessee legislature passed and sent on to Governor Bill Haslam a bill that increases the penalty for strangulation in Tennessee.

The bill sponsored by Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jamie Woodson (R-Knoxville) and Representative Ryan Haynes (R-Knoxville) adds attempting or intending to cause bodily injury to another person by strangulation to the definition of aggravated assault and defines strangulation as “intentionally impeding normal breathing or circulation of the blood by applying pressure to the throat or neck or by blocking the nose and mouth of another person”.

“Almost half of all domestic violence homicide victims have experienced at least one incident of attempted strangulation prior to lethal or near lethal violent incidents,” said Speaker Woodson. “Victims of prior attempted strangulation are seven times more likely of becoming a victim of homicide. These alarming facts show the need for earlier intervention by strengthening our laws on attempted strangulation.”

Prior to the new legislation strangulation was often treated as a less severe form of assault. “This legislation gives law enforcement and prosecutors the tools to adequately handle the severity and danger of strangulation for victims and makes it possible to prosecute the crime of strangulation as a felony”, said Representative Haynes. “All too often in cases of domestic violence, abusers turn to strangulation as they escalate violence, but strangulation often leaves no visible injury and has not been treated as the serious and dangerous crime that it truly is”. The State Senate approved the bill by a 29-0 vote while state representatives approved it 83-0.

“This legislation is a powerful tool for intervening in a potentially lethal form of domestic violence and preventing it from intensifying,” Russ Jensen, Community Coalition on Family Violence Co-Chair, said, adding that injuries could manifest days after an attack. “People just don’t realize that hands can be as deadly as any other weapon when placed around someone’s airway. There are only two reasons to grab someone by the throat, to control them, or to kill them.”

“We are very thankful to Representative Haynes and Senator Woodson for leading the way on this important legislation. This never would have come to pass without their vision and leadership” Jensen continued.

The Bill now awaits Governor Haslam’s signature and is scheduled to take effect July 1.

Concerts at Clayton Center, Maryville

 Concerts Monday through Friday — Both Weeks
June 12-16 and June 19-25
7 PM Start Time. Tickets $15.00
Clayton Center Box Office 865-981-8590 Tickets Unlimited

June 13: Steve Kaufman, Eddie Pennington, Mike Clemmer, Roberto Dalla Vecchia, Jeff Scroggins
June 14: Laura Boosinger and Josh Goforth, TJ Wheeler, Jim Hurst, Joe Collins, Just Us BG Band
June 15: Stacy Phillips, Rusty Holloway, Steve Baughman, Tyler Grant
June 16: Chris Proctor, Robin Kessinger, Marcy Marxer, Keith Yoder and Friends
June 17: Kathy Chiavola, Eddie Pennington, Steve Kaufman and the Week’s Cast

June 20:Jim Hurst, Gary Davis, Barry Mitterhoff, Ivan Rosenberg, Mike Clemmer
June 21: The Kruger Brothers, Dan Crary, Just Us BG Band, Andrew Collins
June 22: Beppe Gambetta, Mike Kaufman, Alan Bibey, Janet Davis, Kathy Chiavola
June 23: Don Stiernberg, Stacy Phillips, Mark Cosgrove, David Harvey, Casey Henry, Keith Yoder and Friends
June 24: Emory Lester, David Harvey, Adam Masters, Steve Kaufman and the Week’s Cast

Horario de la Clínica de Vacunas contra el Virus del Papiloma Humano

Horario de la Clínica de Vacunas extendido en colaboración con la Campaña de Vacunación contra el Virus del Papiloma Humano (HPV por sus siglas en inglés) de la Coalición de Salud Latina de Nashville (NLHC por sus siglas en inglés).


FECHA: el jueves, 19 de mayo del 2011
HORAS: de 9:00 AM a 7:00 PM* (sin cita)
*Deben llegar no mas tarde de las 6:00 PM
*Traigan su historial de vacunación
DONDE: Clínica de Woodbine Public Health Center (donde está el WIC)
224 Oriel Drive, Nashville 37211

El Departamento de Salud brinda la vacuna del HPV GRATIS a niñas y niños entre las edades de 11 a 18 años SIN aseguranza (seguro medico),
los que tienen TennCare y los que tienen una aseguranza que no cubre esta vacuna.

Otras personas que tienen aseguranza privada deben ir a sus doctores privados.

La vacuna del HPV para prevenir del cáncer del cuello uterino y verrugas genitals se da en 3 dosis durante un periodo de 6 meses.


Para más información sobre la vacuna del HPV, por favor contacte a la línea de Información de la Vacuna del HPV en el Centro Comunitario Progreso (615-349-7642) o a la clínica Woodbine o WIC (615-862-7940)

Robo millonario en Iglesia Bautista de Morristown

Según se alega en la corte de justicia del condado Hamblen, Barbara Whitt de 70 años y su hijo Michael, de 43 dijeron ser culpables de cobrar cheques de la cuenta de la Primera Iglesia Bautista de Morristown durante año y medio.
La señora Whitt y su hijo se las ingeniaron para obtener las firmas adecuadas y cobrar en total una suma superior al millon y medio. La señora Whitt era la gerente de la iglesia.

Let’s go to the movies! – ¡Vamos al cine!

Regal Riviera Stadium 8 Gay Street Downtown

Now showing:

Just Go With It

I am Number Four

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son


Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D

Gnomeo & Juliet 3D

The King’s Speech

No Strings Attached

True Grit

Location: 510 South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN – (865) 522-6801


ARIVACA, ARIZONA.- Shawna Forde, de 43 años, fue hallada culpable de planear el asesinato a tiros de Raúl Flores, de 29 años y de su hija Brisenia, de 9. Además, Forde, quien vigilara la frontera con México portando armas de fuego mientras participó en el tristemente conocido grupo de vigilantes MINUTEMEN, tambien fue hallada culpable de intento de homicidio de Gina González, de 31, madre de la menor Brisenia quien la noche del 30 de mayo de 2009 dormía en el sofá de su casa cuando fue abruptamente despertada por los gritos de sus asesinos quienes reclamaban ser oficiales de la ley.
Forde y otras personas quienes tambien serán juzgadas pronto invadieron la casa de la familia Flores con la intención de obtener supuestamente dinero procedente de la venta de drogas del difunto Flores.
La vivienda de los Flores se encuentra en un lugar desertico, apartada de las luces y actividad de la ciudad. Un lugar, en el que si no hubiera sido por que Gina González sobrevivió al ataque asesino, posiblemente nunca se hubiera esclarecido un caso como este.
Gina estando herida en la pierna fue abandonada después de la masacre de Flores y su hija en la creencia de que ella estaba también muerta. Gina llamó al 911 escuche
La pena de muerte para Shawna Forde es considerada.

Gran exposición artistica en el aeropuerto McGhee Tyson

KNOXVILLE.–La Alianza para el Arte y la Cultura del Gran Knoxville y la Autoridad del Aeropuerto Metropolitano de Knoxville (McGhee Tyson Airport) anuncian una convocatoria para participar en la próxima exposición con jurado “Arte en el Aeropuerto”.
La exposición permitirá a los artistas de la región competir y mostrar sus trabajos en el aeropuerto, uno de los lugares más visitados en la región desde el 21 de abril hasta el 20 de octubre, 2011.
El arte contemporáneo seleccionado contará con obras de arte en 2-D y 3-D y se exhibirán en la espaciosa área detrás del puesto de control de la puerta de seguridad del aeropuerto McGhee Tyson.
La fecha límite para enviar las obras participantes será el viernes, 25 de marzo 2011. No hay cuota de inscripción. Cada artista podrá presentar un máximo de cinco obras que deben ser obras originales en las siguientes categorías: Pintura, Artes Gráficas, Fotografía, y 3-D.
Esta exposición está abierta a todos los artistas mayores de 18 años que residen en los 33 condados del este de Tennessee.