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UT Science Forum presents…

Image from Vintage Book Cover: ‘The Core of All Matter’  

Doctor Thomas Papenbrock, UT Professor of Physics and Astronomy will speak on:

The Atomic Nucleus: The Core of Matter, the Fuel of Stars.

 The atomic nucleus, the tiny object at the center of an atom, contains almost all the atom’s mass and is held together by the strong force. Nuclear reactions power the stars and atomic nuclei thereby connect microscopic and macroscopic objects. Contemporary research focuses on short-lived and rare nuclei to learn more about how the strong force binds protons and neutrons into complex atomic nuclei, and to understand the fate of massive stars. This talk will give an overview about some of the “big questions” in the field and the recent insights gained through research in East Tennessee.

Location:   Thompson-Boling Arena: The Café in the Arena, Private Room C-D
Time:         12 noon to 1 p.m. on Friday Nov. 4
Eat and hear Guest Speaker. Bring your own lunch or purchase it at the Café.

40-minute presentation followed by Q&A discussion period

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Reunión gratuita para impartir consejos sobre Inmigración

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Centro Hispano y los colegios de leyes de la Universidad de Tennessee y de la Universidad Lincoln Memorial realizarán una reunión gratuita para impartir consejos sobre Inmigración. La reunión se llevarà a cabo el próximo sábado 25 de Enero de 9-12pm en Centro Hispano (2455 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37919). Habrá intérpretes disponibles. Por favor obtenga una cita llamando al 865-522-0052.


Centro Hispano in partnership with UT Law School and Duncan School of Law (Lincoln Memorial University) will host a free legal immigration clinic next Saturday, January 25th from 9-12pm at Centro Hispano (2455 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37919). Interpreters will be available. Please make an appointment by calling 865-522-0052.




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Arts and Culture Alliance presenta una Exposición Internacional

Arte y Cultura Alliance presenta Libélulas del Mundo : una Exposición Internacional

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — La Alianza de las Artes y la Cultura presenta con orgullo ” Libélulas del Mundo : una Exposición Internacional “, con obras de la pintura, técnica mixta y escultura de 21 artistas procedentes de  Europa,  América Central y Estados Unidos.

La agencia de arte Dragonfly Arts Dimension de Gatlinburg , organizó la exposición para mostrar las diversas culturas y obras de arte de todo el mundo . Los artistas expositores son: José Alanzo , Dennis Berríos, Deborah Caín, Rafael Casco, Eva Castillo, Dennis Cerrato , Ocean Starr Cline, Juan Pablo Delgato , Delia Flores, Leonel Flores, Delmer Mejía, Adonay Navarro, Freddy Olger, René Oviedo, Hendry Rivera, Rubén Salagado, Héctor Salvidar, Omar Sánchez, Iván Soto, Orlando Roque, Allan Rosembelth, Fernando Venegas, y Tito Venegas.


La exposición estará en exhibición en la galería principal del Emporium Center, 100 S. Gay Street, en el centro de Knoxville desde el 3 de enero hasta el 1 de febrero de 2014, y una recepción de apertura se llevará a cabo como parte de las actividades del Primer Viernes el 3 de enero de 5:00-7:00 PM con fondue de chocolate proporcionado por Melting Pot de Knoxville. Los artistas que estarán presentes en la apertura incluyen Rafael Casco, Ocean Starr Cline, Delia Flores, Hector Salvidar, e Iván Soto. La recepción del primer viernes también cuenta con un espectáculo de danza flamenca de Pasión Flamenca de 6:00-18:45 y una sesión de Jazz organizada por Vance Thompson y Amigos a las  7:00PM, en el Teatro Black Box .

Muchos de los artistas viajarán a los EE.UU. y el este de Tennessee para participar en una variedad de actividades relacionadas con la programación de exposiciones, incluyendo dos paneles de discusión pública : uno se llevará a cabo en Centro Cultural Negro de la Universidad de Tennessee (patrocinado por la Oficina del vicerrector de Diversidad ), y otro se llevarán a cabo en el Centro  Emporium en el centro de Knoxville (patrocinado por HoLa Hora Latina y la Alianza de Artes y Cultura). Las fechas y horas para la discusión del panel se anunciarán en breve . Muchos de los artistas vienen desde Honduras para visitar el este de Tennessee como parte de un intercambio cultural.

” Las libélulas del mundo: una exposición internacional ” se exhibirá desde el 3 enero-1 de febrero 2014 de lunes a viernes de 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM y los sábados de 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM . Tenga en cuenta, que el Emporium cierra el lunes, 20 de enero debido a las celebraciones del Dia de MArtin Luther King. Para obtener más información , por favor contacte con la Alianza de las Artes y la Cultura al (865) 523-7543 o visite .

” Ángel High” Orlando Roque

” Alegoría” de Rafael Casco

“Sin título”, de Dennis Berrios

Pellissippi State Technical Community College, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

UT World Cafe Offers Taste of France and Spain Aug. 8, 13

KNOXVILLE—The Ready for the World Cafe at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will feature French fare on Thursday, Aug. 8.
The meal will be served family-style, with some items like appetizers displayed on the table.
The cafe, which is open to the public, operates from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the UT Visitors Center, 2712 Neyland Drive. Cost is $12, and the faculty-staff discount does not apply. For tickets and reservations, see Marcia Johnson in the Jessie Harris Building, Room 110; call 865-974-6645; or e-mail Cash, check and credit cards will be accepted.
The French menu is:
Appetizer: Escargot (sautéed helix snails), plaque de fromage (French cheese platter) and mussels with vermouth
Soup: Vichyssoise (chilled potato and leek soup)
Salad: Ratatouille (squash, peppers and tomatoes)
Main course: Beef bourguignon (French beef stew)
Dessert: Eclairs made with French choux dough and pastry cream, and lemon sorbet
The last summer lunch date and theme is:
  • Tuesday, Aug.13—Spanish
The luncheons will be produced through a collaboration between students in the UT Culinary Institute and the Pellissippi State Community College Culinary Institute.

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University of Tennessee student petition Chancellor Cheek to forgo his $22,356

In the aftermath of The University of Tennessee announcement of an 8% increase in tuition for 2013 students voices are heard online.

 A University of Tennessee student’s petition asking Chancellor Cheek to forgo his $22,356 pay raise amidst budget cuts is taking off on Already, 700 students have signed

The petition author is Andrew Doss, a 21-year-old senior majoring in Electrical Engineering at UT. Here’s what Andrew has to say:

“So many students are working jobs and stacking on student loans so they can attend UT.  One of my friends, for example, has worked 30+ hour weeks at Wal-Mart since his Freshman year.  He does so simply because he doesn’t want to take out any more student loans than are absolutely necessary.  It takes a toll on him and on his GPA.  Many of my other friends are in similar situations.  The petition isn’t about changing the tuition increase, and it isn’t the job Cheek has done as chancellor.  It’s about the principle that Cheek shouldn’t accept a pay raise during a tuition hike when so many students are struggling to pay as it is.”

You can find Andrew’s complete petition here:

Comments from signers:

$22,000 is more than I make in a year working full time. Between that and student loans, I can still barely pay my tuition and my other bills. This is ridiculous. If someone is going to get a raise, it should be the teachers or the staff. Or better yet stop all this construction nonsense. Then there will be plenty of extra money for everyone to get some of what they want. -Stephanie Dickey

Recently I have received an additional scholarship for this upcoming year, which I had believed at first will help reduce debt from undergraduate schools. With a tuition hike I end up losing money even with the scholarship. The hikes are being used to help boost our rating to a top 25 school, but he goes the complete wrong direction of how to do it, by replacing things that do not need to be replaced such as the UC. Instead of using the money, or debt taken out, to pay better things in the departments like faculty, lab equipment, or anything that actually related to education, he continues to put it into superficial areas. The money we pay for tuition should actually go to something related to education first, and then superficial things such as a new UC when we can afford it and when have improved the education standards. -Kevin Gayler

Not only are we expected to just take the 8% tuition hike, but UT would like to make it so that every student pays for 15 credit hours regardless of whether he or she is taking just 12. This is utterly ridiculous. And what’s with the constant renovation and construction? If the institution were considerate, they would hold off on such non-necessities before considering putting more financial burden on students. I am fortunate to have enough scholarships and grants to continue pursuing my degree at UT for at least another year, but I have friends who rely on loans and on the sweat off their backs. This is making me bitter and jaded about the state of higher public education. Something needs to be done. -Brandon Brackman

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UT prepara enfermeras para desastres globales

KNOXVILLE — La Escuela de Enfermería de la Universidad de Tennessee prepara a enfermeras para trabajar en desastres mundiales brindando atención a las víctimas, manejando los recursos, la comunicación y la dirección de otras personas en el cuidado psicológico y el bienestar físico.

La Escuela de Enfermería está aceptando solicitudes para su nuevo programa de Enfermería para Desastres Globales que capacitará a las enfermeras para responder a emergencias en cualquier parte del mundo. Las clases comienzará en enero del 2012. Este nuevo programa de enfermería está siendo financiado por un período de tres años, por una concesión de $ 775,850 de la Administración de Servicios y Recursos de la Salud del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos.

En el 2005, la Escuela de Enfermería de UT fue pionera al iniciar el programa de Enfermería de Seguridad Nacional, que atrajo a cientos de solicitantes. El Programa de Enfermería para Desastres Globales ofrece un programa más completo para preparar a las enfermeras en general para los desastres a escala mundial.

El Programa preparará líderes, gerentes y personal de enfermería de práctica avanzada para planificar y gestionar de forma eficaz la logística de un evento en progreso, trabajar en colaboración con funcionarios del gobierno y personal de respuesta inmediata y brindar atención directa a los pacientes víctimas de trauma o eventos catastróficos.

“Este programa tendrá un papel fundamental en la contribución a la salud mundial en el siglo 21,” dijo Victoria Niederhauser, rectora de la Escuela de Enfermería de UT. ” Las enfermeras asumen un rol de liderazgo clave en la preparación y respuesta ante las emergencias. Este programa amplía el liderazgo mediante una formación superior y experiencias de la vida real en la respuesta, recuperación y restauración de la salud durante los desastres naturales y/o provocados por el hombre,” dijo Susan Speraw, directora del programa.

Una parte integral para el nuevo programa será la experiencia de campo, que incluye ya sea el trabajo en el extranjero o el trabajo con una agencia que responde a las necesidades humanitarias en lugares de escasos recursos. Entre los contenidos de los cursos se cuentan la medicina tropical y enfermedades infecciosas y la forma de practicar en condiciones austeras, donde los recursos son limitados.

Con las prácticas en colaboración con las agencias locales, estatales y federales, ejercicios de simulación y trabajos con agencias de ayuda, el nuevo programa de desastres a nivel mundial ofrecerá grados de maestría y doctorado.

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UT College of Engineering, Fisk University Sign Dual-Degree Agreement

KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Engineering has entered into an agreement with Fisk University in Nashville to offer a dual-degree program in science and engineering.

 The five-year program, which begins in the fall, will allow students to spend their first three years at Fisk as math and science majors and then transfer to UT for two years to complete their engineering degrees. Students graduate with two bachelor’s degrees, one from each institution.

 The agreement was signed today by Wayne Davis, dean of UT’s College of Engineering, and Hazel O’Leary, president of Fisk.

 According to the National Science Foundation, Fisk is the No. 1 producer of African Americans who go on to earn doctoral degrees in the natural sciences.

“At Fisk, 26 percent of our students major in life and physical science, computer sciences and mathematics,” O’Leary said. “The Fisk/University of Tennessee dual-degree program will offer more options for our talented students to earn multi-disciplinary degrees and become professional leaders.”

 Davis said UT’s College of Engineering is excited about working with Fisk to offer its students increased access to UT.

“We look forward to implementing the program and encouraging more students to consider engineering as a career option,” he said. “Engineering has seven of the ten top-requested majors by employers. The graduate of this dual-degree program will have better access and more opportunities to apply and be admitted to engineering graduate programs after receiving the two degrees.

“These students will be heavily recruited by engineering graduate schools, either at UT or elsewhere across the country,” Davis said.

 Participants in the dual-degree program will spend three years at Fisk taking English, chemistry, math, computer science, physics and economics courses. They must earn a minimum 2.8 cumulative average and a C or better in specific courses.

To be eligible for the program, students must meet the general entrance requirement of UT’s College of Engineering (see and be recommended by Fisk.

Both universities will appoint liaison officers to coordinate the program. The agreement will be evaluated after five years to determine what changes need to be made to make it more useful to other institutions.

For more about UT’s College of Engineering, see

For more about Fisk University, see and