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The mission of Mundo Hispano Bilingual is to provide outstanding information to the Hispanic communities, emphasizing on Tennessee local issues, and making them available to readers in two languages -Spanish and English. We strive to help improving our communities by contributing to the integration of Hispanics into the American culture.


La misión de Mundo Hispano Bilingual Blog es proporcionar información sobresaliente a las comunidades hispanas, enfatizando los asuntos locales de Tennessee y poniéndolos a disposición de los lectores en dos idiomas: español e inglés. Nos esforzamos por ayudar a mejorar nuestras comunidades contribuyendo a la integración de los hispanos en la cultura americana.


Thank you

We appreciate your contributions to this blog in the form of  letters, and emails with articles and opinions to enrich the contents of this blog.

Responsibility and liability ALWAYS lie upon each original article writer or source. We do require registration for all posting contribution.

All written contributions are welcomed. Please keep tone and content within the boundaries of decency.  We rserve the right to publish and reject any and all written contributions.

Mundo Hispano Bilingual es un blog cultural.

Si estoy detenido por inmigracion: ¿que puedo hacer? from Sean Lewis on Vimeo.

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