Notice to Consultant Engineers Regarding a request for Qualifications


City of Morristown, an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer, seeks to retain the services of a professional consultant engineering firm to provide services related to various sidewalk improvements along West Andrew Johnson Highway and East Morris Boulevard. The project shall be accomplished in accordance with TDOT Local Programs guidelines. The professional consultant engineering consulting firm must be on TDOT’s pre-approved list or have a completed pre-qualification form filed with TDOT. The prequalified firm must have unlimited status. Responsibilities of the professional consultant firm include, but are not limited to:

Required Scope of Services

The proposed work will include the following services: producing a NEPA document and Design Plans for the installation and/or replacement of existing sidewalk, curb ramps, crosswalk striping, and pedestrian signals. Other services to be provided include bidding services and additional design services required during construction, excluding CEI services as defined by TDOT.

Estimated Schedule for Performance of Work

• Preliminary Engineering – NEPA Phase: December 2019 to December 2020
• Preliminary Engineering – Design Phase: December 2020 to December 2021
• ROW Phase: December 2021 to May 2022
• Construction Phase: May 2022 to May 2023

Firms may request consideration by submitting qualifications to City of Morristown, 100 West First North Street, Morristown TN 37814. Attn: Ashley Ahl, Purchasing Assistant. All submittals must be received by The City of Morristown on or before Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM. The qualifications shall indicate the scope of services to be completed by any sub-consultants.

Phase I Evaluation

For Phase I evaluations firms shall submit qualifications with firm contact information including name, address and e-mail of primary contact. The letters of interest shall also include:
• Statement of Qualifications
• Company Background
• Availability
• Experience

From the qualifications, The City of Morristown will select 3 qualified firms to submit Phase II qualifications. From this list the top ranked consultant will be selected.

Phase II Evaluation

The City of Morristown will evaluate the top 3 firms on the following criteria (relative weight):

a. Qualifications applicable to the requirements of the project. Values will be based on the proposer’s qualifications of the individual that will be working directly with the City of Morristown. (Value: 25 points)
b. Company Background (Value: 25 points)
c. Availably of a supervisor to monitor the program as well as staff’s ability to meet time estimates and adhere to scheduling. (Value: 25 points)
d. Firm’s relevant experience and level of responsibility for similar projects, and experience in the required disciplines with TDOT and/or other clients. (Value: 25 points)

The consultant evaluation committee holds the ability to conduct interviews based on scoring as Phase III Evaluation.

Prequalification procedures, list of pre-qualified firms and certified DBEs, TDOT’s standard procurement policy, and additional information can be found at this internet address For information on prequalification, please contact Christine Smotherman at (615)741-4460 or

Evaluation proceedings will be conducted within the established guidelines regarding equal employment opportunity and nondiscriminatory action based upon the grounds of race, color, sex, creed or national origin. Interested certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms as well as other minority-owned and women-owned firms are encouraged to respond to all advertisements by The City of Morristown. For information on DBE certification, please contact David Neese at (615)741-3681 or Details and instructions for DBE certification can be found at the following website:

Ashley Ahl
Purchasing Assistant

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