Labor Day in Nashville

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*Nashville, TN - -* “This year’s 6th LABOR DAY ANNUAL OLD SCHOOL BBQ
FESTIVAL promises to light up Nashville, TN for residents and those in
attendance from across the nation”. The mid-state’s capitol city also known
as “Music City USA” will shine and landmark the last summer holiday of the
season. It all goes down on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at Nashville’s Fair
Park. The event opens at 2:00 pm (CDT), with safe, fun entertainment and
festival fanfare continuing throughout the day, kids 10 and under are FREE.

The 6th Annual Labor Day “Old School BBQ Festival” is an inviting and
multi-faceted, exciting event which highlights the aroma of traditional BBQ
cooking in the air while bringing families and friends together in an
outdoor social setting. All for a pleasantly remembered day of reunion,
information and live national award winning entertainment.

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