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UT Science Forum presents…

Image from Vintage Book Cover: ‘The Core of All Matter’  

Doctor Thomas Papenbrock, UT Professor of Physics and Astronomy will speak on:

The Atomic Nucleus: The Core of Matter, the Fuel of Stars.

 The atomic nucleus, the tiny object at the center of an atom, contains almost all the atom’s mass and is held together by the strong force. Nuclear reactions power the stars and atomic nuclei thereby connect microscopic and macroscopic objects. Contemporary research focuses on short-lived and rare nuclei to learn more about how the strong force binds protons and neutrons into complex atomic nuclei, and to understand the fate of massive stars. This talk will give an overview about some of the “big questions” in the field and the recent insights gained through research in East Tennessee.

Location:   Thompson-Boling Arena: The Café in the Arena, Private Room C-D
Time:         12 noon to 1 p.m. on Friday Nov. 4
Eat and hear Guest Speaker. Bring your own lunch or purchase it at the Café.

40-minute presentation followed by Q&A discussion period