Nashville Police captures criminal trio with cocaine, a gun, and some cash

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– A two month-long investigation by Specialized Investigations Division Narcotics Unit detectives into cocaine distribution in the Nashville area resulted in the arrest of three persons, all convicted felons, and the seizure of three ounces of cocaine, one handgun, and $2,603 cash.

How did it happen?

Detectives stopped a suspect vehicle and took Theodis Mann, 32, Timothy Harlan, 48, and Marcellas Harlan, 41, into custody.  During a search of the car detectives seized the cocaine, gun, and cash.

What will it happen now?

All three suspects are charged with possession of cocaine for resale and a crooks with guns law violation.    Mann, of Scotwood Drive, and Timothy Harlan, of Roberts Avenue, have previous cocaine possession convictions.  Marcellas Harlan, of Quail Ridge Drive, has previous convictions for aggravated rape and robbery.  Timothy Harlan received a 6-year sentence in 2012 for cocaine possession.

Should we keep faith in criminals rehabilitation?

According to Dr. David Farabee, a research psychologist at the University of California, 600,000 criminals are released into society each year, and 70% of all criminals are re-arrested within 3 years of their release from prison. After more than 40 years of studies and application of different rehabilitation theories, of the few programs that have shown any detectable positive effect on their participants, the best result was 10% reduction in recidivism. Dr. Farabee suggests we can do better.