Super Student Saturdays! at Rose Center – Morristown

Disney Saturday

Super Student Saturdays! Each month, the doors of Rose Center will host a day full of programs and workshops in various areas of the arts for students of all ages.

November will ring in one very special set of workshops entitled Crazy About Walt, a Disney-themed adventure into the arts! Students in the 3rd grade through the 8th grade are invited to explore the arts with their favorite Disney princesses, rodents, villains, wizards, pirates, nannies, monsters, and more!

During this fast paced day, students will participate in Disney games, watch some of their favorite Disney classics, and take four workshops taught by young and energetic instructors who are all top-notch Disney nerds!

Here’s a look at the workshops your student will participate in:

Art Class: Walt loved fairy tales, but there are a handful of Grimm tales that haven’t been Disney-fied! Take a ride in Walt Disney’s shoes as YOU get to design your very own Disney characters and world!
Theatre Class: Take a dive into the hilarious world of Disney parodies! Imagine a Mary Poppins that doesn’t act all sunshine and roses? A Pinocchio that is prone to rap music? Learn humorous techniques and theatre basics in this fun and energetic class!
Vocal Class: Perform your favorites from Disney with a slight twist: pick songs sung by the opposite gender! Learn various excercises on how to voice and portray the characters you have always loved. Learn tips and tricks for vocal performance!
Dance Class: Just Let It Go! Cover a wide variety of dance styles in this high energy choreographed piece while belting out one of the most epic Disney songs! A special guest might be making an appearance!

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