Father’s day Buffet at TN parks

Tennessee State Parks’ restaurants will serve a buffet on Father’s Day, June 15.

 Spend time with family and friends to celebrate dad’s big day and enjoy Tennessee’s natural wonders at one of eight state park restaurants serving a Father’s Day Buffet. Buffet selections and prices will vary, ranging from $14.95 to $17.95. Prices do not include drink, tax or gratuity. Special prices for kids and seniors over 62 are available. Group reservations are recommended.

 The Father’s Day Buffet will be available beginning at 11 a.m. until closing at the following state park restaurants:


  • Cumberland Mountain State Park – (931) 484-7186
  • David Crockett State Park (Lawrenceburg) – (931) 762-9541
  • Fall Creek Falls State Park – (423) 881-5241
  • Henry Horton State Park – (931) 364-8205
  • Montgomery Bell State Park – (615) 797-3101
  • Natchez Trace State Park – (731) 968-8176
  • Paris Landing State Park – (731) 642-4311
  • Pickwick Landing State Park – (731) 689-3135

 Tennessee’s 54 state parks offer diverse natural, recreational and cultural experiences for individuals, families, or business and professional groups. State park features range from pristine natural areas to 18-hole championship golf courses. There is a state park within an hour’s drive of just about anywhere in the state, offering a variety of recreational, lodging and dining choices. For more information about Tennessee State Parks, visit http://tnstateparks.com/

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Summer Blast at Virginia College in Fountain City

Virginia College School of Business and Health in Knoxville will host Summer Blast for the community and former, current and prospective students on Saturday, June 21, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Attendees will enjoy activities while learning more about the educational opportunities available to Knoxville-area students at Virginia College School of Business and Health.


WHAT:         Virginia College School of Business and Health in Knoxville Summer Blast

WHEN:         Saturday, June 21, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

WHERE:       5003 N. Broadway St. – Knoxville, TN 37981


Various planned activities will provide fun for the whole family such as a photo booth, corn hole, face painting, a dunk tank and bounce house.Refreshments will be provided to guests, as well as free giveaways and the opportunity to win door prizes. Attendees will also be able to tour the campus and receive information about programs offered.



¿Se ha vacunado contra la neumonía?

¿Se ha vacunado contra la neumonía?

Los expertos médicos recomiendan que las personas de 65 años o más deben vacunarse contra la neumonía cada cinco años debido a que la enfermedad es sumamente peligrosa en las personas mayores. Las personas de edad avanzada comprenden casi un 40 por ciento de más de los 1.1 millones de estadounidenses que fueron hospitalizados por neumonía en el 2011, y casi del 70 por ciento de las muertes de personas que fueron hospitalizadas con la condición.

Pero de acuerdo a un reporte de la agencia federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ, por su sigla en inglés), muy pocas personas hispanas de edad avanzada  se están vacunando contra la neumonía.

AHRQ encontró que sólo cerca de 4 de cada 10 hispanos de edad avanzada se han vacunado alguna vez contra la neumonía, comparado con 6 de cada 10  anglosajones de edad avanzada. Una razón por la cual los hispanos de edad avanzada no están recibiendo esta protección importante puede ser debido a que no tienen conocimiento de que deben vacunarse contra la neumonía cada cinco años.

Para informar a las personas de edad avanzada sobre cómo proteger su salud, AHRQ, parte del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, le ofrece los siguientes materiales impresos gratis: Mujeres: Sigan sanas después de los 50

y Hombres: Sigan sanos después de los 50 .

Have You Been Vaccinated Against Pneumonia?

Medical experts recommend that people age 65 and older should be vaccinated against pneumonia every 5 years because the disease is especially dangerous in older people. The elderly accounted for roughly 40 percent of the more than 1.1 million Americans hospitalized for pneumonia in 2011, and nearly 70 percent of the deaths when hospitalized for the condition.

But according to a recent report by the federal government’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), too few elderly Hispanics are getting vaccinated against pneumonia.

AHRQ found that only about 4 in 10 elderly Hispanics have ever been vaccinated for pneumonia, compared with 6 of every 10 elderly Whites. One reason elderly Hispanics are not getting this important protection may be because they’re unaware they should be immunized against pneumonia every 5 years.

To inform older consumers how to protect their health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, offers the following free printed materials:

Mujeres: Sigan sanas después de los 50

(Women: Stay Healthy at 50 Plus)

Hombres: Sigan sanos después de los 50

(Men: Stay Healthy at 50 Plus).