Es tiempo de ordenar frutas de la granja

Hello Friends! 

It’s time! You can go ahead and order your peaches now!

Deadline To Order:  Monday, June 24th at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  Thursday or Friday, June 27th or 28th (it depends on your location)
Click this link to order:

In addition to the peaches, you’ll also find local vegetables and limited quantities of drygoods in our catalog; wheat, beans, a few jugs of organic maple syrup, coconut & coconut oil, and other non-perishables.

A few new items in our catalog: Green Pasture’s high vitamin butter oil liquid and caps, virgin organic sesame oil, Bulk Natural Foods yard signs and BNF business cards that you can give to friends.

Tim & Erin

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