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Numbers and numbers… more numbers


–California had the largest Hispanic population of any state on July 1, 2012 (14.5 million), as well as the largest numeric increase within the Hispanic population since July 1, 2011 (232,000). New Mexico had the highest percentage of Hispanics at 47.0 percent.

–Los Angeles County had the largest Hispanic population of any county (4.8 million) in 2012 and the largest numeric increase since 2011 (55,000). Starr County — on the Mexican border in Texas — had the highest share of Hispanics (95.6 percent).

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Tennessee Voters Support Senate Immigration Bill 3-to-1!

By Eben Cathey []

Nashville – According to the results of Harper Polling, an independent polling firm, over three-fourths of Tennessee voters support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers and families already here. Over three-fourths also think the bill currently in Congress is tough but fair, and want Senators Alexander and Corker to support it.

The poll offered several questions relating to immigration reform, including “How important is it that the U.S. fix its immigration system this year?” to which 91% of respondents answered “important” (71%) to “somewhat important” (20%). Tennesseans overwhelmingly showed support for an earned pathway to citizenship if undocumented immigrants meet certain requirements, with 77% of respondents showing “strong” (46%) to “somewhat” (31%) support for a legalization process that includes citizenship. The bill is being considered and debated today on the floor of the US Senate.

The following is a statement from Stephen Fotopulos, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition:

“The will of Tennessee voters is clear. We want Congress to do its job, make sense of our immigration laws this year, and finally bring order to the system. Undocumented immigrants are already in our state working hard and raising families, just waiting for the chance to get in line and on the books, and start the long, tough path to citizenship.”



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Knoxville Force empata con Rocket City United 2-2

El equipo varonil de fútbol Rocket City United de Huntsville Alabama no fue capaz de escapar del calor al viajar al norte para jugar contra el equipo local Knoxville Force la noche del miércoles. Los muchachos hicieron ejercicios de calentamiento a 90 grados de temperatura ambiente en el estadio Regal Soccer Stadium en el campus de la Universidad de Tennessee.

El encuentro comenzó a las 7: 30. Bolton Travis de ‘La Fuerza’ produjo el primer gol al minuto 41.en la primera mitad con poderoso golpe de balón a 18 metros del arco visitante. El resultado al final de la primera mitad: Knoxville Force 1, Rocket City United-0.

Cuando la segunda mitad comenzó a las 8:45 PM la temperatura había “enfriado” a 86 grados. Ambos equipos tuvieron cinco tiros a puerta, cuando Rocket City anotó su primer gol en un tiro de esquina al munito 60: Siete minutos más tarde Nial McCabe marcó el segundo gol de ‘La Fuerza’ tras un acertado pase de Robbie Hill.

Rocket City anotó el gol del empate al minuto 84.

Resultado Final: Knoxville Force 2, Rocket City-2.


Knoxville Force Hosts Rocket City United

By Elizabeth Worley.

The Rocket City United men’s soccer team from Huntsville AL weren’t able to escape the heat by travelling north to play the Knoxville Force Wednesday evening. “Warm-ups” were held in 90 degree weather at Regal Soccer Stadium on UT’s campus. The teams hit the field at 7: 30.

Travis Bolton of the Force drove the first goal from 20 yards out at 41.31 into the first half. Score at the end of the first half: Knoxville Force—1, Rocket City United—0.

When the second half started at 8:45, he temperature had “cooled” to 86. Both teams had five shots on goal when Rocket City scored their first goal on a corner kick at 60:11. At 67:09, Nial McCabe scored the Force’s second goal on an assist from Robbie Hill. Final Score: Knoxville Force—2, Rocket City—2.

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‘Cookout’ gratis, comida vegetariana (Vegan) en Knoxville el 30 de junio

Knoxville, TN –  – Una comida gratuita, a base de plantas tendrá lugar al aire libre el Domingo, 30 de junio 2013, de 4 a 7 PM en 1717 Little Creek Lane, Knoxville, TN. Comida gratuita y la la proyección del documental “Forks Over Knives” estarán disponibles para todos los participantes pre-registrados.

Los participantes deben traer sus propias sillas de jardín y / o mantas para sentarse. No hay que pagar entrada pero se aceptarán donaciones en el lugar del evento. La inscripción para la comida al aire libre está limitada a 50 personas y la fecha límite de inscripción es el 24 de junio de 2013.

El evento ha sido organizado para animar a los residentes de la comunidad a vivir una vida más saludable a través del ejercicio, mucho sol, el énfasis en lo espiritual y una dieta total con alimentos de origen vegetal.

Para más información y para registrarse, visite o contacto Kimberly Crider al 865-264-3894.

El evento es patrocinado por los Ministerios de Salud de InStep, el club de cena vegetariana de Knoxville, y la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día de Knoxville .



Free, Plant-Based (Vegan) Cookout in Knoxville on June 30

Knoxville, TN –  A free, plant-based cookout will take place on Sunday, June 30, 2013, from 4 pm – 7 pm at 1717 Little Creek Lane, Knoxville, TN. Free food and a screening of the documentary “Forks Over Knives” will be available to all pre-registered participants. Participants should bring their own lawn chairs and/or blankets for seating. There is no entrance fee but donations will be accepted on site. Registration for the cookout is limited to 50 people and the registration deadline is June 24, 2013. For more information and to register, visit or contact Kimberly Crider at 865-264-3894. The event is sponsored by InStep for Life Health Ministries, the Knoxville Vegan Supper Club, and the Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist Church and is being hosted to encourage community residents to live healthier lives through exercise, plenty of sunshine, spiritual emphasis and a vegetarian/plant-based whole foods diet.