Julio Iglesias recibe Premio Guiness

Julio Iglesias, una leyenda viva y uno de los diez artistas de todos los tiempos más vendidos en todo el mundo, regresa a China después de casi 20 años y recibe dos premios históricos, el primero como el artista internacional más popular el Premio de China, presentados por el reconocido Artista de China, Lang Lang, y el Guinness World Records para el mejor artista latino masculino.

Para honrar su extraordinaria carrera en la música, marcada por un éxito incomparable y global de N º 1 hits en un número récord de idiomas, Julio Iglesias recibe los dos premios, tanto de Sony Music Entertainment y Guinness World Records.

“Este es uno de los momentos más emocionantes de mi carrera.” dice Julio con voz emocionada después de recibir los premios, “La primera vez que estuve en China, fue en 1971. Me imaginaba que el país sería enorme, lleno de almas. A traves de los años, siempre he pensado que China como un país increíblemente principal. Este premio viene de un país que ha estado en mi corazón desde hace generaciones. Muchas gracias, muchas gracias a la gente en China “.

El Premio de China al Artista Internacional No. 1 & Más popular fue presentado por Lang Lang, el joven artista internacionalmente aclamado y muy influyente en el mundo. En la introducción de Julio Iglesias al escenario, el joven pianista dijo que “No sólo es uno de los artistas más exitosos del mundo, sino también a una persona de quien se puede aprender mucho”.

No hay nadie más apropiado que Lang Lang para presentar el premio a Julio Iglesias. Lang Lang ha sido elogiado internacionalmente por su récord de conciertos vendidos, premios prestigiosos y logros más. La ceremonia de premiación es testigo de la primera reunión de estos dos campeones de dos generaciones que han tenido un impacto increíble en la música no sólo en China sino en todo el mundo.


Beijing, China, April 1, 2013

Julio Iglesias, a living legend and one of the top ten best-selling artists worldwide of all time, returns to China after almost 20 years away and receives two historic awards, the First & Most Popular International Artist in China Award, presented by World Renowned Artist Coming From China Lang Lang, and the Guinness World Records for the Best-selling Male Latin Artist.

To honor his extraordinary career in music, marked by an incomparably global success of Nº1 hits in a record number of languages, Julio Iglesias receives the two awards both from Sony Music Entertainment and the Guinness World Records.

“This is one of the most exciting moments in my career.” Julio’s voice thrills after receiving the awards, “The first time I was in China, it was in 1971. I imagined the country to be huge, full of souls. To the years, I always thought China to be an incredible main country. It comes from a country that’s been in my heart for generations. Thank you so much, thank you for the people in China.”

The First & Most Popular International Artist in China Award is presented by Lang Lang, the internationally acclaimed and most influential young artist in the world. When introducing Julio Iglesias onto the stage, the young pianist honors him as “Not only being one of the most successful artists in the world, but also a person to learn a lot from”.

There is no one more fitting than Lang Lang to present the prize to Julio Iglesias. Lang Lang has been praised internationally for his record of sold-out concerts, prestigious awards and innumerable achievements. The award ceremony witnesses the first meeting of these two champions from two generations, who have had an incredible impact on music not only in China but throughout the world.

“I was very honored when they said Lang Lang was going to give me the award. I was in a table three nights ago, and I said to my people ‘You know, Lang Lang is going to give me an award.’ And the people didn’t believe me. They said: ‘Well, lucky you are!’”

Julio tells the story of his music career, the enduring efforts and numerous honors he has received during the years. Including his already worldwide multiplatinum CD, Julio Iglesias 1, Julio Iglesias has been awarded with platinum prizes from Europe, North & South America and Africa. Recalling his works in China many years ago, he expresses his own special connections to the country.

“For me, dancing in the Great Wall 20 years ago was a moment of magic in my life. I close my eyes, and I lose conscious of where I am. I just get the feelings.”

One of the secrets to Julio Iglesias’ unique global success over the generations is his ability to sing in more than 12 languages and connect with so many different cultures around the world. Even today, no one else can boast a discography of 80 albums in so many languages.

“I recorded in Chinese, it was very difficult. I did with Wei Wei and Coco Lee, and it was a great time in my life. ”

Julio sings for life and people. 1968, he released his first record and sold over 1 million albums in 3 years and over 10 million in another 2 year. Julio has been on the podiums of all top awards since then, including the Grammy Award® for Best Latin Singer and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Glared with honors, the most important thing in Julio’s music never changes.

“I don’t believe in frontiers. I don’t believe in nationals. I believe in people. If I would not believe in people, I would not be an artist, the way I can see my life today. When we play, we play for the soul and feelings, and passion of people. Doesn’t matter black or white, Chinese or French. We love people naturally. That’s the main reason why we get back here, because we love them.”

The award ceremony has been Julio Iglesias’ first return to Beijing since he came to receive one of the greatest honors ever bestowed on a foreign artist. In 1995, Julio Iglesias became the only foreign artist officially to have sold the most records in China and then became the first and only artist to ever receive an award from China’s Ministry of Culture to celebrate this achievement.

The event further promotes the multiplatinum release Julio Iglesias 1. On the album, the singer-songwriter returns to performing many of the tracks that made him one of the most outstanding artists of our time and proves once again why he is listed among the names of eternal stars like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson as one of the best-selling artists worldwide of all time.

20 years has passed since the artist visited China. Landing on April 14th in Shanghai Grand Stage, Julio will kick off his 3-show tour “Top of the Romance—Julio Iglesias China Live Tour”, followed by 18th in Shenzhen Concert Hall, 21th in Beijing Exhibition Centre Theater. It is reported that Julio lglesias will bring to his Chinese fans the well-known songs including “La paloma”, “When You Tell Me That You Love Me”, “Hey”, “All of You” and many other world hits for his Chinese audience.

On March 1st he launched his 2013 World Tour in Russia, which takes him to all continents with performances in many countries, such as Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Armenia, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Guatemala, Ukraine, Israel, Australia, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Qatar & Lebanon.

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April 6

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Beijing Exhibition Center Theater

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