Invitation to UT film screening, April 4

I want to invite you all to a film screening on campus at UT Knoxville–next week, Thursday, April 4 at 7pm. We are showing Anne Braden: Southern Patriot, a documentary film about the life of Anne Braden, a southern, white woman, anti-racist organizer during and after the civil rights movement. 

The film will be followed by a discussion with the film maker about the principles Anne Braden stood for during her lifetime of fighting for racial, economic and social justice. The film, chronicles her life alongside the history and movements she was a part of and raises important questions that we can all still consider today, about what we are up against and how we can organize in ways that fight to overcome the divide and conquer strategy that so often keeps us and our issues separate and our people without power. 

I’ve seen this film and thought it was rad. i bet you will too!
hope you can make it, 
Karly Safar

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