Former Knoxville resident spreads kindness PAYING IT FORWARD

CINCINNATI — Inmid-July of 2011, author and former Knoxville resident Keith Maginn, and his friend, Emily, set off fromCincinnati, Ohio, on a 3,000-mile road-trip through several southeasternstates. The pair stopped in Memphis, New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston,Asheville and smaller towns in between. GoodwillTour: Paying It Forward is thenarrative of the places Emily and Keith visited and the people they met ontheir journey. They were determined to spread kindness as they worked to make adifference in the lives of others along the way. They gave their own money tohandpicked strangers, who then had to pay the money forward to someoneelse. 
From BealeStreet to Bourbon Street and Graceland to the Biltmore Estate, from feeding theneedy in downtown Charleston to brainstorming ideas with a female Buddhist monkto help abused teens and high school dropouts in North Carolina, Goodwill Tour is an ode to the UnitedStates and, even more, a tribute to its people. Readers will enjoy ridingshotgun on the trip as they relive the experience of these life-alteringevents, and contemplate how people changed as a result. 
This booksatisfies two longings at once: to have a fun, interesting journey and tomotivate readers to have an impact on the people around them. With so muchnegativity in the news and so many struggling in a beaten-down economy, thepublic is crying out for a feel-good, transformative book like Goodwill Tour. This pay-it-forwardmission will touch and inspire readers to take the trip that they’ve alwaysdreamed of or to have a positive effect in the life of a loved one, anacquaintance, or even a complete stranger.
GoodwillTour: Paying It Forward
Available nowon in paperback and e-book

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