Knoxville, Tenn. (January 4, 2012) – Just in time
for the new year, Visit Knoxville unveils the
all-new 2013 City Guide & Visitor Handbook.
The 72-page, magazine-style guide covers the
attractions, events and other important
information about things to see and experience on
a trip to Knoxville.visit Knoxville

“The 2013 Guide is an important resource for
visitors when planning their trip to Knoxville,
and we are very thrilled to release the
information they will need to prepare for a trip
to our city,” said Kim Bumpas, President of Visit
Knoxville. “We are also excited to feature new
editorial content from local writers and
personalities that give visitors an insider’s
perspective to Knoxville.”

The guide incorporates listings of Knoxville’s tours,
attractions, parks, entertainment, accommodations,
restaurants, shopping, events and more. This year, the
guide also features editorial content sections including
“Local Favorites” from some of Knoxville’s most well-known
residents, a piece on the Historic Homes of Knoxville, and
an excerpt from Jack Neely’s “Market Square” to name a
few. The guide also offers detailed maps along with
photographs from Knoxville-based photographers.The free guide is available to visitors at the Knoxville
Visitor Center located at 301 S. Gay Street in downtown
Knoxville. The 2013 City Guide & Visitor Handbook can
be requested or downloaded through the Visit Knoxville
website at www.knoxville.org/visitors/guide or by calling
(800) 727 – 8045.

Visite Knoxville Tennessee