TDEC Launches Tennessee State Parks Recreation “Finder” Portal

ImageNew External-Facing GIS Application Offers Unique Mapping Components and Interactive Design

 NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation announced today the launch of its new Geographic Information System (GIS)-based site that provides up-to-date interactive maps and information about recreational opportunities at Tennessee State Parks and natural areas. Plans also are under way to incorporate GIS information about state historical and archaeological sites in the future. 


The new application offers an easily navigable portal to access a map of TDEC-managed lands.  This GIS-based internet mapping system has been integrated into TDEC’s existing infrastructure to provide a wealth of geospatial information, including core GIS tools, templates and applications. These new interactive maps and layers also are designed to help TDEC improve operations and communicate more effectively with the public, while saving both time and money.


“Created internally by TDEC employees, today’s launch is the result of a collaborative effort across many levels of the department,” said TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau.  “Over the past several years, staff has transitioned existing data into an Oracle database – moving away from traditional data storage.  Last year, we moved forward with plans to serve a public-facing GIS application within the department, giving staff the ability to manage the data and the actual site both effectively and cost-efficiently with no additional costs to the department.” 


Links to the new interactive portal can be found on Tennessee State Parks’ website at www.tnstateparks.com/findapark or via the Tennessee Natural Areas’ website at www.tn.gov/environment/na/. Features of the new GIS application include:


  • Customized Icons – Information about state parks and natural areas are just a click away, using individual icons.  Basic information about a particular area includes an address, with more in-depth details such as hiking trails, accommodations and local amenities offered.  The customized icons also provide a link to an individual park or natural area website.
  • Search Function – The search function allows the public to easily access recreational areas across the state within 20 miles of a particular address and to receive directions to those particular sites. The search function also allows the user to search by the name of a particular park, natural area or site or by a specific activity – from fishing to kayaking to camping. 


“With a successful collection of data, staff collaboration and very little infrastructure investment, we have been able to quickly move forward,” added Martineau.  “In addition to adding state historical or archaeological sites, we are beginning to look at an expansion of the application for TDEC’s Bureau of Environment, to include permitted site data for various facilities across the state and other environmental interests, which will offer the public at large access to important information quicker and easier.” 


With more than 2,900 employees working across the state, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is a diverse and dynamic department, serving the state by (1) safeguarding the health and safety of Tennessee citizens from environmental hazards; (2) protecting and improving the quality of Tennessee’s land, air and water; and (3) managing Tennessee’s 54 state parks, 82 natural areas and a variety of historical or archaeological sites.  For more information about the department, please visit www.tn.gov/environment.


Knox County Schools receive private grants

Eddie Mannis, President of Prestige Cleaners will announce on Tuesday 15 at 9 a.m. the three Knox County Schools that receive Project Classroom grants totaling $10,000.

Project Classroom is a philanthropy of Prestige Cleaners that was established in 2007. Mannis will give the first of three grants designated to the Knox County Schools district on Tuesday, January 15 at 9 a.m. at Bearden High School. Three Knox County Schools will receive Project Classroom grants totaling $10,000.

Since its inception, approximately $90,000 has been donated to schools through Project Classroom in Knox, Blount and Anderson counties. 

At your Public Library, Sevier County Public Library

Nuevo Calendario 2013 de las Bibliotecas del Condado Sevier

2013 SCPLS Calendar of Events.

“Hay tanto que ver, tanto que hacer!” al parecer ese será el nuevo lema para el Sistema de Bibliotecas Públicas del Condado Sevier (SCPLS). Nuevas actividades, nuevos programas, nuevas clases, nuevos tiempos de cuentos … la lista sigue y sigue. ¿Cómo es que una persona va a tener toda esta información, para poder asistir a algunos de estos eventos divertidos e informativos?  un calendario, por supuesto!

Los Amigos del Sistema de Bibliotecas Públicas del Condado Sevier (SCPLS) han copatrocinado el Calendario 2013 SCPLS que contiene los eventos anuales programados actualmente tales como lectura de cuentos, reuniones de club de libros, programas de cine, clases de computación, reuniones y programas de los Amigos de la Biblioteca – incluyendo la venta de libros usados, servicios comunitarios y reuniones de clubes mensuales, junta de la biblioteca y otras reuniones y eventos especiales …. como ya se dijo, la lista sigue y sigue!

¡Qué gran idea tener tiempo para planificar, asistir y participar en eventos aún teniendo  vidas ocupadas, todos los días! El Calendario de Eventos 2013 SCPLS está a la venta por un tiempo muy limitado en los mostradores de Circulación de la Biblioteca de la Familia King, 408 High Street, en Sevierville  y la Biblioteca Sucursal Kodak, 319 West Dumplin Valley Road, en Kodak.

Cada copia del calendario sencillo cuesta $ 5.00 y los ingresos de las ventas del calendario ayudará a los Amigos de la Biblioteca  para financiar eventos adicionales, libros y otros artículos para las bibliotecas!

Para obtener más información sobre el Calendario 2013 de las bibliotecas del Condado Sevier, llame al 865.453.3532.



Seymour, TN.  Gaming in the library?  Yes, that’s right!  

The Seymour Branch of the Sevier County Public Library System (SCPLS) opens the Teen Video Game Nights will every second Thursday every month. The program is free of charge.


Teen Video Game Nights are scheduled for January & February on the following days:

  • ·         Thurs., Jan. 10 from 4:30 – 6:30PM
  • ·        Thurs., Feb. 14 from 4:30 – 6:30PM
Where? The SCPLS Seymour Branch Library is located at 137 W. Macon Lane in Seymour.  For more information regarding the program schedule, phone 865.573.0728.







Published in English and Spanish

Este anuncio está publicado en Inglés y en Español

PUBLIC NOTICE: Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization – Executive Board Meeting, January 23, 2013.

The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Executive Board will meet on Wednesday, January 23, at 9 a.m. in the Small Assembly Room of the City/County Building, 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN. Topics to be considered: Consideration of Amendments to the 2011-2014 Transportation Improvement Program, Election of Officers, Ranking of Highway Projects, Draft Application for Transportation Alternatives Program funding, Long Range Mobility Plan Update; and other business.

If you would like a complete agenda, please contact MPC at 215-2500 or see the TPO web site at www.knoxtrans.org. If you need assistance or accommodation for a disability, please contact MPC at 215-2500 and we will be glad to work with you in obliging any reasonable request.


 AVISO PUBLICO: Organización de Planificación Regional del Transporte (TPO)Knoxville – Reunión de la Junta Directiva, 23 de enero de 2013.

La Junta Directiva de la Organización de Planificación Regional del Transporte (TPO)Knoxville se reunirá el martes, 23 de enero a las 9 am en el Salón de Actos Small Assembly Room del edificio City/County Building, 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN. Los temas que serán considerados: Enmiendas al Programa de Mejoramiento del Transporte 2011-2014, Elección de la Mesa Directiva, Asignación de prioridades en los proyectos de carreteras, proyecto de solicitud de financiamiento al Programa de Alternativas del Transporte, Actualización del Plan de Movilidad a largo plazo, y otros asuntos.