Employment opportunity

Please see the information below regarding recruitment and application information for the Special Agent position.  The FBI Special Agent application will be posted from August 1, 2012 – August 15, 2012 on our website www.fbijobs.gov.  The Special Agent vacancy will only be open twice a year.  Please feel free to distribute this e-mail to any interested candidates.     


 First, we would like to know…

Are you highly motivated, a natural problem solver and a leader amongst your peers?

Are you a people person, with utmost integrity, plus exceptional writing and communication skills?

Are you detail-oriented, organized, and in top physical shape?

These are the qualities we seek in our Special Agent workforce.


If you are looking for a highly demanding yet, rewarding career –

the FBI Special Agent position is the career for you!


As a reminder, to be eligible to apply, you must meet the six preliminary screening requirements:


1.       Be a US Citizen

2.       Be between 23-36 years old (based on retirement requirements)

3.       Have a bachelors degree from an accredited university

4.       Have three years full-time professional work experience

a.       Applicants with JD’s, IT degrees, or who speak  a foreign language can waive the three years work experience requirement

b.      Applicants with advanced degrees require only two years work experience

5.       Have lived in the US three out of the last five years (unless deployed by US government)

6.       Have a valid US driver’s license and at least six months driving experience


During the application process, you will need to pass a series of exams which will test your cognitive, logical reasoning, oral, writing and physical skills.  You will also have to pass a medical exam and endure a rigorous background investigation, credit checks, and a polygraph in order to obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance. 


If hired as a Special Agent, you must be prepared to:


·         Commit to serve as a Special Agent for a minimum of three years

·         Successfully complete 21 weeks of training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA

·         Relocate to any of the FBI’s 56 field offices to meet the needs of the FBI

·         Adhere to strict standards of conduct, foremost being honesty and having integrity


To be considered for the position, you must complete the on-line application at fbijobs.gov.

The Special Agent posting will be open from August 1, 2012 – August 15, 2012



The posting is accessible to all potential applicants via the www.FBIJOBS.GOV page.  The application is not searchable via www.USAJOBS.GOV


Applicant process:


1.       Go to FBIJOBS.GOV

2.       Click “Apply Now” under the ‘Special Agent’ banner

3.       Review the information

4.       Enter zip code to determine local field office

5.       Click “Apply Now” button next to the displayed Field Office

6.       Applicant is directed to Field Office specific application

7.       Click “Apply Online”

8.       Fill out application and upload any necessary documents

9.       Press Submit/Finish

10.   Save/Print PDF of completed application


The FBI is seeking Special Agent applicants with the following backgrounds and areas of expertise:


·         Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

·         Accounting/Finance

·         Attorneys (Admitted to the Bar)

·         Law

·         IT Network Administrators (Intrusions)

·         Computer Science/Cyber

·         Engineers

·         Law Enforcement (Detectives, Task Force Members)

·         Military (Special Forces, Explosives, WMD, Intelligence Experts)

·         Physical Science (Scientists, Lab Experience, Advanced Degrees)

·         Foreign Language(s) speakers (intermediate or fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, Russian and Farsi)

·         Pilots (Helicopter, Fixed-Wing)

·         International Relations

·         Architecture

·         Diversified (B.S. or B.A. degree in any discipline)


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