February-June Cooking Classes Reminder at Avanti Savoia’s La Cucina

Knoxville, Tennessee – – Knoxville’s very own gourmet food importing business is offering another set of cooking classes at their kitchen, La Cucina.  Featuring a wide range of cuisines and traditions, the classes always focus on efficient professional cooking techniques that will make any cook’s life easier – and more fun!

 During the traditional two-hour long technique-oriented class, you will receive samples of all food prepared over the course of the evening.  You’ll also receive the printed recipes and surprise tastings of other Avanti Savoia products!  Also, due to popular demand, Avanti Savoia is now offering a new series of classes on popular French Techniques.  Learn culinary skills that will give you the confidence to whip up truly outstanding meals at home.

 The classes are taught by Chef Joseph Lowery with other guest chefs and instructors announced along the way.  Chef Joseph is an author, chef, and cooking teacher and has taught cooking classes since 1972 in Canada, Mexico, and the USA.  He is currently the Chef Consultant with Avanti Savoia Imports.


Tuesday, February 28, 6pm – 8pm

Southern Fare with a Mediterranean Flair

Whether you call it fusion cooking or New American Cuisine, we guarantee that you will call it delicious.


  • MUSHROOMS, CARROTS and OLIVES a la GRECQUE:  “A la Grecque” is French for “in the Greek style”.  The concept can include any variety of vegetables, though in this recipe we use mushrooms, carrots and olives.  The ingredients are lightly simmered and then marinated in a zesty mixture of white wine, Tarragon vinegar, olive oil, Tarragon and other seasonings.
  • AMERICAN STYLE BOUILLABAISSE with TOASTED POLENTA ROUNDS spread with ROUILLE:  Our version of a famous seafood stew made with a variety of American seafood and laced with tomatoes, wine, herbs, and saffron.  We will serve ours with Polenta rounds seasoned with “Rouille”, a spicy paste traditionally served with Bouillabaisse.
  • QUEEN of the CUMBERLANDS WHITE CHOCLATE CAKE with SOUR MASH CHOCOLATE ICING:  A Tennessee adaptation of Julia Child’s famous Reine de Saba (Queen of Sheba cake).  

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 6, 6pm – 8pm

The Fondant Intensive

Knoxville’s premier cake sculptress and designer, Regina Long, is bringing her gift of sugar artistry and wit to La Cucina at Avanti Savoia.  Regina has held the position of Chief Decorator at Rosa’s Catering for the last eight years. Her awards include People Magazine’s Best Wedding Cake in the state of Tennessee and numerous awards from the Imagination Library’s Great Cake Bake. Her class will be an entirely “hands on” experience.  Learn to do it all with a fun class experience that features limited seating with personal instruction and attention from Regina.  You will learn to carve cake by practicing with Styrofoam, followed by detailed guidance in working with the most popular cake decorating technique on the market today, fondant!

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 13, 6pm – 8pm

La Technique: Knife Skills 101

Due to numerous requests from our students, La Cucina is presenting a full participation class featuring some the most fundamental skills required in the kitchen; knife work.  This is THE BASICS:  From how to properly hold your knife to methods of sharpening, honing and the numerous techniques and terms used in professional kitchens.  Mincing, chopping into Brunoise – large, medium and small dice; different size “sticks” known as Julienne, Allumette and Batonnet and many other tips that Chefs Karen and Joseph can pull from their lives in food service.  If you want to be a professional chef we highly recommend a serious culinary program at an accredited school or university, but if you are a beginner who needs to be more confident and effective in your home kitchen, this is the class for you! You will also have the opportunity to thoroughly practice one of the most useful cooking methods we know; sautéing.

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you: A good paring knife and chef’s knife and BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, March 27, 6:30 -8:30pm


The most luxurious Easter eggs in the world were those created by famed jeweler Peter Carl Faberge for the Imperial family of Russia.  Join us in the celebration of this springtime tradition Avanti Savoia style.  Chef Karen Crumley and award winning cake artist Regina Long combine forces in this seasonal offering.  Chef Karen will share her family’s tradition of Handmade Sugar Eggs.  Each student will have the opportunity to decorate their own take home colored sugar eggs with tiny fondant figures on the inside and royal icing artistry on outside.  Regina Long will share her techniques for delicious Easter egg cake pops.

Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation

  Friday, March 30th, 6:30-8:30pm


A guided tasting of the “Heart and Soul” of Avanti Savoia; our “best of the best”!

Cost: $5.00


Tuesday, April 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm


Enjoy Easter “Italian style” with this joyous springtime menu.


  • Crema di Uova e Pepperoni (Tri-color pepper and egg terrine)
  • Agnello al Latte (Lamb stewed in butter, brandy, herbs and milk)
  • “Quick” risotto with grilled artichokes
  • Crema al Limoncello (Limoncello Liqueur cream dessert)

Cost: $50 (Demonstration class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, April 10th, 6:30-8:30pm


La Cucina’s most popular sushi class revisited, taught by our resident sushi expert, Chef Karen Crumley, a 2008 graduate of the Culinary Institute of University of Tennessee. Chef Karen has worked her way up the through the ranks in area restaurants and was trained at Nama Sushi Bar in the specialized skills required to prepare California/Japanese style sushi as well as the use of Japanese knives.  In this class with limited enrollment, students will receive detailed instruction and will have the opportunity to create their own maki, temaki, spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and other personal creations.

Cost: $60 (Hands on class with limiting seating)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, April 24th, 6:00-9:00pm


Chef Karen Crumley has delighted our students for two years with her superb knife skills and straight forward introduction to the art of making sushi.  In this class she will take you to the next level with a 3 hour, completely hands –on class devoted to even more intense knife work and other various techniques, including Tamago, “fish on top” rolls and creative nigiri.

 Cost: $75 (Hands on class with very limiting seating)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)

 Tuesday, May 1st, 6:30-8:30pm


Cinco de Mayo or the 5th of May is often misunderstood in America as Mexican Independence Day.  It is not. The 5th of May commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in 1862 at the battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate Mexican culture in all its vibrant aspects and has become particularly popular in the US.  Our menu celebrates Mexico with a nod to the influence of French cuisine.


  • Maximilian’s Quiche
  • Open Face Turkey Tamales with Mole Poblano
  • Gelatina de Café con Kahlua (Coffee liqueur laced dessert jell)

Cost: $50 (Demonstration class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you:  BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, May 8th, 6:30-8:30pm


Perfect pizza at home; learn the secrets to delicious hand thrown crusts, sauces and other professional pizza making techniques.  You will not want to wait to amaze your friends at your own pizza making party!


  • America’s Favorite (Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce and Cheese)
  • Pissaladiere (Specialty Pizza-Tart from Southern France).

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)

Tuesday, May 15th, 6:30-8:30pm


Chef Arnold Bondi is one of our favorite guest instructors and currently the Corporate Regional Chef for Hopco Foodservice Marketing. He was formerly Executive Chef at the UT Faculty Club and Food and Beverage Director at Holston Hills and Gettysvue Country Clubs.  In this unique class Chef Arnold will draw on his family’s Italian heritage to prepare three different handmade pastas.


  • Potato Gnocchi with Cacciatore Sauce
  • Ciacatelli Pasta with Rose Sauce
  • Orecchiette Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Cost: $60 (Hands-On Participation with limited seating)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, May 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm


Master Cake designer Regina Long and Chef Joseph Lowery celebrate their birthdays this week and you are invited to the party!  Help Chef Joseph to prepare his delicious golden layer cake from scratch and be amazed by Regina’s consummate skill with butter cream, fondant and other decorating techniques.  Raspberry/Mango punch and Peach Ice Cream will complete the menu.  Make your cake and eat it too! 

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30-8:30pm


The Baxters of Norris, Tennessee have been growing blueberries since 1980. They are now into the 4th generation of various blueberry related occupations. Paul Baxter and wife Glenda Ross operate Greenbriar Farm & Nursery for Edibles featuring blueberry plants (40+ varieties) and other edible plants for home landscaping; workshops for customers and consulting for farms.  You might say the Baxters are true blue bloods – enthusiastic about and committed to blueberries, that is. La Cucina at Avanti Savoia is proud to announce a special class featuring a Blueberry menu, loads of Blueberry information including cultivation tips as well as blueberry plants available for purchase.  Expect other blueberry surprises to be announced.


  • East Tennessee country biscuits with blueberry gravy
  • Main course spinach salad with goat cheese, pan seared tuna and warm blueberry dressing 
  • Jolly blue giant blueberry pie

Cost: $50 (Demonstration Class with Some Hands-On Participation)

What to bring with you: BYOW (wine)


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