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Steve DeMaura


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I want to thank Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee for doing the right thing and standing up for a free and open Internet by opposing the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). On January 18, every day Americans spoke out and Capitol Hill listened. Over ten million people signed a petition against both SOPA and PIPA—making it the most signed petition ever to be sent into Congress—and Congressional offices were inundated with calls and emails from constituents opposing the bills.


The legislation’s stated goal was to eliminate online piracy and copyright infringement, but this is a classic case of the proposed, Washington D.C. solution being worse than the problem.


No one should be allowed to steal American ideas or products, but these bills would ultimately impose onerous regulations on Internet search engines, service providers and pretty much any website that hosts user generated content. This means social media sites would face such liability for their users’ actions that it would be almost impossible for a company like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to get off the ground.

Please thank Sens. Hatch and Lee for joining the millions of Americans who believe the Internet is too important—to our economy, free speech and America’s history of innovation—to cripple it with unnecessary and harmful regulations.


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  1. Letter to the Editor; 2012 Primary

    Contrary to what the Republican establishment would have you believe, Newt Gingrich is the only candidate who can defeat Barrack Obama. In 08, believing they knew better than us common folk, they chose and pushed their golden-child on us, and he got annihilated by Obama. If they get their way again, Obama will win again and America will be subjected to four more years of an administration shoving legislation down our throats furthering us down the path of socialism, bankruptcy, and national INsecurity! The way Conservatives win elections is by running on and standing firm on their Conservative principles. Newt Gingrich’s Conservatism has been proven time and again by his record,receiving an American Conservative Union lifetime rating of 90%, 100% in 1998. He was part of the Reagan team, Nancy Reagan having said at the 1995 Goldwater Institute Dinner honoring President Ronald Reagan, “Barry Goldwater handed the torch to Ronnie, and in turn Ronnie turned that torch over to Newt and the Republican members of Congress to keep that dream alive.”. He has endorsements from proven Conservatives ranging from Michael Reagan to Fred Thompson to J.C. Watts. At the same time, as Speaker of the House under Bill Clinton, he has proven he can work in a bipartisan manner to achieve much needed results while standing firm on his principles. In some cases he had to take on members of his own party to do what he knew was right for the American people. He is a great thinker with bold ideas, and has proven he can convert these ideas into real working solutions, contrary to the inaccurate charges stating otherwise from his past disgruntled colleagues whom he had to take on in some issues. As far as Newt’s “baggage”, it has been out in the open for many years, thoroughly scrutinized and discussed with most of the allegations proven to be false. There are no October surprises to be found here. Also of importance, Newt has had a very strong showing in most of the debates, winning the majority of them. As a matter of fact, in 2 of the debates he received a standing ovation, which is a rare occurrence. Newt will take Obama to the proverbial woodshed in any debate, on any issue, at any time.

    This is but a sampling of the proven reasons why Newt Gingrich is the only candidate who can defeat Barrack Obama and begin turning our great country around to recovery, prosperity, and security. But don’t take my word for it. Go to http://www.Newt.org, see for yourself, do more research, then make your decision.

    Charles Purvis
    31 Pats Point Rd.
    Jackson, Ga. 30233

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