SWAT arrested suspected rapist and robber

(foto: Olbin Euceda)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —Olbin Euceda is jailed this morning in lieu of $700,000 bond on eight counts of aggravated robbery, one count of child rape, one count of aggravated rape and one count of being a fugitive from justice (wanted for robbery in Alabama).  A federal immigration hold has also been placed against Euceda, as he is suspected of being illegally in the United States.

          South Precinct and SWAT officers arrested Euceda at 6 p.m. Tuesday in a parking lot on Nolensville Pike.  He was about to flee the state.

          Euceda, 26, was booked after midnight after being interviewed at the South Precinct.  During the interview, Euceda admitted to:

·        Robbing and sexually assaulting two women at their apartment in the Hickory Trace complex last Thursday;

·        Robbing four individuals at their apartment in the MapleCrest complex last Saturday;

·        Robbing a couple and sexually assaulting their eleven-year-old daughter at their apartment in the Overlook complex last Sunday;

·        Robbing three persons in their apartment at the Mission Stone Ridge complex on October 27th.

          Euceda is expected to face additional charges as the cases advance through the justice system.