Rogero Campaign nearly doubles high month in August

KNOXVILLE, – – The Madeline Rogero campaign for Mayor of Knoxville raised over $77,000 in August, almost doubling its previous best fundraising month. The campaign received over 450 individual donations during the month, including over 200 during a late surge in the last 10 days.

“I am very gratified by this wave of financial support, driven by hundreds of people who are backing our campaign,” Rogero said. “I know that people work hard for their money, especially these days, and I thank our supporters from the bottom of my heart.”

Rogero’s previous best fundraising month was March, when the campaign raised about $39,000.

Rogero’s campaign manager Chip Barry said “Our campaign is citizen-powered, but we recognize that financial resources are required to make sure voters hear Madeline’s positive vision for Knoxville. We are grateful for everyone’s help.”


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