Silverado’s bar and dance club declared public nuisance

Hermitage Precinct officers and the District Attorney’s Office this afternoon shutdown and padlocked Silverado’s Dance Hall and Saloon (also known as Rado’s) due to it being a persistent site of fighting, quarreling, assaults (including shootings) and breaches of the peace. An inordinate amount of police resources have been tied up dealing with criminal matters and other issues arising from the 1204 Murfreesboro Pike location.

Silverado’s has been declared a public nuisance in a temporary injunction and padlocking order issued today by Criminal Court Judge Mark Fishburn. Judge Fishburn’s order provides that the business be closed and padlocked pending a hearing. The order prohibits the operators of the bar, Paul Louis Eichel, and the property owners of record, Edward G. Cook and Nancy B. Cook, from entering the premises until a hearing is held.

Although the current business license lists Chris Hall, Dana Dale and Joe Savage as owners of the business, those individuals are not believed to have any present involvement with it. They are however, named as respondents in the nuisance petition, along with Eichel and the Cooks, filed today by District Attorney General Torry Johnson

An investigation by Hermitage Precinct officers over the past 18 months found that repeated and recurring criminal and disorderly activities have been taking place at the bar, to the point that other businesses and the quality of life on Murfreesboro Pike are being impacted.

“For far too long, Hermitage Precinct officers have had to implement strategies in an effort to control and interdict illegal activities coming from this property,” Chief Steve Anderson said. “I emphasize that seeking a padlocking order against a business is a last resort and not something we take lightly.”