Summer fun for children in Knoxville

 The City of Knoxville’s Parks and Recreation Department is holding its annual “Splash Jam” for children who have participated in the City’s Summer Playground Program this year.

Kids will represent their recreation center and will be split into age groups to compete in rounds of friendly competition. These include the dive and retrieve, cannonball, brick swim, underwater frogman, diving, traditional swim, and a four-person swim relay. The recreation center with children who win the most events will be declared the overall winner. Approximately 150 children will participate in the event.

Children who participated in the Summer Playground Program took field trips to the city’s Ed Cothren and Inskip Pools to learn water safety and swimming techniques. This “Splash Jam” celebrates what they learned this summer.

For information on public swim lessons offered by the City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation Department please call 865-687-9919.