Mayor candidate Madeline Rogero releases quarterly financial disclosure

KNOXVILLE, TN — Knoxville mayoral candidate Madeline Rogero will file financial disclosure reports today for the State of Tennessee and the City of Knoxville.

The state-required second quarter financial disclosure report, covering funds received from April 1 through June 30, shows a total of $63,911 in donations from 448 individual supporters, with expenses of $37,649 and cash on hand of $86,812.   Overall, 833 individuals have contributed $160,411 to the campaign.

“I am thrilled with our momentum and for the broad-based grassroots support from across Knoxville and all walks of life,” Rogero said.  “We have now raised twice as much money as we did at this same time in 2003, and as much as we did in that entire campaign where we were outspent four to one.”

“I’m used to delivering great value on a tight budget,” Rogero said.  “That’s how we will run a winning campaign, and how I will govern our city.” 

Rogero’s cash on hand reflects $77,912 available for the primary election, and $8,900 that must be held for the general election. (*See explanation below.)

Sixty-six percent of individual contributions are $100 or less, and 84% of individual contributions are $250 or less. The average contribution per person is $193. 

*Prior to May 31, individual contributions were limited by state law to a maximum of $1,000 to a candidate for the primary election (Sept 27) and $1,000 that could only be spent on the general election (November 8). For donations received after May 31, state law allows a maximum of $1,400 from individuals per election. Any funds received in excess of $1400 for the primary, must be held until after the primary and only spent if the candidate goes on to the general election.


Early voting starts September 7.

Election Day: Tuesday, September 27