DNA confirms rapist

DNA evidence has led to the indictment of convicted felon Charles Rynard Donaldson for sexually attacking three women in May 2010.


Donaldson, 49, of 10th Avenue South, is jailed on one count of attempted aggravated rape, two counts of rape, one count of aggravated assault and two counts of burglary.

          The victims reported similar scenarios.  Two were walking on different days along Murfreesboro Pike when they were picked up by a black man in a work-type truck.  The victims were taken to an abandoned house on Argyle Street where they were sexually assaulted.  The other victim was attacked as she walked near the abandoned home and was taken onto the property.  Although the victims have prostitution histories, they reported that they did not make prostitution deals with the suspect.

          The vehicle used was recovered on May 6th of last year at Alloway Street and 8th Avenue South.  There was blood throughout the vehicle.  When swabs of the blood were analyzed by the TBI Crime Laboratory and a DNA profile obtained, it was determined that the samples matched Donaldson’s profile.  Donaldson’s DNA had been entered into the database due to his criminal history, which includes a 2003 conviction for aggravated assault, for which he received a six-year sentence.

          During an interview, Donaldson told detectives that he didn’t know what they were talking about and claimed that they had the wrong DNA.  However, when a search warrant was executed for photos of Donaldson’s body, he was found to have a large stab wound scar on his back, precisely where one of the victims said she had stabbed him when she managed to get a knife away from her attacker.

          Donaldson is being held in lieu of $500,000 bond.