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Police ask for help identifying suspect

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — West Precinct detectives are working to identify the woman believed to have stolen a purse from an unlocked car parked outside Franklin Road Academy at 4700 Franklin Pike on December 17.
The victim left her purse in the vehicle when she went inside the school to pick up her children at 11:35 a.m. She did not immediately notice her purse was missing. The suspect was captured on video surveillance 45 minutes later using the victim’s personal information to obtain money from SunTrust Bank’s 2503 Lebanon Pike branch.
The suspect is a middle-aged white woman with long blonde hair and bangs. She is approximately 5’5” tall and weighs approximately 170 pounds. She wore an orange collared shirt and eyeglasses.
Detectives are also investigating whether the suspect has committed similar crimes in the Middle Tennessee area.
Anyone who recognizes the suspect is urged to contact West Precinct detectives at 862-7285 or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME. Citizens can also send an electronic tip to Crime Stoppers by texting the word “CASH” along with their message to 274637 (CRIMES) or online at Persons who contact Crime Stoppers by phone or text message can remain anonymous and qualify for a cash reward.

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Knoxville reciclaría mucho más en el 2010

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. –El alcalde Bill Haslam anima a los residentes de la ciudad a reciclar sus guías telefónicas viejas. Los niños de las escuelas en la ciudad participan en una competencia por la escuela que recolecta más guias telefónicas desde ahora y hasta el 31 de enero de 2010.
Las escuelas ganadoras recibirán incentivos en dinero en efectivo. El sistema de escuelas del condado Knox recolectó en el 2009 92 toneladas de material reciclable que según los experto en reciclaje salvó de ser cortados a 1,564 árboles, ahorró 276 barriles de petróleo crudo o 5,298 galones de gasolina.
El impacto en el ambiente es en definitiva, profundo y esto llama a la atención de los residentes de la ciudad a participar nuevamente este año.
Otros lugares donde se pueden traer las guías telefónicas incluyen:

Kroger Stores:
4440 Western Avenue en Clinton
4918 Kingston Pike (Knox Plaza)
2217 Broadway (Broadway Shopping Center)

Food City:
5941 Kingston Pike
939 Alcoa Highway

City of Knoxville Downtown Recycling Center
400 State Street

Goodwill Collection Centers:
225 W. Moody Avenue. Collection Center en la esquina de Magnolia y Alice
341 Parkvillage Road – frente a P&S School Supply
820 Metler Drive
5003 Broadway (Fountain City)

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Knoxville reciclaría mucho más en el 2010

Bajo la administración del alcalde de Knoxville, Bill Haslam la compañía DSM Servicios Ambientales ha terminado un estudio de un año y lo ha presentado a los oficiales de la ciudad para su revisión.
El Estudio se enfoca en la implementación de un sistema de recolección de basura reciclables a lo largo de una ruta en las aceras dentro de la ciudad. Al aplicar este modelo de recolección de basura reclicable se facilitará a los residentes de la ciudad que voluntariamente participan.
Según el modelo presentado se colocarían recolectores de 95 galones en puntos claves de la ciudad y se recogerían cada dos meses. Los participantes no necesitarán separar la basura reciclable.
Al momento se estudian los aspectos financieros teniendo en cuenta fondos federales y los $150,000 a $200,000 que resultan de la venta annual de material reciclable. Se estima que de los 59,000 hogares que participan en el programa regular de recolección de basura semanal, unos 20,000 hogares serían los vuntarios a ser parte del posible nuevo programa de reciclaje de la ciudad.
Una copia del proyecto se encuentra visitando

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America can become energy independent

Purchase, NY – Amid mounting agreement that future clean, “carbon-neutral”, energy will rely on efficient conversion of the sun’s light energy into fuels and electric power, group of researchers is focusing on one of the most ancient groups of organism, the cyanobacteria. Dramatic progress has been made over the last decade understanding the fundamental reaction of photosynthesis that evolved in cyanobacteria 3.7 billion years ago, which for the first time used water molecules as a source of electrons to transport energy derived from sunlight, while converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.
The light harvesting systems gave the bacteria their blue (“cyano”) color, and paved the way for plants to evolve by “kidnapping” bacteria to provide their photosynthetic engines, and for animals by liberating oxygen for them to breathe, by splitting water molecules.
For humans now there is the tantalizing possibility of tweaking the photosynthetic reactions of cyanobacteria to produce fuels we want such as hydrogen, alcohols or even hydrocarbons, rather than carbohydrates.
Progress at the research level has been rapid, boosting prospects of harnessing photosynthesis not just for energy but also for manufacturing valuable compounds for the chemical and biotechnology industries.
Such research is running on three tracks, one aimed at genetically engineering real plants and cyanobacteria to yield the products we want, the other to mimic their processes in artificial photosynthetic systems built with human-made components and the third to develop a Super Enzyme, which will increase the energy efficiency of current ethanol production processes.

More details at:

Linus Torvalds is best known for having initiated the development of the LINUX operating system. His project is a great success.

Let’s do the same with the efficient conversion of the sun’s light energy into fuels and electric power! There is a possibility of tweaking the photosynthetic reactions to produce fuels we want such as hydrogen, alcohols or even hydrocarbons, rather than carbohydrates, as the photosynthetic reactions produce.

Scientists and Engineers! Let’s join our creative powers. Let’s accomplish this jointly by collaborating, all together, at the portal.

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11,000 Documents SharesTennessee History

Evidence of Tennessee’s rich history — pictures of schoolchildren from the Depression, police notes on the 1968 assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., sheet music poking fun at the teaching of evolution from the time of the 1925 Scopes monkey trial, and documents from Civil War battles — have been gathered together for the first time in a digital museum called Volunteer Voices (
Public school teachers and students to advanced scholars and researchers now have access to nearly 11,000 documents and images that were assembled with the help of a three-year, $928,000 grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and matching support from 10 partner libraries, historical societies, and museums in the state.