Sammy & Robert Discover the Ocean

Children books writer Darcie Mae bring up her third book, an 8 ½ x 11in., 39 pages, full color production ISBN# 978-1-61546-827-0.
Author’s website:

In this third book in the Sammy and Robert series of fun, rhyming, and educational children’s stories, there are three full length stories.
Every page in the book is full of words and pictures. The first story – Sammy and Robert Visit A Beach is about a fun day at the beach and some things Sammy and Robert learn while there. The second story – Sammy and Robert Visit The Ocean is about a fun day in a boat out on the ocean and the things they learn while doing this. The third story – Sammy and Robert See Crustaceans and Mollusks is about a day they spend having fun snorkeling and finding crustaceans and mollusks.