In our second edition of September 2007, page 3, we published an article titled HISPANO ATACADO POR SU JEFE LO DEMANDA EN CORTE FEDERAL
In said article, published side by side in both English and Spanish, we inadvertently translated a word from Spanish to English which suggested that a default judgment had been entered against Seaton Enterprises, LLC. In actuality, and as correctly stated in the Spanish version of the article, a default judgment had only been requested by the Attorneys for the Plaintiff.  The court document from which we based our article was titled REQUEST TO THE CLERK THAT DEFAULT BE ENTERED AGAINST ALL DEFENDANTS UNDER FEDERAL RULE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE 55a.
While the Spanish version of the article correctly indicated that a default judgment had only been requested, an unintentional mistranslation gave the impression that the default judgment had actually been entered.
This translation oversight was first brought to our attention on September 9, 2008. One year later!
Today, we make this public retraction to clarify our position and to correct the mistranslation which appeared in the original article. We also apologize to our English language readers, Seaton Enterprises, LLC, and Mr. David Russell Seaton for the inadvertent mistranslation.
Carlos Nicho, editor of Mundo Hispano Bilingual Newspaper.