Knox County Parks and Recreation Hosts Meeting

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—The Knox County Parks and Recreation Department will host a meeting on Thursday June 19th, from 5-7 pm at Forks of the River Park, 5414 National Drive, to collect public input on a proposed exchange of park property in the Forks of the River area.

A developer has proposed an exchange of 28 acres at 5428 Strawberry Plains Pike for 18 acres that Knox County now owns at 5414 National Drive. The county park, used for youth soccer, is situated in the Forks of the River Industrial park. The developer has purchased an option on the Strawberry Plains site and realized during discussions with MPC that rezoning would be difficult. MPC staff suggested the exchange as a way to provide a better location for both of the intended uses.

“Although there are many details to work out, I believe this can be a win-win. So far, the feedback from the AYSO soccer organization and the community is receptive. This allows us to concentrate industrial use in the industrial park and provide a much better location for the park,” stated Parks and Recreation Director Doug Bataille.

Citizens may stop by the meeting anytime between 5 pm and 7 pm to review the properties and discuss the project with county officials. For more information call 215-6600.