“Teen Art Classes” to be offered at Blount County Public Library

MARYVILLE, TN  (June 9, 2008)  Teens looking for an outlet for artistic expression this summer can also learn more about the joy of drawing and painting during art classes for teens.

Taught by artist, Lyda Plemons, the three sessions will be held at the Blount County Public Library on three Saturdays, June 14, 21 and 28, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

The sessions will include

Session 1:  The Art of Basic Drawing where students will draw still lifes to record a variety of sizes, shapes and textures.  They will experiment with different strokes (dark, bold strokes, light, feathered strokes, and long, sweeping strokes) to train the students’ hands to become quicker and more skilled.

Session 2:  The Joy of Learning to Draw will be a class helping students to “see as an artist.”  Selecting a favorite subject, students will use brush and ink to make value scales and will create quick sketches and action drawings.  For the art appreciation portion of this class, students will have the opportunity to view works of Franklin Booth and various illustrators and will learn the interesting story of Fred Harmon who began his art career as a young boy on a ranch in Texas.  In school, he drew only horses and later became the illustrator of his own comic book series.

Session 3:  Watercolor and Nature will cover the use of watercolor as a medium, art appreciation of works in watercolor by famous artists, and students will experience the beauty of using watercolor by creating their own works in a hands on activity.

At each of the three sessions, students will complete art work of their own in the hands on segment of the class.

Pre-registration for the classes is required along with payment of a $10 fee for materials and supplies. To register, go to the Reference Desk at the Blount County Public Library.  The number of students accepted in the class is limited, so the first to sign up will be accepted into the classes.

Lyda Plemons, the art instructor for the teen art classes, is an award-winning artist and has paintings throughout the U.S. and even a mural on a hospital wall in Russia.  She served as chair of a Blount County Arts and Crafts Guild committee who designed a flag which now hangs in Nashville.

Plemons has trained with artists at the Museum of Art in Oak Ridge, with Dr. Carl Gombert at Maryville College, with the late Martha Wright, and with nationally-known artists at the Art Guild of Tellico Village.  She has served as a docent at the Knoxville Museum of Art, teaches classes for Fine Arts Blount, and organized an art camp for three years for East Maryville Baptist Church.

Open to the public, the classes will be at the Blount County Public Library, located at 508 N. Cusick Street, Maryville.

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