Morristown Utilities reporting illegals

According to phone calls to this news room, there have been a series of police arrests at the Morristown Utilities Services located in 440 W. Main St., Morristown, TN Allegedly, Customer service personnel is calling police once they have a person they think is illegally in the country.

More as we and other local media investigate this allegations.

Carlos Nicho, editor

The Morristown Police Department responded:

With regards to your inquiry, Morristown City Police Chief Roger Overholt

“In each of these instances the clerk has called the police after suspecting
that false documents have been presented, which is an illegal activity. Any
time officers are made aware of criminal activity they have a legal
obligation to respond and investigate. If it is determined that a crime has
occurred, the officers have a duty to arrest.”

Bonnie Langdon, CPS
Public Information Team Member
Morristown Police Department


One thought on “Morristown Utilities reporting illegals

  1. Morristown Police Department answered to our request for more information on the alleged cases of illegal immigrants being reported by the Morristown Utilities Services. The reports they received were of individuals who were presenting false documentation in order to get utility services. Presenting false documentation is a crime.
    We have been largely reporting in efforts to educate the communities, that it is better for those with no documentation to avoid purchasing from companies and individuals who offer ID cards and International Driver’s Licenses. Those companies and individuals advertise in the local Spanish-only newspapers claiming that the documents they sell will solve the problems of those who have not resolved their legal status in the country.
    Carlos R. Nicho

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