Cameras to fight illegal dumping

City of Chattanooga officials will begin installing and monitoring digital cameras to capture photographs and prosecute individuals who are illegally dumping at notorious dumpsites throughout the city.

The first camera will be installed in the 2400 block of 13th Avenue where chronic illegal dumping has caused the area to become blighted with litter, trash, waste tires, and household garbage.


Mayor Littlefield Recognizes Young Innovators

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield announced the winners of the 3rd Annual Great Ideas Competition at the Spirit of Innovation Awards Luncheon held last week.  The Great Ideas Competition is a scholarship based program that awards high school juniors and seniors for their innovative ideas.  A total of $7,500 in scholarships was awarded to the students. 

“The competition was fierce this year.  It was fascinating to see the scope of great ideas submitted.    With over one hundred entries, these young minds demonstrated innovative thinking in transportation, health and medicine, tourism, and retail,” said Mayor Littlefield.  “The Great Ideas Competition encourages a real world connection to the community.”

Kelsey Bailey, a senior at Soddy Daisy High School, won first place and was awarded $3,500.  Brian Ball, Chattanooga School of Arts and Sciences senior, won $2,500 for second place.  Emily Blevins, Girls Preparatory School junior, won third place and was awarded $1,500.

For additional information, visit or contact:

Cherita Adams


High school Student Organizes Art Exhibit at City Hall

Chattanooga, Tennessee – An exhibit featuring artwork and poetry from the homeless population of Chattanooga will be on display at City Hall until May 30.  The collection is a result of an art and creative writing workshop organized by Girls Preparatory School (GPS) senior Hannah Shadrick.  The workshop was held in March at the Community Kitchen.

According to Anne Exum, Director of Communications at GPS, Hannah wanted to, “make the homeless more human and multi-dimensional in the eyes of others.”  After attending a program at Furman University last year, Ms. Shadrick returned and organized the workshop in an effort to, “give dignity and pride to the homeless of Chattanooga.”

“We are honored to have this exhibit in city hall and congratulate Hannah on her exemplary work,” said Mayor Ron Littlefield.  “This is an opportunity for us to appreciate and better understand Chattanooga’s homeless population.”

The exhibit will be displayed on the first floor of City Hall, April 16 – May 30, 2008.  The exhibit is free and open to the public, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

For additional information please contact:

Anne Exum

Girls Preparatory School

Director of Communications


Recycling reminder using emails

Chattanooga, Tennessee – The City of Chattanooga announces a new service for those who receive curbside recycling and brush pickup: an e-mail reminder system.  Citizens of Chattanooga may now register for the e-mail reminder by visiting and clicking the Pickup Reminder link or by calling 3-1-1.  To subscribe via the Web site, one can simply enter his or her e-mail address and area number.  For those who do not know their area number, step-by-step instructions for determining this information are available on this page—simply select your street from an alphabetized list, select the block in which your street number belongs and your area number will display on the screen.  Those who do not know their area number may also call 3-1-1 for assistance.

Curbside pickup for brush begins with Area 1 each month on the first Monday of the month and recycling pickup falls on the Wednesday of that week.  Curbside collection for areas 2, 3 and 4 will follow Area 1 pickup accordingly.  This e-mail reminder system will help those easily remember when their pickup date is with a quick reminder on the Friday before that week.

Brush Collection Guidelines

Place brush in small piles on the curb during the seven days prior to collection week.  Please do not place brush near utility poles or mailboxes.  Do not mix brush with other materials.  Place bagged leaves in separate piles at street-side.

 Curbside Recycling Guidelines

Recyclables must be placed curbside by 7 a.m. on collection day in blue or clear bags, or in a covered bin clearly marked “Recycle.”

The following recyclable items may be placed on the curb for collection: cardboard, newspaper, all paper grades (except shredded), plastic #1 and #2 bottles with a neck (look for the triangular recycle symbol on the bottle to determine the plastic number), aluminum cans and steel cans that have been rinsed out.

Items do not need to be separated, cans do not need to be crushed, pull-tabs do not need to be removed from cans and lids do not need to be removed from plastic bottles or jugs. 

For additional information or questions about recycling, please visit  You may also call 3-1-1 or (423) 425-6311.

Statistics for recycling in Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee – The City of Chattanooga released a report today indicating that the city’s recycling program has seen an increase in both convenience center usage and curbside collection participation.  Recycle materials brought to the convenience centers increased over 62% during calendar year 2007.  Clean recycle curbside collection tonnage increased from 2,300 tons in 2006 to 3,081 tons in 2007.


“It’s great to see concrete evidence that there is a significant increase in the number of Chattanooga citizens who are recycling and recycling the right way,” said Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield.  “This shows the Recycle Right education campaign continues to work: there has been a definite increase in participation at convenience centers and a decrease in the percentage of residue from the materials collected through curbside recycling pickup.  We watched the numbers steadily increase each month in 2007 and we expect this trend to continue in 2008.”


Recycling Convenience Centers

In 2007 convenience centers received more than 71,250 visits and collected 1,365 tons of clean recyclable materials. This equates to an average of 38.32 pounds of recyclables per visit.


Convenience centers offer a method for disposing of recyclable glass which is not collected at curbside due to increased potential for contaminated fiber material which lowers the overall value of the fiber.  Additionally, broken glass in collection vehicles acts like ‘sand’ in causing severe wear and tear on the moving parts of collection vehicles.


Convenience centers also offer a method of recycling used motor oil, small electronics and both wet and dry cell batteries.  In the near future the centers will offer a means of disposing of tube type and compact type fluorescent bulbs.  Disposing of fluorescent bulbs in this manner will insure that the mercury contained in these bulbs does not enter our landfill. 


Recycling convenience centers are located at Warner Park, Patton Recreation Center, Access Road at DuPont Parkway and Batters Place Road with another site scheduled for the old Michael’s restaurant site at Brainerd Road.  These centers provide bins and containers to sort recyclable materials on site thus allowing cleaner recyclable products to be collected: fewer residues and a better recyclable material.  They are open seven days a week.


Curbside Collection

Monthly curbside recycling collection coupled with convenience center usage has resulted in a 34% increase in the amount of clean recyclable materials collected.  Clean recycle collection tonnage increased from 2,300 tons in 2006 to 3,081 tons in 2007.  This represents a 36% reduction in cost per ton of clean recyclable material and an annual cost reduction of nearly $90,000 in landfill and tipping fees.


The change from weekly to monthly curbside recycle collection in conjunction with the recycle convenience centers has reduced the amount of non-recyclable residue produced by curbside collection by 70%.  Monthly versus weekly collection has meant fewer heavy trucks on the roads, saving tens of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel each year from impacting the environment as well as cost savings from operating and maintaining additional equipment.  This measure has resulted in a 75% annual cost savings in fuel.  Additional heavy trucks on residential roads leave a larger carbon footprint and require additional road rehabilitation. 


For additional information or questions about recycling, please visit  You may also call 3-1-1 or (423) 425-6311.


City Councilman John P. “Duke” Franklin

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Chattanooga City Councilman John P. “Duke” Franklin submitted an official letter of resignation to Council Chair Linda Bennett today.  The letter indicates that Councilman Franklin’s resignation will become effective on June 3, 2008.  Councilman Franklin’s letter states that, “present economic times and the needs of our community deserve full-time attention of all elected and appointed officials.  I recognize this and am not able to give such attention at this time.”  Councilman Franklin also said, “I have enjoyed my years of service to the community and only hope the best for all of the citizens of Chattanooga.”

 A special called Legal and Legislative committee meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 27, 2:00 p.m., to address this matter.  Any additional details or information relating to the resignation of Councilman Franklin will be released as it becomes available through Council Chair Linda Bennett and the Chattanooga City Council.

 For additional information, please call 227-7773

Transexual embarazado

Las "nuevas familias" dan mucho de sí, y una ya no sabe si reír o
llorar. El caso es que una mujer de Oregon que abjuró de su feminidad
extirpándose los pechos e inyectándose testosterona se "casó" con otra
mujer, estéril, por carecer de matriz. En su deseo de tener
descendencia, la primera -que conservaba los ovarios- se inseminó y
¡hela aquí que ya está de 5 meses!. No sé yo que nos ha hecho Dios
para que maldigamos la complementariedad de sexos, el modo natural de
traer hijos al mundo y la institución matrimonial como resguardo y
protección de cónyuges e hijos, pero este desmadre empieza a ser
preocupante. En todo caso, si Cristo pisara de nuevo este mundo se asombraría
de nuestra capacidad extravagante para recombinar sexos y de hacer el
"más difícil todavía".

Eva Nordbeck
Barcelona, Espana