Townsend, TN – The traveling exhibition “Hoofbeats in the Heartland: Civil War Cavalry” from the Tennessee State Museum, opened today at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center. It explores the impact of mounted warfare in the state during the Civil War.

This week’s live presentations will be in the Center’s auditorium at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM on Saturday, May 24 and include the following:

Gerald Augustus, a retired educator originally from Kentucky, will present a talk on “Cavalry Weapons” at 10:30 AM. Augustus has been collecting Civil War weapons for over 40 years and has been a consultant to the McClung Museum as well as museums in Lenoir City and Farragut. As part of his presentation, Augustus will display 10 carbines including a Sharps and a Spencers, original Civil War swords, and revolvers. Augustus and his wife live in Lenoir City, and have two children and four grandchildren.


Shirley Carr-Clowney, executive director of the nonprofit African Americans of Appalachia and Blount County (established 2003), will present a program at 1:30 PM on “William B. Scott,” his contributions to Blount County and to the state of Tennessee. Scott published the first black newspaper in Tennessee, later started The Maryville Republican newspaper and still later changed the name of his newspaper to The Maryville Democrat when he changed political affiliations. In 1869 Wilson was elected mayor of Maryville and is also remembered as the founder of the Freedman’s Institute, a school dedicated to the education of African-Americans that was located on the site of the present-day Maryville High School.

Shirley Carr-Clowney is a popular speaker on the contributions of African Americans to Blount County and to the state of Tennessee. She is a past president of the Blount County Geneological and Historical Society, co-edited the book “The History of Blount County and Its People 1795- 1995,” and was one of the first black women to attend Maryville College. She lives in Blount County, is married and has three children.

The “Hoofbeats in the Heartland” exhibition is sponsored by Citizens Bank of Blount County and will be on display at the Heritage Center through July 16. Access to the exhibit and to the auditorium presentations are included in the regular admission prices.