Home Invasions

Should Home Invasion cases involving the death or rape of a victim be treated as capital murder cases?

Would it be unfair for the criminal?

The Law should protect the rights of the people and justice must be served for all. In Chattanooga,  Carlos, a young worker from Guatemala was at home at 3pm and was surprised by a couple of young Black males who pick his home to invade and get cash. Carlos got killed. No justice for him, his friends and family has yet been served.

In Monterey, five Guatemalans were killed in their home. One was found dead on his bed, and another in the living room wearing still his headphones and walkman. No justice for them, their friends and family has yet been served.

Should our homes be considered by the Law as special places for personal safety, places where our individual search for happiness finds a taste of achievement?  Therefore, should home invasions be considered under the Law, with heavier consequence for criminals?